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FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker + MOD (Pro Unlocked) v6.7.01

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NameFilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker
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CategoryVideo Players & Editors
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
Size66 MB

FilmoraGo Mod APK

FilmoraGo Mod APK For Pc Have y’all heard of FilmoraGo Apk? No, then I will tell y’all about this amazing app here. FilmoraGo Apk is an editing app that will make your life easier and you will get to know about the editing skills that you always wanted to know with the help of this app. In the old times people had to use big instruments and machinery for recording and editing the videos but now all of this has changed and you are able to just record the videos in your smartphones and then edit them in apps like FilmoraGo. This app is very famous among the editors for its amazing and high quality video editing. Use this app to edit your videos and become a pro in editing the videos and get access to amazing effects and filters. 

Apply all these filters to your video and post it on any of the social apps and be a pro and professional in this video editing skill. Use amazing features of this app and turn your video into a complete masterpiece. Talking about editing, editing is in-complete without the effects that an app offers to the users to apply on their videos and make it an appealing masterpiece. Then brag among your friends about your amazing editing skills. 

Use the magical tools of FilmoraGo Mod apk and get used to them. You can use them and make movies, songs and a whole lot of new things. This app allows the users to become professionals just by using this app. Start editing the videos and get experience day by day.You can even create a video editing account on different platforms and then post the videos you are editing. The users can edit video on their mobile phones without using the PC. 

It takes too much time to edit a video on PC but now it is changed and you can edit video on your mobile phones without using PC. Apart from this you can edit videos by using amazing features and mind twisting effects and take your friends by shock and post these videos on a social media account like instagram, facebook or whatsapp and become a pro in video editing. The editors just have to record the videos they want to edit and then save them in their smartphones in high quality and post it on various platforms and let their friends know about their editing skills. 

This app is super convenient for people who want to edit videos for celebrities and various kpop idols. Mostly people use this app for editing the kpop idols and they put a lot of effort in editing the videos on their PC. But now simply edit the videos on mobile phones and save them easily, no need to worry about the storage as this app gives a complete amount of storage for you to save the videos you edit whenever you want. This app is very famous among the editors and is famous for its features, compatibility and the features. Use all the features this app allows you to and make amazing edits of pictures and videos and enjoy the most user friendly interface of this app and be a professional.

FilmoraGo Mod APK For Pc

FilmoraGo mod apk Download

You can easily download this app by following these steps

  • First tap the “Download“ button present in this page.
  • It will start downloadings, and after some time the download will be completed.
  • Now go to the settings of your device and allow the “Unknown Sources” .
  • Then open the downloaded file from the file manager.
  • Tap the “Install” button and you are ready to go.
  • Now, edit amazing videos on this app and get yourself introduced to the world of editing. 

FilmoraGo Mod apk Features

You must be wondering about the features of a filmoraGo Mod APK so here I will tell about you some features of this amazing editing app 

  • Quick and easy video editing :

Editing a video takes a lot of time but by using this app you will be able to edit video in less time and with the help of user friendly interface it will be very easy for you to edit your videos and add effects and filters and it. If you edit a video on your PC it takes so much time and even the interface is very hard and many editors don’t even understand how to use filters and effect as they are very hard to use them in the videos because of the Pc requirements but by using filmora go Mod APK you will be able to use all this filters and effects easily. 

All you have to do is to transfer the videos and pictures from the device into this app and then apply  the music you want to put on here at it and then use  any of the features present in this app  and control the effects and filters on your video. consume very less time of yours and you will be provided with an appealing edited video. Apply texts and mesmerizing filters on the video and then export it in any resolution you want. 

  • Quick importing of videos and pictures into the app:

Sometimes it’s very hard to import videos and pictures into an editing app and when it comes to un-official editing apps it takes a large amount of time to import the videos and pictures into the app in order to edit them. But filmora go apk is allowing the users to easily import the content for the edit from any platform. Like that can import the videos and pictures available on Facebook, YouTube or any other platform and add them. Users can even edit the videos they recorded or even the videos they took from Google or any other site. This app welcomes them all. 

