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Video Editor with Music Filmix + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v6.17.8

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NameVideo Editor with Music Filmix
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Filmic pro mod apk:

This app is used to record amazing videos on your Androids. It seems impossible, isn’t it? Yes, it is, because how is it possible to do the work of an expensive and high-quality DSLR camera on your Android device? But I must tell you that this is true. You can now record amazing videos on your devices with the help of this app. Filmic pro mod apk is an amazing video recording app that allows users to capture high-quality videos on their devices without any third-party devices. So, download this app on your device and get a chance to record the best quality videos that’ll give the DSLR results.

Filmic pro mod apk

Apart from having a chance to record high-quality videos the users are also allowed to use the features that are present in the app. There are a lot of in-app tools that you can use after downloading this app on your device. The users can even use this app for their casual camera work. Like, they can use it as a normal camera to work with. Record moments other than professional work and save them on your device for normal use.  The features of this app are very stable and amazing and you can use them for free. Unlock many capabilities for yourself and photograph on a high level and astonish the viewers. 

Use the pro features and allow yourself to act like a professional worker. Yes, this app will enhance your photography skills and you will learn a lot more things by using this app. Work with the amazing unhappy tools and get a chance to learn the techniques that can enhance your photography skills. Make awesome videos like a professional and then upload them on various platforms to get fame through these editing and photography skills. Enhance the videos and make them extraordinarily smooth and creative so that they’ll attract many people. 

Filmic pro mod apk Download:

If you want to download this application on your device, just follow the guidelines given below:

1- Open the settings on your phone and jump on to the “Unknown Sources” in your device. 

2- Once you grant permission to “Unknown Sources “, this application will get the access required for it. 

3- Tap on the “Download” option that is provided on the screen and wait for the application to fully download.

4- Once the download is done, install this application. 

5- After installation of this application, open the application and enjoy the privileges.

Filmic pro mod apk Features:

Before downloading the app or before using the app, you must know the feature of this app to know this app more and get benefits from it.

Various shooting modes:

Yes, the users can benefit from the various shooting modes that are present in the app for their use. These modes shoot the video through different styles and have different perspectives. You can select any of the modes that are available in the app including Manual, Standard, and Hybrid.

 You can select any of the above by the customization feature and make the camera according to your use and suitability. You can adjust the camera according to your personal experience and suitability.

Flipping feature to make videos:

You can flip the camera differently to make the videos look different from one another. The users can use this feature to make the video according to their use. They can select the vertical mode, the landscape mode, or the portrait mode for making videos with different styles. 

They have the option to choose any of these to meet their requirements for the best video. Flip the camera professionally to get a good look. Or else the video can be destroyed. 

More shooting operations:

There are a lot more options to enhance your photography skills. Like the zoom operation, this feature will zoom the video at a time when it is required. Enhance the videos by using other operations that are available in the app for photography and editing the clips. 

Make the video enhanced and advanced by using the operations that are present in the app. Make sure to use the zoom feature when it is required and it will add a spice and a professional touch to your video. 

Slow motion and fast forwarding:

This feature is also present in the app for the user’s benefit. This feature makes the video smooth as we can slow the video from where it is required and then fast it from where it is required.

Filmic pro mod apk

Make sure to use these tools only where they are needed or else it’ll affect the video badly.Unwanted slow-mo destroys the video and it bored the viewers in many ways. So, make sure to adjust the speed of the video normally and accordingly.

Tri-Mode Histogram:

Use this feature when you have to learn the techniques to work with it to be good at photography. You can customize the video by using the waveform monitor. Make the footage more smooth and enhance the waveforms by using this feature.

This will make the video very appealing in many ways. The video will be perfect and turn out well. Use it to get experience in professional editing and photography skills. 

Adjust the quality of the video:

Yes, the users are even allowed to adjust the quality of the video by using the enhancement feature. Using this they can improve the video by the exposure, saturation, vibration, contract, and color temperature features.

Set them at normal levels and adjust them a bit left and right to make the video more appealing.This feature is very suitable to enhance the quality as it makes the video more visible and changes the color of the video into something more appreciated. 

Different Frame rates:

Choose any frame rate from the given frame rate to start shooting the video. There are several frame rates available in the app for the use of users and they are all free to use. The users do not need to pay a single penny to use any of them. These frame rates are 240fps, 120fps, 60fps, and 30fps. Make the video liked and beautiful.


Filmic pro mod apk is an amazing photography app that helps users to record amazing videos on their Android devices.

Filmic pro mod apk

They can even use the features that are available in the app for their use and apart from that they can use different modes of the app to make the videos more enhancing and appealing. Use the editing features and change the quality of the video by making the video more interesting. 

I hope you like reading my article, thanks ~

MOD APK version of Video Editor with Music Filmix

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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