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AFK Arena + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.94.02

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NameAFK Arena
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

AFK Arena Mod APK:


Role-playing games are the most engrossing games that attract people immediately as they always consist of astounding gameplay which engages the users fully in them. The marvelous majesty of RPG games has made them one of the best game types. AFK Arena Mod APK is also an RPG game that has inspired millions of people around the world with its mind-blowing features along with its amazing storyline. It is a strategic game in which you have to apply your skills and abilities to fight against the evils like the other famous RPG games Girls X Battle 2 and Mythic Heroes.

AFk Arena Mod APK


The player belongs to a land named Esperia in the game. This land is full of peace and happiness. But an evil invader named Hypogean who is the darkness lover and wants everything to be dark and destroyed keeps an eye on this land and wants to destroy its peace. Now you are the hero of this game but you can’t beat Hypogean alone because he has a strong team for his help. In this regard, you have to make a strong team by selecting some amazing companions for you your teammates. They are going to help you and you all together will beat the evil invaders and save your area from drowning in darkness.

Features of AFK Arena Mod APK:

A large number of characters:

As you are the main hero of this game, this game is providing you with a feature in which you can select a character for yourself. Now the options they are giving are vast as you have almost 50 options of characters for you. You can choose any of them. All of them are so amazing and characterized very diversely by each other with their shapes and colors.

Hero characters with qualities:

Hero characters are not only different from each other physically but their qualities are also different. When you will see the list of the hero characters then besides each name you can also see their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, those weapons which they can use, weapons that may damage them the most, and many more things. It means that all the characters have a full description of them and you can choose the character for you wisely after reading their given information.

Amazing graphics:

Now as always RPG games are not going to disappoint you because their graphics are always the best and they are going to give you a realistic look. That’s why people are most likely to play these games because the quality is dazzling and all the graphics are so attractive.

AFk Arena Mod APK

Sound effects:

The sound effects along with the vibrant graphics have made this game one of the top games on the Internet nowadays. When you will play the game along with the amazing sound effects in it then it will increase your enthusiasm and you will seem more passionate to win the battle.

Free of cost:

The game is free of cost and you can unlock some amazing features without losing your diamonds and money in the game. As it is a mode version of this application so you are going to get unlimited things in it free of cost.

Single-player game:

This game does not contain any multiplayer modes. It means that it is a single-player game and you are the only one who is going to be the hero and the guide for your team and you have to make the strategies all alone during the battle against your enemies.

Leadership skills:

As you are the leader of your team so you should apply your amazing leadership abilities to guide your team to the better game. So this game helps you to boost your abilities also.

Secret treasures:

The amazing part of this game is that there are so many secret treasures that are hidden and you have to uncover them to get their benefits. These treasures will help you to make your team stronger and more efficient than before. So after getting any reward in the game don’t forget to upgrade team characters.

AFk Arena Mod APK

AFK arena APK download:

If you want to download this application and are looking for the download process then here we are guiding you properly about the download process of this application. You just have to follow each step carefully and then you will get this application on your device very easily.

  • Before downloading any application make sure what Android version that application requires.
  • So AFK Arena Mod APK will require an Android version 4.1 and any latest Android version 
  • Make sure that you have the required Android version on your device.
  • The size of this application is 100 MB so make enough space in your device before downloading it.
  • It is an APK application so you should have an APK file on your mobile phones and other devices.
  • If you do not have an APK file then download it first before downloading this gaming application 
  • After completing all the important requirements of this application now you can download it from the given link under this article.
  • Now you just have to follow some installation guidelines for the installation process given below.

Installation guide:

As now you are going to download this application so for this the very important step is to give this application access.

  • You have to go into the settings of your device.
  • Here you have to permit all the unknown resources.
  • Now come back to the link and click on it.
  • This link will lead you to the install app key of this gaming application.
  • When you click on that key the application will start installing.
  • Now you just have to wait for a few seconds for the installation process to get completed.
  • When the installation will be completed the application icon will automatically appear on the homepage of your device.
  • Now you just have to click on the application icon to play this amazing gaming application.

AFK Arena release date:

This application was released in 2018 in some selected countries but then in April 2019, it got released globally.

AFK Arena developer:

This game is developed by the famous RPG developer LilithGames.