  • Full customization of the video :

Another amazing feature of filmorago Mod APK is that the users can apply beautiful text on the video and customize the size, color and the position of the text on the video. Users can add amazing motion Graphics on the text to make it look more real and give a realistic feel. Change the color of the text according to the video and create a vibe among the video and the lyrics, the user is providing. This will turn the video into a more effective piece of art. Creditors allowed to take a look on the movement of the text months there done with it, this will make the video more professional as they can edit the video again if there is any insecurity about the text 

  • Amazing effects and mesmerizing filters:

The users can put amazing effects on the video they’re editing,  the effects are a very important part of a video editing as it gives a vibe and a sensational  beauty to the video. So this app allows the users to use these effects without any restriction.  In the normal version mostly effects and filters are locked and the users do not have any access to these filters or effects. But filmora go Mod APK is providing all these filters and effects for the users so they can use them without restriction in the Mod APK version. 

  • Professional editing tools:

 Some people use editing apps for making simple edits but if you want to do professional editing then filmora go Mod APK is providing you the professional user interface to edit amazing professional videos by using these tools. You can use all the features present in this application. These features include Trimming feature, Muting feature, the Duplicate in the copying feature and the deleting feature. Use these features in your video and make a professional video out of it.

 You can use some parts of a video by trimming the video with the help of the duration feature(TRIM). Cut the unwanted parts of the video.  Delete the parts that have no use in your video. You can even use the voice of some parts with the help of mute command. Sometimes an editor needs a video two times so they can copy the video with the duplicate button by selecting the wanted part. 

  • Online Libraries:

FilmoraGo Mod Apk offers the users libraries online so that the users can get amazing facilities. When editing the videos. The users can use these libraries in many ways. Like they can add transition, sample videos or even filters in the video. You can use the themes, filters, texts, titles, transition effects and elements in the video and make a good use out of it. Use these stored things and enjoy editing your video. 

  • Music to apply:

You can apply whatever music you wanna use on the edit. Because an edit is in-complete without the music. The edit feels so boring and simple without audio. Imagine putting so much effort in making the video and in the end it results in something crap. So, make sure to edit the video using transitions but along with music. So, FilmoraGo apk allows the users to add whatever music they wanna add in the video. 

You can edit the video fully by this app as this app allows the users to use all the features present in this app. There are these features, Crop: You can crop the video to any size as different platforms need different sizes of videos. Subtitle: used to add texts in the video and you can even edit the text as per you want by changing the color , size, fonts and movements. Speed: Change the speed of the video and make amazing video by using this feature. This feature helps you to set the video according to the audio. In editing language the changing of speed is known as adding velocity. 

In addition to this, this app even allows the users to use the transition effects that make them more appealing and amazing. When you are done using the features now look at the video and you can change the effects or replace them. Now export the video and now share it on different platforms.  

  • Free to use:

You all must be thinking that this app must be very costly because of its features. I also thought the same when I got to know about the mesmerizing features. But guess what? I was wrong, because this app is absolutely free of cost. You can use all the things ( Features, effects, filters, transitions, text and audio) for free. No need to pay for everything and use this Apk mod version and be a professional. 

FilmoraGo Mod Apk for PC

You can easily download FilmoraGO Mod APK on your PC by following these steps 

  • Click the download button present in this link
  • The download  will start after sometime and after downloading  the APK file
  • You can easily install the app in your PC by using BlueStacks
  • If you don’t have BlueStacks in your PC then you can download it from  from any any Browser
  • Once the installation is completed, you can easily add videos on your PC and edit them with this amazing editing app. 

