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App Cloner Premium & Add-ons + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v2.7.1

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NameApp Cloner Premium & Add-ons
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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Size6.90 MB

App Cloner allowed us to have multiple accounts on the same Android devices. Easy money transfer, Facebook accounts, Messengers, Instagram, Twitter accounts, and Whatsapp accounts that we can use app colonel to say that it has also been able to run more play store. 

To date, 5+ Million people have downloaded this application on Google Play Store, Received an average of 2.3+ Positive ratings & 23.5+K comments on this application. The App Cloner application was developed & Published by Applisto on the play store. 

App Cloner Mod Apk

Extend Clone Apps

With the help of cloner, you can extend the application & add new features for your protection, add password options, Hide apps in the app cloner easily, and two hundred plus apps customization quickly. Multiple app accounts are created easily on this application.

App cloner Premium & Add-ons

Upgrade to premium subscription ( Premium): the Heart button shape includes the premium modding option to the purchase, is valid for a complete, and does not get renewed automatically in come click of can purchase. 

  • Google Maps Supports(Add-Ons): You can get any issue help from the google maps option, which offers the app cloner for all users freely. 
  • Safe Update: Safe update creates clones differently, allowing users to download to the previous one without uninstalling the colones. Your previous version is backed up automatically in new clones. 
  • Export & Import apps Data: Exporting and importing applications for any data clones app allows you to back up and restore inter or external app setting seven files. 
  • Manifest & Resource Options: Manifest & Html is a leading resource of file editors Even. You can file transfer these features.
  • Runtime Modding Option: Enable the send setting to clone mature items to send a modified runtime option to install clones easily.

Add-on Pack: A Bundle that Includes all Add-ons

Creat Multiple Accounts

The App Cloner has Offers a unlimited account creation with  excellent navigation. Most people like this navigation Flot its back option, want to exit the app, click to confirm button, Minimize to your display back automatically add pro pop, and New block activities. This application automatically installs your internal storage. If you want an external store, these application file downloads are possible, but before the downloading, give access to App Cloner & disable all your files, photos, or other access. Maybe you like this similar app Videoleap Mod APK.

App Cloner Mod Apk

Other Exciting Features

  • Create Multiple Unlimited Accounts 
  • Strong Security option
  • Hide Mobile IME & FB ID
  • Add Privacy Option
  • Change Display Setting
  • Add Media button
  • Easy to Navigate

Add New Functions in Cloner

  • Make the best performance of the database
  • Location detectors
  • Increase speed scroll
  • Silence Mode for all apps
  • Icon Colors Changer
  • Secure your OTP
  • Internet option 
  • Change Screen Size
  • Change app notification
  • Snow Chrismiss programs

Extra Information

  • App Name: App Cloner
  • Size: Only 30 MB
  • Installation Average: 5+ Million
  • Current Version name: 2.16.1
  • Android Mobile Required: 4.0+
  • Published by: AppListo on Google

Package & Donation Details

  • Small Donation: 30 Clones + Additional Features
  • Medium Donation: 50 Clones + Additional Features
  • Large Donations: 100+ Clones+ Additional Features
  • Huge Donation: 1000+ Clones+ Coustome Package Name+ Coutoem Certificate+ Hex patcher+ Remove Device Locking
  • Giant Donation: 5k clones+ Coustome Package names+ Coutome Certificate+ Hex Patcher+ Remove Device locking
  • Ultra Donation 1 by 2: Unlimited Clones+ Lifetiem Premium + Includes all Add- ons+ Use app Cloner on up to 30 Devices
  • Ultra Donation 2 by 2: Unlimited Clones+ Lifetime Premium+ Includes all ads -ons+ Includes all donations+ Use app Cloner on up to 30 Devices.

App Cloner Mod Apk


In this article, we in-depth discuss the App Close Because most people want multiple applications on an android device. Still, it was impossible, so I used the best clone application. Download its Moded Version and enjoy using multiple existing applications in one mobile phone. I hope you understand the importance and purpose and why people use apps on android devices. If you want multiple accounts to download the app, clone fastly & enjoy.

MOD APK version of App Cloner Premium & Add-ons

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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