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Anybooks mod apk:


Who doesn’t love reading books? Reading books is the most peaceful thing in this world. Time stops while reading and everything starts to feel good but there is a little headache. You have to always rush to the market to get new books. To make your life more peaceful let me introduce you to a bookstore that you can carry everywhere, every day without any cost. So hold your hearts as after listening about this your lives will be changed forever. Any book mod apk is an online bookstore that allows its users to borrow and read any book they want for free. This app not only allows you to read but write as well. Share your thoughts with the world. There are tons of new writers too who tell you their everyday life’s basic stories.

Anybook mod apk

This app gives you the best online reading and writing platform where you can choose between your interests and see books related to them. We can say that this app is a giant online library and people from every country are allowed to share their beautiful thoughts and view other thoughts as well. Now you don’t need to rush to the market every time. Save your money and time by downloading this fabulous application. Many talented people want to write but don’t have a platform for it or people that think they can write but are shy to show it. This platform is specially made for them. This is your time to shine, your time to show your creativity through this app. Without worrying about people judging you because here none will judge. Wake up your inner creative self. Download this app immediately and start writing without any second thought.

Moreover, if you are struggling with English and you want to improve it. This is the best app for you to leave your fear and start learning. Any book gives you the best time to overcome your insecurities, learn and make others learn too. Write your unique thoughts, don’t let them bury in your mind. Make them alive with this app. Make reading your hobby because this hobby is going to give you the most advantage in life. As it is a busy life we all have to study, work, etc. We think we don’t have time to read but we are wrong. Utilize 5 minutes, just 5 minutes every day, open this fabulous app and start reading. This app gives you the ability to download. Download your favorite book and read it anytime you want.

Also, you don’t know the best part about this app yet you can read books freely without having the fear of getting your eyes damaged because this app is made in such a way that it tries to save your eyes from phone rays. There is a feature called night mode, enable it and read peacefully. Any book allows all kinds of languages, so you don’t need to worry about the language if you speak Latin, Spanish, etc. There are books available in every language. Other than that there is a dictionary called prebuilt that will help you search for difficult words and understand their meanings fully.


  • many ebooks: While reading this app, there are various ebooks present for users. Users can search and read their favorite books. You can read ebooks on wifi and also without wifi.
  • Multiple languages: Anybook is the best for every language. You can read books in different languages other than English. Don’t worry about being Spanish or Russian. You can now read books in every language you want without worrying. 
  • Make your library: Save your books for offline reading. Don’t worry about not having a stable wifi connection. Just make your homemade online library and ready any book you want offline. Add your favorite books and save them.
  • Categories: This category contains many options like stories, biography, novels, and functions. You can read and write. Also, save them for free time.
  • Dictionary: Found a difficult word, don’t know the meaning of it? Struggling to understand? Don’t worry this app contains its dictionary. Search up difficult words and enjoy learning new words. 
  • Bookmarks: This app gives bookmarks too. Don’t worry about leaving your book in the middle. You can mark them as you mark them in real books. 
  • Offline reading: You can read and learn offline. Save your stories and read them offline. 
  • Personalize reading: create your way of reading and learning. Customize and personalize your books according to your choice and enjoy reading.

Downloading process for any books android:

The downloading process is as easy as a piece of cake. To download this best reading app follow the following steps:

    • For downloading this app requires 2.6MB
  • Step1: Go to the phone’s settings and enable unknown sources first.
  • Step2: Open your google play store, and search for Anybook.
  • Step3: The results will pop up on your screen, click on the install button
  • Step4: install it, after successful installation. Go and read the best book.

Downloading process for pc:

Reading books on the big screen? Best vibe! Download this app on pc and enjoy reading on the big screen. The installation steps are simplest:

Step1: download an emulator as we do. I recommend downloading blue stacks as it is best for pc. 

Step2: After downloading the emulator, open the play store.

Step3:  Search for any book in the search bar.

Step4: Install it, this might take a while

Step5: After successful installation, open it and enjoy reading. 

Downloading anybook on pc using norxplayer:

To download it by using Nox player all you have to do is:

  • Install Norxplayer first
  • After installation, open it
  • Now go to google play store, and search for Anybooks.
  • Press on the install option.
  • Wait for installation, after successfully installing. Have fun reading.

Anybooks latest version:

Anybook is the best platform to be a part of the library world. This app has many features and many more exciting versions.

Anybook mod apk

The latest version of this app is 3.1.1. This is a fun-to-read app. Here you can search for any story you like and have fun reading it. See the new collection in your library and enjoy reading a variety of beautiful stories.

 Anybooks online mode

Anybooks is an online application, which means it requires a stable wifi connection for working. Although this app provides you with an amazing option of saving books offline yet to search stories you need a good wifi connection for that.

Alternatives for anybook:

The alternatives for this book are as follows:

  • Inkitt: Inkitt is the best book reading platform after anybook 
  • Free book: Here you can get good and free books
  • Super drive: drive your mind super hard while reading books here.
  • Genius library: Get creative and genius. 
  • Booksvooks: Be a bookworm by reading amazing books.

Anybooks cracked mod:

Read the best books through this app. It connects people around the world, to read together. Install ebooks to scroll through their amazing English verses, build up your weak English, and make it strong through Anybooks. Anybooks cracked mod is like a bookstore festival.

Here you can get the best books with creative thoughts at your fingertips. To install it you have to pay for the latest update. This app helps you get the book within a few seconds without wasting time. Make your story and share it with the world.

Anybooks latest version:

Anybooks has the best versions till now but in the latest version, there is something more best about it. This latest version is 3.32.0. This app was last updated in April 2022. You can now read in multiple languages and learn multiple languages through this app. Just simply go to the play store and click on update. Enjoy this new version of Anybooks and share this exciting news with your friends.

Anybooks pros and cons:

Pros:  There are many advantages to this amazing app but some advantages are given below:

  • You don’t have to carry a book everywhere. You can just simply open your phone and read.
  • Doesn’t contain any ads so the user can read peacefully and doesn’t get disturbed.
  • You can share your thoughts with your friends.
  • Anybooks has its dictionary so that you don’t have to rush to google every time.
  • The graphics are good so you can easily see and read words.
  • Through anybook, you can improve your English.
  • This app is in many languages so everyone can read it. 

Cons: With so many advantages there are some disadvantages too of this app:

  • Anybook has some server issues that need to get fixed.
  • After this app, no one will ever open books again, which is a loss to the economy.
  • Reading too much on phone can damage your eyesight and can lead you to eye problems. 


Make reading more interesting and easy through this app. Now you can search for any book within a second by Anybooks. This app has some unbelievable features that make you love this app more. You can not only read but write too. This app was created by. . This app was released on and was last updated on April 22, 2022. You can read any book you want in any language.

Anybook mod apk

Moreover, you can improve your English through this app so say bye-bye to the fear of not talking in English because after downloading this app your lives gonna change so much. This app also has its dictionary which is one of the best things about this app. You don’t have to open google after every word. Now you can not only learn English but other languages like Spanish, French, Russian, etc. Go to your App Store right now and download this worth-it app. 

MOD APK version of AnyBooks-free offline reader f

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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