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Audible: audiobooks & podcasts + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v3.34.0

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NameAudible: audiobooks & podcasts
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CategoryBooks & Reference
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Audible Mod APK:

Books are the primary resource of information from the beginning of human civilization. Humans are recording information and education in the form of books from ancient times, and still today in the age of technology, books are considered the prime source of knowledge. However today, due to the prominent changes in our lifestyle we don’t have as much time to read books as compared to the past.

Audible Mod APK

With the advancement in technology, books in the physical form are being replaced with digital books o.r E-books. We can access and read these E-books on our computer or mobile at any time, and we don’t have to carry them with us. We can also read them online from the internet and save them on our devices for offline reading. However, E-books require the same amount of time to read, and they are more likely to affect our eyesight as compared to physical books. That’s why people are now shifting towards Audiobooks, as they are the easiest way to read any book in a minimum possible time without affecting your eyesight at all.

For me, listening to audiobooks is the most enjoyable experience as we can listen to the complete content of our favorite book lying on the bed with closed eyes. If you are a student, business person, or a person related to any profession, audiobooks can greatly help you in gaining knowledge with ease and you can become a better person through listening to informative and educational books. That’s why we have found an incredible app named “Audible”, through which you can access a large variety of audiobooks on your phone or other devices.

Audible Mod APK provides you with an enormous collection of audiobooks related to any category or genre. This app not only provides you with educational books, but you can also kill your boredom by listening to science-fiction, thrillers, comedy, meditation, self-help, traveling, and other types of entertaining books and novels through this app. Moreover, you can listen to numerous informative and entertaining audio podcasts through this app without any problem.

Main features of Audible Mod APK:

The largest collection of audiobooks:

Audible Mod APK contains more than 200,000 audiobooks, and the developers keep on adding more books to this collection regularly. This library of audiobooks contains every kind of book, novel, story, and other types of entertaining audio content.

If you are a student, you can find all the educational books in one place without any effort. If you are a business person you can find all books related to management, marketing, and leadership. In addition, you can listen to self-help books if you feel down, and you can have unlimited fun while listening to novels and fiction books through this app.

Listen to Podcasts:

Through Audible Mod APK, you can listen to live and recorded podcasts of various famous artists. You can follow your favorite podcasts and listen to their all-new episodes by receiving notifications. You will find plenty of famous podcasts in this app, and you can select any desired podcast to listen to, from a large variety of speakers. Some of the most-listened podcast topics in this app are as follows:

  • Motivational
  • Finance
  • Comedy
  • Politics
  • Fiction stories

Stream podcasts:

If you want to start your own podcast on any topic of your interest, you can stream your podcasts on this app easily. If you have knowledge and information about any field of life, you can share your thoughts in the form of a podcast by using Audible Mod APK without any hassle.

Create your own library:

Audible Mod APK allows you to create your personal library in this app. In your library, you can keep all your favorite books, stories, novels, and podcasts so that you don’t have to search for them in the app again and again. In addition, you can also add books to your wishlist and listen to them when you want. 

Download audiobooks:

If you want to listen and enjoy audiobooks in offline mode, you can download them through this app and listen to them later without any internet connection. You can listen to your favorite books while traveling or at any place where you can’t access the internet, by using this flabbergasting feature. 

Premium version unlocked:

The official version of Audible is not free to use, and you have to buy its subscription to access all books and podcasts in this app. Besides subscriptions, there are plenty of exclusive audiobooks and podcasts which can be unlocked through additional payment.

Audible Mod APK

The premium subscription cost of Audible is almost 15 US Dollars per month. If you want to access all exclusive books and podcasts on this app, you have to make in-app purchases, which cost you from $0.99 – $149.99 per item

Here’s the best part: Audible Mod APK is the modified version of this app, and in this version, all its premium features are unlocked for users completely free of cost. Through this version, you can enjoy a lifetime premium subscription to Audible with all exclusive content without any cost. You don’t even have to register yourself on this app and you can enjoy all of these valuable benefits without signing up on this app.

All ads removed:

This is the premium and most important feature of Audible Mod APK because nobody wants to see pop-ups and video ads while listening to their favorite podcast or audiobook. In this version, no advertisements are allowed, and you can listen to your favorite audio content without any disturbance. So, don’t wait and download this valuable app now, to listen and enjoy the best audiobook collection for free with a lot of additional benefits.

Audible Mod APK Download:

You can download Audible Mod APK on your mobile phone by following the simple method below:

  1. Open the settings of your phone and go to the security tab.
  2. From there, enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  3. Now, click on the “Download” button provided on this web page to download the app file.
  4. Tap on the downloaded file to install it
  5. After successful installation, enjoy unlimited audiobooks and exclusive content for free.

Audible Mod APK Latest Version:

The latest version of Audible Mod APK (v.3.33.0) is available on our website to download for free. This version requires Android 6.0 (or later) to run on all android devices. Moreover, plenty of new features and performance improvements are included in this latest version of the app.

Audible Mod APK Developer:

The Audible app was developed by Audible inc. developers. However, Audible inc. is a subsidiary company of


Audible Mod APK is the cracked version of the Audible app, through which you can listen to unlimited audiobooks, novels, stories, documentaries, and podcasts. This version allows you to access all premium and exclusive audio content of this app for free, which cannot be accessed without making certain payments in the official app. If you can’t afford the expensive subscription charges of the Audible app, you can listen to all audiobooks and podcasts on this app through this version without any cost.

Audible Mod APK

This app version does not contain any kind of advertisements so that you can listen to your favorite books in peace. Moreover, Audible Mod APK allows you to download your favorite audiobooks, novels, and podcasts so that you can listen to them later in an offline mode without an active internet connection.

MOD APK version of Audible: audiobooks & podcasts

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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