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Flipkart Online Shopping App + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v7.47

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NameFlipkart Online Shopping App
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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Flipkart Mod APK:

Shopping is becoming a crazy thing for all people around the globe, especially for women. Shopping has a special charm for women as they love to go shopping. In this dynamic era, it is not easy to go on shopping every day, so Flipkart has cracked the issue and provided an online opportunity for people who love shopping but, they do not have time to go shopping. Flipkart mod apk is a beneficial online store that has every category. Many online websites are available, but these websites have a single purpose or a category, for example, some are clothing brands, and others are for purchasing shoes or accessories. Besides, Flipkart has versatility in its categories and proposals. Everything that a person may need is available here on this Flipkart shopping application.


Flipkart Mod APK

The categories include clothing brands, accessories, gaming items, grocery items, shoes, electronics items, kitchen sets or items, etc. Also, many brands for one category are present here that permit the user to select the fav brand or the best thing. The description is written with the item to give the user an explicit idea about the item. Further, the free delivery system is incredible. Moreover, the mod version has made the premium features available for free. The mod version has made things more manageable for users. 

Flipkart Mod APK Download:

If you love shopping, you must install the Flipkart Mod APK on your android device. 

  • Click the link for downloading the APK file of the Flipkart Mod. 
  • After downloading the APK file, you must check the security option of the android. 
  • If it is already enabled, go ahead. Otherwise, allow this option. 
  • Open the folder of APK files. 
  • Tap the Flipkart Mod APK file to start the installation. 
  • The app will be on your mobile within seconds. 



The categories and variety of items that Flipkart offers are vast. Grocery items, electronics, clothes, and more are available here. Here is a list of all categories that Flipkart presents.

  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Flipkart Travel
  • Furniture
  • Sports and fitness items. 
  • Women Clothing brands
  • Shoes (Men and Women)
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Grocery
  • Laptops, mobiles, and accessories. 
  • Flipkart Video

Variety of Brands

Flipkart does not support a single brand and does not contain items or accessories from a specific brand. Every item is available from many brands. Like, if you are trying to find a good laptop, you will get many models and brands for each model. You can select whichever model and brand you like.

Flipkart Mod APK

Free Delivery

This feature is recently added to the application of Flipkart as a mod feature. In previous updates of Flipkart, this feature was not present. Flipkart now permits people to get the purchased items delivered without charges. They do not have to spend or pay the extra money to get their fav things. 


When a person searches for an item that he needs, there will be shown numerous brands for that item. Also, each brand will show the description of the item, like its quality, size, shape, reviews, and others to make it clear for the buyer what to buy or what not to. 

Flipkart Online Streaming:

Through this application, people not only can do shopping but also can watch online movies. This application has a list of famous shows and movies that are free. 

Mod Features:

Mod features of Flipkart APK are the following. 

  • Free Delivery
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited coins – Super Coins
  • Bonuses

Flipkart Mod APK Unlimited Super Coins:

Super Coins are the currency that the users get on this website when they shop for anything. These super coins are used when you cancel an already placed order or return an item after delivery. These super coins are earned when the user shops for an item for 100 rupees and gets 1 super coin. 

  • For members plus – 100 rupees give 2 super coins. 
  • Non-member – 100 rupees give 1 super coin. 

The super coins have validity, and after that, they will not be usable. 

The mod version has given unlimited coins that will never be exhausted no matter how much you use them. 

Flipkart Owner

The website is developed by Flipkart’s Developer, and continuous updates are releasing since it has been introduced. 

Flipkart Online Shopping

This website helps people to shop online. Every necessary item is present on this website that can be used to purchase. You do not have to go out to purchase items or for groceries. Everything is available online. 

Flipkart Pay Later

Flipkart also offers the users a pay later option in which the user will be given Rs. 1 lac for shopping. To activate this, 

  • Open the app.
  • Enter the details of your account. 
  • Verify your account details with OTP. 
  • Check it out. 

Flipkart Account

You must create your account on the Flipkart app to enjoy extra features. When you have a registered account on Flipkart, you can save the history and also can add the liked items to the cart to shop for them later. 

Flipkart Head Office

The headquarter or head office of Flipkart is located in Bangalore. Flipkart was launched in 2007. 

Flipkart Helpline Number

The customer service for help is available all time 24/7. The users can call them and seek help at any time when they need it. They can get assistance or help on chat. The number used for getting help on Flipkart is +9118002029898

The logo of this amazing shopping website is designed and developed by Johnson Lamont and this logo is comprised of a watermark and an emblem. This logo is in two colors, yellow and blue.

Flipkart Lite

The lite app for Flipkart permits the users to shop as they do web. This lite version is a web app. This lite version was introduced when the original update was not functioning appropriately in Windows10.

Flipkart Mod APK

Flipkart Mod APK Latest Version

The last updated version of the Flipkart Mod was 7.51 and this version came on Aug 24, 2022. The recent version of Flipkart was a mod version with premium features unlocked. 


The APK size Flipkart app is 102MB which is not too heavy. You can install the application on devices with OS (Operating Systems) 5.1 and above. 


Flipkart Mod is an incredibly amazing website for purchasing any necessary item at any time. You will be provided your order exactly in the form that you have ordered. You can buy food items too. The bonuses and discounts are also available for the users who are members plus on Flipkart. The mod version has also unlocked the premium features with free delivery, no ads, and Super coins. You can get reviews about the products to check the quality of the product. In short, everything is brilliant, and shopping through this website will be a good experience for you.

MOD APK version of Flipkart Online Shopping App

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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