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Army Commander + MOD (Unlimited Gems) v1.4

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NameArmy Commander
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems
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Army Commander mod apk:

People love to play games. Games help others to relax. People usually play games in the meantime. If you love to play combat and adventurous games then the army commander mod apk is made for you. Army commander mod apk is a fighting game. If you love to play fighting games then the army commander mod apk will be a good option. Basically in the army commander mod apk, you are in the place of slaughter. A fleet of trained people is there. Proper management is required.  Train your soldiers. Manage them well.

Army Commander mod apk

You will win if you have a good team.  You can recognize by the name of the army commander mod apk that you are the commander. It means that the boss is you! Order them. Tell them how to fight the opponents. The army commander apk game is not a boring game at all. It will keep you entertained. Just keep focusing on the game. What you have to do in the army commander mod apk is to order the soldiers.  The opponents are strong. They will win if you are sluggish and a fool.

  • In the world of gaming Army Commander, MOD  apk is a superb game. Army commander has some great features which will amuse you.
  • Defeat the enemies and win the war. Fight like a hero in the army commander mod apk. Build up your army. Increase them in number. With the money, you can buy more people. 
  • Download the army commander mod apk and enjoy this exciting game.
  • Army commander mod apk contains different grades. Unlock all the levels. 

Army commander mod apk download:

Download the army commander mod apk in the following way:

  • The first step is to click on the download button on the given page
  • Kindly wait for the download so that you can enjoy this game 
  • The next step is to tap on the option of settings from your device and please allow the unknown sources from the” Settings” 
  • Now tap on the install button so that process of installation can start 
  • After this, the army commander mod apk is yours. You can play the army commander mod apk without any restriction.

What to do in the army commander mod apk?

 You have given the tasks. Complete the taste. In the army commander mod apk, you are the chief. Guide the crops and attack the enemies.  Do all the things quickly. Do not waste your time.

Army Commander mod apk

If you are the winner then collect the flag from the enemy and conquer the area. Fight on the battlefield.  It will make you feel like you are on a real battlefield. Army commander mod pk is a fascinating game.


Here are some features of the army commander mod apk:

  • Make your game more interesting by adding music to the game.
  • Sound adds charms to anything.
  • Tap on the option of sound and enjoy 
  • Buy things from the shop 
  • Gather the stamps from the enemies 
  • These stamps give you energy and money
  • Increase the status of army commander

Assemble the flag from the opponents:

  • Gather flags from the enemies that are an important task to do 
  • It will give you money
  • With the help of that money, you can buy a lot of things from the shop 
  • Reach another level by gathering flags from the enemies
  • This seems so exciting
  • Just download the army commander apk from the store and win the  battle

Increase your status:

  • In the first level, you are the commander.  But do not worry! 
  • Gain other ranks like lieutenant and major etc 
  • Isn’t this great? This is a good game that offers a lot of things.


  • Command the  crops
  • As you are the commander you do not have to take tension about joining the war 
  • You can join whenever you want and can leave too
  • Only the commander can collect the stamps
  • Commander will assemble the flag 
  • These are the authorities given to the commander 
  • There are some other things too 
  • If you want to know about the other things just download the army commander mod apk. This game is very exciting, thrilling, and fascinating.


Think wisely and conduct the crops. Guide them well. You can win the game by conducting your soldiers. Proper administration is required. Nothing is impossible.

Only appropriate management is needed. The soldiers will attack the opponents under the command of the commander. All you need to do is to guide them well.

Occupy all the areas:

Conquer all the areas. Be the owner of that battlefield and that area. This is thrilling and good. Upgrade your status, conquer different places and do much more in the army commander mod apk. What else do you need? If playing fighting games is your choice then don’t forget to install the army commander mod apk. There are different grades in the army commander mod apk which means you can conquer a lot of places.

Enlarge the camp/base:

An amazing feature of the army commander mod is to enlarge the camp

You are allowed to expand the base of the camp. This is amazing. The more powerful the camp is, the more powerful you are. To become more powerful, enlarge the camp. If you want to know more about the army commander mod then kindly download this game. So fun!

Suggestions for playing army commander mod apk:

  • These suggestions will help you to play army commander 
  • I have played this game and here are some tips for you 
  • Do not waste your money on the useless things 
  • If you want to purchase new things then try to invest them in useful things 
  • Think wisely and chose functional goods 

Army commander  apk hack mod:

  • In the army commander mod apk, you can get limitless money 
  • With that money, you can unlock a lot of features.
  • Most of the features are not free but by downloading the hack version of the army commander mod apk you can unlock all the features.
  • The size of the army commander mod apk is 73.1M
  • To enjoy this game more download the latest version of the army commander mod apk
  • The class or genre of army commander is casual 
  • Download the hack mod and play this game without any hesitation.


Army commander mod apk is an action game. you have played many other action games. Try this one too. In the army commander mod apk, you are in a battleground. Many features are available for you. Army commander mod apk is available on the androids and ios.  This game contains many ads which will disturb you while playing.  To remove the ads from the game download the hack mod of the army commander mod apk. Fight with the opponents. Gather the flag after winning.

Army Commander mod apk

Command the troops. Enlarge the base. Build up the camp. The most important thing is to gather the stamps. You need to gather them from the battlefield of the enemies to get many. Army commander mod apk has different grades. You will not be bored while playing this game. Conquer different countries. Get money and buy more guns from the shop.

MOD APK version of Army Commander

MOD feature

Unlimited Gems

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