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Booking Revolution mod APK:

Sports games are very much liked by gamers. But one of the sports which is quite popular in the gaming world is wrestling. Wrestling is one of the oldest games in the world. It gained popularity and appreciation from the time of its invention.

Today’s topic is for all wrestling lovers as the article is about a gaming application that will just amaze the gamers with its distinctive features. Have a look at the article so that you can know more about the game in detail.

Booking Revolution mod APK

Booking Revolution mod APK Gameplay:

Booking Revolution mod APK is all about the action-packed wrestling game where the players indulge in adventurous fighting against the other team. One can feel the zest in the wrestling ring. Moreover, the noises of the audience are enough to boost your morale in the ring. Download the application and enjoy the healthy competition among the team and avail of a chance to earn and make a name on the leaderboards.

The wrestling game which you will experience in this game gives the simulation effects to the players. Moreover, you can also play tournaments and challenges where you can show your real skills and become a WWE champion. Just dig into the gameplay and show your all skills including fighting, boxing, jumping, and others to prove your worth in the world of wrestling matches.

Booking Revolution mod APK Features:

Real wrestling lovers cannot resist this gaming application due to its stimulating effects which are not available in any other game available on the internet. The appreciation this game has received can be seen from its number of downloads on the internet. Now it’s time to focus on the features of the application so that you can guess about the operation of the gaming application. Some of the features of the application are as follows :

Booking Revolution mod APK

Manage your wrestling team in the game:

In this gaming application, you being the main identity have to create your wrestling team first. There are many wrestlers available in the game who have distinctive skills which make them unique in comparison to others. Choose your wrestlers wisely and create a worthy team for challenges and tournaments.

Modes of the game:

There are two major modes of the game which include exhibition and career mode. The player who will be converted into a wrestler will choose wrestling as his profession. Before choosing this profession, he was struggling with his finances and he was in urgent need of a good career with handsome pay.

Career Mode.:

After entering into the career mode, you will have to play many brutal matches in which you can have some injuries or you can also lose some matches as losing or winning is the part of the game. In career mode, you will have to be very cautious about your every action. As any bad action can lead to your suspension. 

Moreover, before every match, you will have to discuss all the game-related things with the federation. In addition to all these features, if you will create a name in the world of wrestling, then any company can hire you to play the match and in this way, you can earn a handsome salary package in return. Moreover, enjoy changing the names of the federation in the mod version of the gaming application.

Exhibition mode:

The exhibition mode of the game allows the player to enjoy the stipulations. Moreover, in this mode, you can also edit your character easily. Through editing, you can customize the costumes, outfits, styles, and moves. Through this application, one can feel the realistic vibes of the life of a wrestler and all the struggles he has to make financially.

Graphics and visuals:

Although the graphics of this gaming application is 3D there are many fragments where there is a constant need for improvements. All the characters are outdated and the gaming features can be better but at the same time, there are simulation effects with the background sound effects which make the game worthy of playing. All the characters give a feminine touch which looks quite absurd. Apart from these annoying features, one can still enjoy the game due to its realistic features.

Booking Revolution mod APK


The interface of the game is not quite impressive as it is considered to be outdated and needs more room for betterment but still, the integrated interface is quite easy with smooth navigation so that one cannot feel any issues while operating the gaming application.

How does this game work?

In this game, the player can easily control the characters playing in the game either by a touch control system which is quite intuitive, or by using a joypad stick. If you press the above, you will perform a suplex. If you press the down key, you will perform pile driver. Moreover, you can perform any move in the game including jumping on the table, using the ladders, using the fire sticks, glass panels, motorcycles, and many other options available. Also, you will be able to use the experience points which are used for the frontal grips.

Booking Revolution mod APK – Download:

  • Booking Revolution mod APK is available for both android and IOS devices.
  • For Android devices, the user must click the clickbait to download the application within a span of a few seconds.
  • Don’t forget to enable the downloading from external sources because it is a mod version.

While in the case of IOS devices, one needs to connect the iPhone to the computer through a USB device. Then through the iTunes application, download the mod version of the gaming application and get this application on your iPhone by transferring the application from the computer to your device.

Booking Revolution mod APK – Latest version:

There are many versions of Booking Revolution mod APK but the most updated one is 1.932.

This latest version of mod APK is all about the modified form of the gaming application providing the players with the major MOD menu which is unlocked all features that can be made available either by cash or rewards earned in any challenge or tournament.

Booking Revolution mod APK – Developer:

  • The developer of Booking Revolution mod APK is MDickie.
  • Another application offered by this developer is Wrestling Empire.

Booking Revolution mod APK – Release date:

Booking Revolution mod APK is released in 2018 and was recently updated on 18 September 2020.

Booking Revolution mod APK

Alternative applications.

Hard Time:

Wrestling Revolution

Booking Revolution mod APK – Conclusion:

The game is quite an exception for wrestling lovers due to its unique and realistic features which can easily satiate the cravings of thrilling and action genre lovers. Despite the outdated and bogus interface and graphics, the sound effects are a bit impressive which can give the players quite a satisfactory experience. Download the mod version of the application for free, without any hindrance as the link is already given in the form of clickbait on our website.

MOD APK version of Booking Revolution

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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