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Babbel - Learn Languages + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v21.6.0

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NameBabbel - Learn Languages
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Babbel Mod APK

Babbel can be described as one of the most famous online language learning apps which allows you to learn almost 14 languages and has over more than 14 million users. If you want to know what a verb means and how it will be used in a sentence, then you can use the word conjugator in this app. This app allows you to save your own vocabulary which you learn on a daily basis along with their dates.

This record helps you to keep track of your progress and also decides how easy or difficult your next assignment will be.Babbel Mod APK is the premium unlocked version of this app which enables its users to enjoy all the premium features for free with an ad free experience. The app has a lot of beneficial features which will make your learning process very easy.

Babbel Mod APK latest version

.1. Built-in Dictionary

        This app includes a built-in dictionary  which helps you to get the translation of certain words in various languages by typing it in the search bar.

2. Flashcard for correct pronunciation

     This app also has flashcards which play out loudly in this app and help you memorize things in a better way and learn the correct pronunciations of words in different languages.


   Babbel Mod APK has a phrasebook which consists of all the mostly used phrases of certain languages and you can use them easily in different situations while communicating with the locals.

4.Offline access

   Babbel gives you the option of saving your lessons on your device in order to eliminate network problems. You can save lessons on your device so you can study and learn them anywhere.

5. Guide for pronunciation

    You can get the perfect accent by listening to the pronunciation guide by natives which helps you not only learn words but also pronounce them in the correct way.

6. Switch languages

    You can switch to whichever language you want to learn very easily by using this app.

7. Grammar guide

    This app contains a built-in grammar guide which helps you not only improve your vocabulary but your grammar as well.

8. Quiz 

   At the end of every lesson there are quizzes which allow you to evaluate your progress.

9. Simple and easy use

   This app can be used by people with very little or no technical knowledge as the use is very simple and easy, you just need to write the name of the language you want to learn about and you will get every detail about it.

10.Multiple learning methods

    This app offers multiple learning methods to make your learning experience a lot more easier. You can learn by listening, writing or reading according to your convenience. 

 Babbel Mod APK latest version

The latest version of this app was released on 28 June, 2022 and is 20.3.1 which requires an updated Android version above 7.1. This latest version has all the features unlocked and you can enjoy the best learning experience by sitting at home and without spending a single penny.

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Babbel Mod APK unlocked

Babbel Mod APK has all the premium features unlocked and you don’t need to worry about any ad interruption or locking of a specific language or learning level. 

Babbel careers

You can get certain jobs on Babbel such as teacher, instruction, Corporate Communications Manager, Marketing Manager etc. So you can not only learn from this app but also it gives you career opportunities to get extra benefits and earn from it to make your life easier.

Babbel language

Babbel has more than 14 languages starting from Spanish, Swedish and all the top languages which you need to learn in order to communicate with people throughout the world. You can even learn Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, Mandarin and many other languages using this app. Mandarin can be a good option if you want to learn any other language except for your native one due to its increasing popularity and demand.

Babbel lifetime subscription

Babbel offers its lifetime subscription at very low rates. You can have access to learning all languages by just paying once and you are good to learn various languages by spending 10-15 minutes per lesson, which you can easily adjust in your daily schedule. It offers its lifetime subscription for just $199.

Babbel vs Duolingo

Babbel and Duolingo are the world’s two most leading language learning apps which allow you to learn different languages by sitting at your home. If we compare these two app:

  • Babbel uses traditional methods of learning while Duolingo uses modern methods.
  • Babbel costs you something while Duolingo is free.
  • Babbel offers 14 while Duolingo offers more than 33 languages.
  • Babbel has a more comprehensive learning path than Duolingo
  • Main reason for Babbel being more famous than Duolingo is mainly its advertisement.

The final verdict: by keeping in mind the reviews and overall features these two apps offer, we can say that Babbel is better than Duolingo.

Babbel cost

Babbel is the top platform which has made your learning process much easier by providing you proper guide, assessments, flashcards and pronunciation guides. You can get a lifetime subscription of Babbel for free which costs you $199 and you can use this app limitlessly till whenever you want.

Babbel discount code

Babbel offers discount codes on different occasions and sometimes you can even get 50% off on your subscription. You can visit the official site and get information about all the new codes. You need to open the app and enter the coupon or discount code to get discount offers.

Babbel free trial

Though you need to pay certain money in order to get a subscription of Babbel app, on every sign up you get a free lesson as a trial in order to let you decide whether you liked the features of this app or are ready to pay to use aesthetic features.

Babbel reviews

Based on reviews of its users, Babbel has been a great help for learning multiple languages in the most convenient and easy way. 73% of its users said that they were able to hold a short dialogue or conversation after using just five hours of this app.

Babbel Mod APK latest version

MOD APK version of Babbel - Learn Languages

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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