AFK arena update/latest version:

The latest version of this application is 1.97.02 and it was recently updated on 2 September 2022. You can download the updated and latest version of this application from the given link under the article.

AFK Arena Mod APK old version:

If the updated version of this application is not running smoothly on your old device then you don’t need to worry as there are so many old versions of this application also available. You can download any old version from the given link under this article. All the old versions contain the remarkable features of this gaming application and all of them are trustworthy.

AFK arena on PC:

If you want to get this application on your PC then you can download it from the given link under this article. Make sure that you have the PC Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and any latest Windows. You can also download it on macOS. The PC version is very amazing and for this, you will need an emulator like blue stacks and then you can easily download it from the given link. The whole process is very smooth and the PC version is also very good as it will be more fun to play this game on a big screen so download it on your PC right now.

AFk Arena Mod APK

AFK arena promo codes:

We all know that promo codes are some special types of codes that we use for specific rewards. All the cords are specific for something but these codes are active for a specific time slot. You should use them in that time slot because after that they are going to expire and you will not benefit from them. Here we are sharing some promo codes of AFK arena with you. All of these are active promo codes.

  • AFK888
  • ntbdc2j4yj
  • misevj66yi
  • talene2022
  • HAPPY333
  • Uf4shqjngq

AFK arena private server:

The private servers are some kind of virtual machines that we use as servers. The private servers are always privately administered. People use the private servers for AFK Arena. There are some amazing features that you may get in the private server of this application.

  • The VIP level 15 is available free of cost
  • Campaign drops are x100 in the private server
  • There is a subscription card that got activated monthly

AFK arena discord:

Discord is an app in which you can chat with different gamers so in AFK arena discord you will get into a voice and text chat with the AFK arena gamers. There you can share your experience with them and you can ask for some help from the experienced ones. So the discord joins the AFK arena community together for a good purpose.

AFK arena gift codes:

You can use different gift codes to get money, gold, diamonds, and amazing rewards in the game. Here we have a list of some gift codes for AFK Arena users.

  • iybkiwausg

You can use this code to get 500 free diamonds as a gift in AFK Arena Mod APK.


You will get free rewards by using this gift code.

  • meeyzuxw87

You will get free hero scrolls and diamonds by using this gift code.

  • Brutus2022

If you use this code you will get 500 free diamonds, 60 hero soul-stones, and the Hero essence of 100 heroes.

AFK arena guide:

Here we are guiding you about some amazing tips you can use in AFK Arena for the better game experience

  • Always try to obtain Brutus, Kaz, and Nemora. These are the best heroes with the best qualities because they contain some skins and charms with them and it is a little bit difficult to damage them.
  • Don’t depend upon the single hero character because you have a vast variety and use them differently because they have versatile qualities.
  • You have to choose the heroes for the Ascended tier efficiently because all the heroes are not made for it.
  • Don’t panic in the game because there is not any time slot for the game. It is just a matter of win and loss so take your steps carefully.

AFk Arena Mod APK

AFK arena hack:

As we know that the basic version of this game contains so many features. Some of the features are already unlocked for you but some of them are locked which you have to unlock by giving some money and rewards for this. But if you don’t want to do it then here we are giving you a great opportunity of downloading the hack version of this application from the given link under the article. Actually, the hack version contains all the amazing features already unlocked and you don’t need to unlock them because you will get unlimited features for use and you can use them anytime without any restriction. So download the hack version of this application right now and start enjoying AFK Arena with all its amazing features.

AFK arena login:

The login process for this application is very simple. For this, you just have to follow a few steps and then you will get into the AFK arena world.

  • First of all, you have to make an account on this application
  • For this, you have to click on the application icon
  • Then you will lead on the login page
  • Hey you have to give all the essential information they are requiring from you 
  • After giving it click on the register option 
  • Now your account is registered.
  • Whenever you want to login into it you just have to give your UID and password and then you will get into your AFK Arena account


AFK Arena Mod APK is a 2D RPG game that has won the hearts of millions of people with its remarkable graphics and astonishing features. It contains all the amazing features which you may get in any RPG game. It is not a 3D game but the top-ranking 2D RPG game and there are a lot of people who are enjoying this amazing action game right now as it does not only contain the action and thrill but also the characters are designed so well that they attract the users forcibly.

MOD APK version of AFK Arena

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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