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Alien Food Invasion + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.2.9

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NameAlien Food Invasion
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Alien food invasion food is the adventurous game developed by Fun Flavor Games that includes war with aliens that come from other far galaxies to destroy your land and snatch your land and farms from you. But the more fun thing is that Edward, his wife Grace  and daughter Liz fight with them to turn the dreams into nothing. You will control the family of Edward and then hunt down aliens to happy and delicious meals and sell to their customers, this will help them to grow prosperous.

You will be awarded with the chances to upgrade and level up the family members, collect rewards and add extra alien dishes and will improve and increase the weapons. You will also discover the great fight options between aliens and players of the game. In the long run of this game, you will get many skills and advanced goods of aliens during these challenges and collect money by looting.

Alien Food Invasion Mod Apk

Features of Alien Food Invasion

This game is providing unique action game play to make the plan of an alien fail to protect your universe, farms, family and everything. You will enjoy the failure of these aliens and they will try to invade but can not make this possible. 

Groups of Aliens

When aliens come in the form of irregular groups of land to destroy in the form of flying saucers, they will cover the whole sky and it will make the terrible situation of flying saucers everywhere. They will make terrible and strange shapes on walls to terrify the people around, but you will fail their plans to surrender them before you.

Tasty Food Options for Customers

As a result of this fight, you will create delicious dishes to serve your customers and you can add extra dishes when you unlock more missions. You will have to improve your food menu to grow richer and earn more and more money. You will be able to get a taste of creating dishes in your setup and fight with aliens at the same time. In the advanced levels, these aliens will give the extra taste to your dishes.

Alien Food Invasion Mod Apk

Improved Weapons

The fighting will provide you the options of looting the aliens in larger amounts and improved 45 weapons to fight with these aliens. You will have to note your and your team’s weak points to then improve these core faults to be stronger and discover the weak points of aliens. In this way, you will improve your team and get millions of money to motivate you and your relatives and family members.

  • This game provides exciting options for levels to entertain you, you can perform the battle in a more advanced way, and can upgrade your weapons to destroy these enemies. 
  • With the excess money, you can get the advanced features of the game to fastly invade the aliens.

Expanding your Business

You can explore various free options of food for improving the business and food setup up to more than 50 options. In addition, when you become more advanced in the game, you can add more options from the destroyed aliens. It also provides the material to experience and create more recipes to create delicious food and your customers will be satisfied with you. Maybe you like this similar game Space Marshals 2 Mod APK.

Games interface

The visual display of the game is more advanced with higher visual graphics and you will play with these terrible characters in a more fun way. The creatures of alien appearance may scare you at the start but will enjoy more when you destroy these aliens.

Alien Food Invasion Mod Apk

How to install Alien Food Invasion

This game is easily available with its basic features in the playstore, but to get the advanced exciting elements you can download it from our website from the provided link below in the download button.


This game is providing 200 wonderful missions to harvest the aliens into tasty food and it will make you able to make and enjoy great alien BBQ and update the weapons and other features of this game. You will for sure enjoy the battle and make money from this game in a more fun and enjoyable way for the long run and will get all the achievements in a short period of time.

MOD APK version of Alien Food Invasion

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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