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ePSXe for Android + MOD (All Unlocked) v2.0.15

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Epsxe apk:


The current generation of mobile games and social media has become viral, and various modern games have been invented. Nowadays, media and technology have become very advanced. Now you can play games like Playstation on your mobile phone. Do you like playing PlayStation games? If your answer is yes and you want to play this game on your mobile phone. So this article is going to be very informative for you. Today I will provide you with complete information about an emulator and plugin that will help you play your favorite PlayStation games, and you can easily download and play them on your mobile phone. By the way, you must have used a lot of plugins To download games on your mobile phone. But not all these plugins help to download PlayStation on mobile phones. But there are some emulators which you can use for Android. The most popular emulator is EPSXE APK, the day’s latest technology.

Epsxe apk


EPSXE APK is an advanced PlayStation emulator specially designed for Android, and you can easily play PSX and PS1 PlayStation games by downloading this emulator. This is the best emulator for Android, with good speed, high compatibility, and excellent sound quality. EPSXE APK is specially designed for Android and tablets. In this game, you can play with four players at a time; 2 players can play through the split screen, and the remaining 2 players can play by connecting through BlueTooth. EPSXE is one of the best emulators for EPSXE APK. One of the features of this emulator to download PlayStation console for android is that it can connect to external gamepads like I mentioned above via Bluetooth and USB. Such as Xbox 360, Wiimote, Moga, etc. EPSXE APK supports HD graphics, including 2X, and 4X, software renderers, two OpenGL renderers, and a PC version.

EPSXE APK allows EAAP players to play the games they played in childhood, like PlayStation X, Sony PlayStation, etc. you can now play all these games on your mobile phone with innovations. EPSXE is an excellent emulator for EAPC, which helps you make your dream of playing PlayStation games a reality. And you can bring back all those childhood memories through this emulator.


  • EPSXE APK provides video dimensions and aspect ratio. EPSXE APK for Android has three modes: Screen Mode, Scene Mode, and Portrait Mode. These three modes support the players to play the gameplay quickly. 
  • EPSXE APK provides HD graphics and high quality for all its users, which gives the players the best scenery and attractive environment.
  • The sound quality of this emulator is excellent. When you play the game, you will remain interested in the game due to its good system. 
  • As soon as the game is installed in EPSXE APK, the numbers are automatically displayed on the disc; later, players can add the disc number in the menu. Apart from this, its menu offers various offers, such as screen size, image quality, game mode, etc.
  • Another best feature of it is its simple and easy interface. You can keep your grip on the game without any hindrance. You can easily use any feature and have complete control of the game in your hands.


Sometimes some device like oppo is incompatible with EPSXE APK, but you don’t need to worry because you can follow the settings we will tell you, and you can easily play PlayStation Games on any of your devices. First, you have to go to the setting. From there, in the Application Manager. Then from there, select All EPSXE APK to clear all the data. Then the application has to be uninstalled and reinstalled from your mobile phone. You will be asked for permission through a notification that you need your old status, then click on yes, and you will display all your old progress.

Epsxe apk


In the internet world, you get to play many games for free, and you have to understand some things; you can’t download all the applications in the same way, and for some, you have to download these applications through different websites. Like you have to download EPSXE APK from our given link to download it on your mobile.


  • Android should be 2.3 and above
  • Application size required 10.96
  • More than 1M downloads


The installation commands are usually the same in both ANDROID OR iOS 

  • Press the download link
  • Then OK star download process
  • When the download is completed, the redirected epsxe apk installation page appears on your screen.
  • Press install till the installation process is completed
  • After installing the app, go and enjoy the game


  • Windows 7,8,9,10 is required for download  
  • Window vista and window XP are also required
  • The size should be 1.32 
  • File name epsxe 205. Zip


  1. You can install it using this approach. Once Epsxe has been downloaded, you can find the.exe file in folder C: UsersYourUserNameDownloads on your computer.
  2. Click twice to launch the installation.
  3. We advise manually launching Epsxe if you’re using it for testing.
  4. The Epsxe will, by default, start with Windows and install it as a service.


  • Access the installation file today. 
  • Double-click the installation, then download, to begin with, the installation process. 
  • The installation procedure shall complete being an outcome. 
  • After seeking the installation process completed, then click. 
  • Additionally, epsxe added its epsxe source guidelines to the installation.
  • Determine if you’d like Epsxe to start immediately or at startup time.
  • Epsxe will introduce every time that’s correct system restarts, no matter how a host is installed or restarted. 
  • Additionally, you’ll choose which slot works well. Before moving on to the step, the following status is available throughout the world that is external. 
  • Select this method very carefully. 
  • Without uninstalling, it never changed. 
  • Be mindful! You’ll manually set up Epsxe in this phase for each sign-in. 
  • When it is complete, the Epsxe primary Window appears.