FilmoraGo Mod Apk No Watermark

If you have already installed this app on your device you will know about the watermarks. Watermarks are actually the logo of the app when it is used freely but once you pay  for the subscription the watermark disappears. When editors use this app they mostly complain about the watermark because they want to download a version of filmora go Mod APK without any watermark so here we are providing you with this version of filmora go Mod APK where you can edit videos without any worry about the watermark. Use this app without any  stress of the watermark appearing on your video. You can find features that are not available in the normal version by downloading the mod.apk version of filmora go Mod APK. So, download this amazing and appealing video editing app on your devices and you are  good to go. 

FilmoraGo Mod Apk Latest Version

As we already know, filmora go apk stands out from the crowd of editing apps and  editors like this app very much  and this app is being downloaded by a lot of people worldwide. So, the team of Filmorago Mod APK is working very hard on this app and is updating the app according to modern policies and video requirements. So, this app is being updated from time to time. It  is allowing the users to use the app with the latest features .

 So, the latest version of filmora go Mod APK is 6.6.9 and it was released on June 29 2022. This version is fully unlocked for the users to enjoy all the features present in this app without any restriction and make it complicated and  become a professional. That’s why this region is known as the Pro Unlocked version. 

Filmora go Mod APK all unlocked 

When an editor edits a video  he wants to get excess of all the effects and filters present in the app. Along with the effects and filters he also wants to get access to all the features he can use for his video. So the latest version of FilmoraGo Mod APK is providing the users to enjoy all the features, filters and effects for free. The users just have to download FilmoraGO Mod APK latest version 6.6.9 and they will be able to use all these features. By “all unlocked” I mean that all the filters and effects will be unlocked. However, in the normal version these effects and filters are locked and only paid subscriptions can get them unlocked for the editors to edit. 

FilmoraGo Mod APK blur effect 

The most famous effect of FilmoraGo Mod APK is the blur effect. A lot of editors use this effect in their videos and put amazing transitions  to make the video a  masterpiece. This requires a lot of effort but the blur effect has given them a lot and they don’t have to work that much hard as they did before. As they can simply put the blur effect and do some enhancements and the edit is  good to go. We can find the blur effect in all “effects” of the filmora go Mod APK. The blur effect can be controlled by increasing the opacity of the selected part according to the requirement of the video.

FilmoraGo cost 

Filmorago Mod APK has both monthly and yearly subscription features. The user can choose either monthly subscription or yearly subscription. Monthly subscription is for Solo users also known as individual users who edit the videos for their own use. But the yearly subscription is for business purposes to edit videos on a professional level. Both these subscriptions have different packages. Filmorago costs  7.99 dollars for monthly subscription and 155.88 dollars for yearly subscription. The users must pay  for the monthly or yearly subscription so that they can get access to all the features of this app.

But this Mod APK version provides all the same features unlocked in the FilmoraGo for the users to edit the videos without paying a single penny for editing the video. 

Filmora go crop video 

One of the amazing features of FilmoraGo Mod APK is that it can crop the video for the editors very easily.  The editors just have to go to the tools of the app and they will find the crop tool in the given tools and they can crop the video in many resolutions. The video can be cropped according to different platform capacities.  For example, Instagram allows the user to post a video of different resolutions such as 1:1, the reels of 9:16 and videos of 16:9 as well. 

Filmorago Mod APK Effects 

Effects of the basic thing of an editing app. We can edit amazing and enhancing videos with the help of these effects. FilmoraGo Mod APK allows the user to use all these effects without paying a single penny for them. There are so many different effects in this app and each and every effect is very detailed and we can control it with the help of free tools given in this app. Use the effects according to the requirement of the video as the app is allowing the users to use them to their core. 

FilmoraGo Mod apk iOS

When downloading an app on iOS devices it always creates some problems. So, to easily download this app on your iOS device you just have to follow these steps.

  • Click on the “Download” button present on this page.
  • Then wait for the downloading to complete .
  • When the download is complete , go to the settings of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Allow the unknown sources from there.
  • Then open the downloaded file and “install” it.
  • When the installation is complete , open the app and enjoy your time in this app. 

