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Dragonvale apk is a game that is based on your interaction with the dragons in a society full of dragons. Its primary purpose is to make people have an adorable image of dragons in their minds. As we know, dragons are expected to be huge and scary organisms. But some humans especially younger ones seem to adore dragons beautifully. This game is especially based on their optimistic view. If you are scared of dragons, you should play this game to end this fear. The company of the cute dragons in this game will be a source of pleasure for you.

 The primary purpose of this game was to acknowledge people with the extraordinary looks of dragons that are not scary. Among the list of dragon games, Dragonvale is on the top. If you play this game, you’ll be able to step into the world of dragons as a player. You’ll be able to hatch dragon eggs in the Fantasy Park and raise them until they are big. You’ll just not be able to hatch the eggs, but breed them also. This may result in the production of more than 500 dragons to allure your mind. Dragonvale fits the expectations of the players and they don’t regret playing it.



Dragonvale has very extraordinary features besides having unique dragons in it. This game allows the player to hatch all the eggs and interbreed them as well to get a diversity of magnificent dragons. You can breed a dragon if one species is with the other and get a different dragon with the characters of both parents. This hatching and breeding process is being done on a beautiful and unseen island that is right in graphics. These lands are necessary for the growth of the tiny dragon babies.

 The involvement of beautiful islands and lands in nurturing the baby dragons makes it even more realistic and exciting. It’s the player’s responsibility to look after these important lands and islands. As soon as the eggs hatch, the player ultimately gets rewards for the effort and accomplishment. The rewards may include gold coins, trophies, and diamonds. The baby dragons are so attractive because of their skin texture, colors, and uniqueness. Players seem to be much influenced by these characters of dragons as he gets the feeling of wealth and prosperity. 


Game music plays a good part in maintaining a game’s environment. Good music provides a relaxing feeling to the player. The background music is extremely soothing, unlike many violent games which have high bass music that harms the ears and mind. If you want to have a nice and comforting time, you should play this game in your free time and relax.

The music that is played during the gameplay is very attractive and it even helps the people or the players to relax while they play the game. The name of the game represents that the game is about dragons which means the music will also be the same type. Listen to the music and match the vibe of the game and play while having a full interest in the game. This will help in making you feel more and more relaxed and attracted to the graphics of the game.



Unlike other games, the gameplay of this game is quite simple and understandable. It’s quite compatible with many types of players. It’s a game that provides your mind with a good time to relax. Players seem to like its different designs. This game provides free will to its players. They can choose the island and lands on which they want to nurture their dragons and not only this, but they’ll be able to choose and hatch eggs. The more eggs you hatch, the more missions you complete.

The mission is not done right after you hatch eggs. You have to take care of them as well as nurture them. This process gives you loads of diamonds.  There are a lot of species of dragons on the land. They are beautiful to look at.  The mother dinosaur is an amazing creature to exist in the game. Her beauty is matchless. Your park is being created in the skyline by arranging the beautiful islands. It’s mesmerizing to experience this game.

Game details:

One should know about the application they are going to use. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Game details are given below:

  • Name: DragonVale
  • Game Publisher: Deca Games
  • Version: 4.26.4
  • Game Size: 114MB
  • Price requirement: Free
  • Device Requirement: Android 5.0


  • STEP 1: 

Tap on the link given on this website. 

  • STEP 2: 

Hop on to the “UNKNOWN SOURCES” in the settings on your device and “ALLOW” the unknown sources. 

  • STEP 3: 

Allow permissions to this application. 

  • STEP 4: 

Open the game and enjoy your experience.



It is a premium game that comes with the latest features for its users.

Amazing Graphics:

The graphics of this game are so amazing that it seems so interesting. The players are invested in the game. The graphics are musically the main thing of a game. And when the game is about a fictional thing the graphics become the most important thing. So, that the users can imagine the things that they playing in the game without any difficulty. 

Good music:

Game music plays a vital part in making the aura of the game. Its soothing music feels good to hear. It relaxes your mind and refreshes you. Its music is not high or loud like fighting games. The music makes the game more real and the players feel like they are actually in the game and have fun while spending their time on this application. 

Safe to use:

This application is safe to use. This application is virus free. Downloading this application on your device won’t lead to data damage or harm to the device. Most people are very much curious about their safety and security and it is important thing to know if the application will harm your system or not. So, we are assuring you that this game is safe and does not affect the player’s device in the wrong way.


Free to download:

This game is free to download as its purpose is to entertain its players and give them a relaxing time. You will not have to pay anything to get the app on your device. 

Update system:

This link consists of the latest version of this game. As soon as a new update is available, you can get it from the same website. No need to install the application again and again when you can just update the system and get all the updated features and details. 


It is a very interesting game because of its very unique features that keep you entertained and interested in the game. You don’t get bored easily. 

Dragons are a fierce creation for some people. They find them frightening and antique animals. But this game provides such people with a chance to get over their fears and to love dragons based on their beauty and uniqueness. The baby dragons that are formed just as eggs hatch are so cute. They are very pretty to take care of in the very beautiful land. Those are being nurtured in your customized land. It has extraordinary graphics and music that attracts people.

Variety of dragons:

There is a variety of dragons that a player can choose to nurture. Based on a person’s interest, dragons can be chosen. A player is also allowed to choose the magnificent land for his dragons to get nurtured on. 

You can also have a competition between your dragons and other dragons of different species. All you have to do to participate in this competition is to make your dragon compete with other dragons by finishing races, quests for winning rewards, and dragon cash. You get more and more rewards after completing your tasks.

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If you’re a dragon lover and want to have a cute interaction with these kinds of creatures then you must play DragonVale. Kill the fear inside your heart and make people believe that dragons are very nice creatures that fo does not harm humans in any way. This article covers all of the details about this game. It’s downloading method, free shopping, gameplay, and competition. if you are sure about downloading this game, you should download it from the given link. 

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MOD APK version of DragonVale

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Unlimited Money

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