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Counter Terrorists Shooter FPS + MOD (Immortality) v3.4.0

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NameCounter Terrorists Shooter FPS
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MOD FeaturesImmortality

Counter terrorist is the shooter game that provides the chance to fight with global terrorists to make you the ultimate expert of counter terrorism. If you want to resolve the terrorism issues around the world, then this game is for you to help people to eliminate this war of terrorism. You will experience close fights with tattackers and various battle maps, shotguns and other different types of guns. The hilarious customized outfits will add more fun in this game and you can collect more rewards and ranks to motivate players.

This product of Doing Studios  provides you best options for fighting for the long run, or picking sniper shots according to your plan strategies. Your plans will be made to clear the fighting area and try to avoid the shooting to not to make you wounded because you are the only one person to resolve the issues of international terrorism.

Counter Terrorists Shooter Mod Apk

Various locations for fight

The area of the battlefield is thrilling and adventurous to provide you the best suitable options for fighting. The enemy is more cunning and faster, they may hide in the dark places or can attack you from the backside. You will have to be faster and improve your shooting skills to destroy the enemy in seconds. It will save you from sudden attacks and backup plans so this is the test for your speed limits and acting strategies.

Soldier Traits to Win

It is a one handed operation to make you master of shooting and soldier traits within a minute and develop the traits of an FPS commando to become fearsome for terrorists. You can develop your combat skills with a lot of weapons usage and upgraded equipment will make you stronger.

The real sound and visual effects of this game will make the shooting experience a reality and it provides multiple locations and layout for buildings.

Learning more advanced weapons 

You will have to be a master of ultra modern weapons like pistols, rifles, shotguns and sniper guns of different types because the criminals are aware of all modern and scientific weapons to complete their terrible aims to suffer this humanity. The other skills like disposing of bombs and using butterfly knives will also be helpful. So, you have to develop the heart of stone and be courageous to enter into their territories to destroy them.

Counter Terrorists Shooter Mod Apk

Ultimate shooting Attack

The never ending war with terrorists will be more surviving with the advanced sniper shooting skills, you will have to eagle eye to detect the enemy form surrounds all around you and to clear the frontline before you. It will help you to lead in the death lands which are full of difficult and thrilling evil plans. Maybe you like this similar game Gun War Shooting Games Mod APK.

The player has to create team players for your strength and to enhance the more potential of facing the evil gangsters. The fighting will become more intense and impressive with the help of these teammates.

Choose your own role Play

You will have to be consistent in this never ending mission to get the skills of commando to get redemption from gangsters. You will have to maintain your temper to get the fight passed successfully and to unlock the next levels to learn the roles of and styles that suit you best in your own way. This provides the styles of Assault, Sniper, provide support roles for the Recon and Commander.

The changing modes will completely change the atmosphere, styles and effects and will help in destroying the enemies with playful and artistic toys.

It provides an interactive 3D environment and advanced animations to give the feel of a realistic battle between terrorists. The game play is easy with smooth and control modes. The variety of thrilling missions will improve your combat skills. So you will have to make

  • Visionary decision
  • Accurate hitting points to destroy enemies
  • Utilize your combat skills
  • Choose right weapons for right shooting

Counter Terrorists Shooter Mod Apk

The single player has to develop the hostage for rescue and in case of injury he may need these places to hide and rest. It will help in restoring the energy and backup plans for improving the better strategies. 


Additional modes of game will make it more satisfying to play this shooting game. The endless shooting experience will improve your team work to confront the enemies in a more open way. The other advantage of playing this game is that its changing modes will enhance your mood towards a fun and adventurous way with the smart Ai interface.

MOD APK version of Counter Terrorists Shooter FPS

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