FilmoraGo Intro

The basic thing in an edited video is the intro. Cause no one continues to watch a video if the intro is bad. By intro I mean the starting of the video. It is the same like movies, if the start of a movie is good then people will proceed to watch the movie but if the movie is very boring in the start no one will like to continue the movie and close. Same goes with edited videos or even simple videos. If the intro is boring or uninteresting people will close the video and their interest will go down.

FilmoraGo Mod Apk Login

You can login into your Filmora account only if you have one. If you have a Filmora Subscription and made an account then you can easily login into your account by putting in the information required. If you have forgotten the information then just reset it by the email you made the account on. 

FilmoraGo Logo is super simple. It is made by Graphic Designing. It has three colors in it. Dark blue as a background, White and tean as the objects. This is the official logo of FilmoraGo. Actually, the tean and white colors are in rectangle shape and adjusted with one another. 

FilmoraGo Online

FilmoraGo Online means that you can use this app when online. Yes, you can because this app requires data to edit videos as almost all filters, effects and transition effects require data to be downloaded. To watch tutorials on “How to edit videos on FilmoraGo Mod Apk?” We need the internet. To add text and add many features we need the internet. And the most important thing is to export a video. You can never export a video if you are offline. And all your effort will go in vain, so you must have a stable internet connection to edit videos or pictures on this app. 

FilmoraGo Review

There are a lot of positive reviews that have come from the audience who use this app. This app is the best editing app and I personally recommend you to install this app on your device and make amazing videos. You can do a lot of things on this app. Here are some reviews of the users of this app.

“Thanks for sharing this amazing editing app”

“FilmoraGo Apk is a must use editing app”

“This editing app literally made my editing life 20% easier” 

“Best experience I got from editing was because of this app.”

FilmoraGo System requirement

Every app needs some storage in the device and FilmoraGo is the app that requires a system with good storage as it provides so many features to the users to use in their video. The Memory of the device must be 8GB ram for thapp to be installed in it and if you want high quality videos then the storage should be 16Gb ram. Later, for AMD Radeon R5 the storage must be 2GB vram and for HD Quality it must be 4GB . And about the disk , the space left in the Disk must be 10GB  and for better quality the hard disk must be SSD- Solid State Disk .

FilmoraGo Tutorial

FilmoraGo tutorials are a must for the beginners as they do not know a single thing about editing. Or even if they know how to edit, they don’t know how to use FilmoraGo , so they can learn this app easily with the help of these tutorials. For example, I am a good editor but I do editing on other applications so this user-interface is completely different for me. But I can learn about this user-interface by the tutorials. There are tutorials given in the app but if there are no give  then we can watch the tutorials on ths YouTube app and learn this app and be a professional in editing videos in no time.

FilmoraGo Transitions

Use amazing Transitions to combine different videos and make them a video. These transitions can be used by all the users , to make out class edits on anything. Transitions are given to the users by the App itself sometimes. There are many amazing transitions present in this app in the libraries for the users to use them.


FilmoraGo Apk drawback

Yes, there are some drawbacks of this app. First, this app contains lots of ads and it irritates the users many times when they are editing the video and they mostly lose their interest in editing. Second, this app takes a large space in your device and it may cause problems with your device. But this app is literally worth these drawbacks. 


FilmoraGo is a magical application used by professional editors to make magic-like unbelievable edits. The editors use this app and make ethereal edits that a human eye can be more than shocked looking at. The editors are provided with a whole lot of features to work with. They can add startling effects and staggering filters in their piece of work to make it an efficient and eye catching edit. They can use the stored transitions in the libraries to adapt the structure of the video and create an aesthetic vibe by allowing the music to show its magic. Then, at the end export the video and make sure to choose the best resolution as this app provides the resolution in more than one quality which is the best feature of this app.

FilmoraGo Mod APK For Pc

MOD APK version of FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

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