EPSX APK also includes many old and popular games like Tekken 3, a top-rated and exciting game of its time. Tekken 3 is an arcade game, and its mobile version is not yet launched, but now you can download it and play it on your mobile phone through the EPSXE APK emulator.


The Basic Input Output System, or BIOS, is the software that supports every console. It is the operating system for the console. For any emulator to work, it needs to have this BIOS. The ePSXe team has successfully constructed a simulated BIOS and integrated it within the emulator; however, it may not function very well because it is not a real BIOS. You can quickly discover many websites and forums that are prepared to offer the BIOS for your emulator for free by searching for the file mentioned above name.

If you visit those sites, you might learn that there are different PS1 BIOS versions and that you must choose one. Any BIOS version ought to function in the same manner as you are already using an emulator. For your information, each BIOS version intends for the specific console version, such as the Japan market version, US market version, etc.

Epsxe apk


Several gamepad models are automatically detected by ePSXe. Use the emulator’s auto-setup if your gamepad is commonly used. The gamepad needs to be connected to your smartphone initially. If your phone supports Bluetooth, you can use it or an OTG adapter (for example, a PS4 gamepad). After that, you should be able to use the controller to control your smartphone’s desktop. The next step is to launch the emulator, select a game, launch it, and then play it while pressing a gamepad button. If it is auto-detected, a dialogue box will appear requesting you to play with the gamepad. Now, you ought should be able to use the gamepad.


There is no cheating or hacking in EPSX APK, and you have to download this emulator by following the instructions properly because it is an advanced emulator, and you can play Playstation games through it. You can easily download and play on your mobile.


There are so many games that we are playing in the epsxe apk emulator. Earlier, you played these games on sony PlayStation. Now here, I share with you some game lists which we can play in this emulator easily on our mobile devices:

  • Chrono cross
  • Dragon Warrior IV/ VII
  • Gran Turismo
  • Final Fantasy
  • Ps1
  • Ps4
  • Crash bandicoot


  • ePSXe is one of the best and most efficient Sony PlayStation emulators for the Android OS. Specifically, this project is a PC port of the well-known ePSXe. 
  • The evident advantages of this emulator are its near-perfect game compatibility, outstanding speed, and fantastic sound. Additionally, you can arrange analog gamepads and on-screen buttons for simple control. 
  • Effectively supported are external gamepads connected via Bluetooth or USB, including the WiiMote, Sixaxis, Xbox 360, Moga, and Ipega. 
  • It is significant to highlight that the most recent graphical user interfaces and memory cards are enabled.


Here I want to discuss with you the proper setting of this emulator, which is very important after downloading the game:

  • Disable\sShow FPS\sDisable\sSet Custom FPS
  • CPU Frame Skipping
  • MME Auto Enable
  • Bios:\sSCPH-1001\sSimulated Bios\sAutodetect
  • Overclock CPU Autodetect X1

Display Preferences:

  • Landscape orientation, a 4:3 aspect ratio, and a 32-bit color depth Genuine PSX bands.
  • Hardware preferences for video renderers.

GPU HW/SW Preferences:

  • Private Resolution X1.
  • Enable Video Smoothing; disable the 2D game filter. Avoid enabling.
  • Structuring Mode.
  • None\sOverscan\sAutodetect.
  • Brightness.
  • Default.
  • Blit Skip\sDisable.

Standard Preferences for GPU:

  • Low-Level Precision
  • Disable
  • Dithering\sEnable
  • Scanline
  • Autodetect

DMA Chain Core Activate:

  • A preference for sound
  • Sound Performance
  • a softer sound effect
  • Normal Sound Latency

Player Number 1/2 Player 1 Default Player 2 Default Player 3 Default Player 4 Default Input Preferences

  • Touchscreen Gamepad
  • Autodetect
  • choices for gamepads
  • Autodetect
  • Input Techniques
  • Automatic Map Additional Function
  • Autodetect

All games use the same memcards file modes as preferences.

  • Memcard1 is the default file.
  • Memcard2 is the default file.

All mem cards have Enable Memcards turned on.

Dropbox was applied to upload and download memory cards.

  • Disable Dropbox Savestates
  • Dropbox Up/Download States disabled


A game browser. Game Information English is the language that PSX starts in for the menu. Android 5.0+ Autosave On Exit Debug CPU Interpreter must be disabled. Verify the ePSXe Android version to make sure you need to apply this setting.

Epsxe apk


The newest version of EPSXE APK is 2.0.15


The oldest version is 2.0.14


EPSXCE SOFTWARE S.I is the developer of this emulator


I hope this article will give you complete information about EPSXE APK. This is an emulator that you can easily download and play all kinds of PlayStation games on your mobile phone. Play all the exciting childhood games on your mobile phone by downloading from our given link.

MOD APK version of ePSXe for Android

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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