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Forest Island : Relaxing Game + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.18.3

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NameForest Island : Relaxing Game
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Forest Island Mod APK:

Forest Island Mod APK is an entertaining game. It has beautiful graphics and sound effects, which are very impressive. In this game, you can play with your friends or against other players worldwide. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, even if you have never played games.


The gameplay of Forest Island APK is simple. You must click on one of the buttons in front of you. If you click on a button with something wrong with it, it will tell you what needs to be fixed and how much energy it takes away from your energy bar when clicked on. If you click the correct button, it will turn green and start moving forward.

Forest Island Mod APK

Grow plants:

In Forest Island APK, various plants grow in different environments, such as forest islands and deserts. They also have different sizes and shapes so that they can blend in with their surroundings well enough so that they won’t stand out too much from other plants around them.

Take care of animals:

Forest Island APK is a game that will help you eliminate your stress. You must take care of the animals, Family Island grow plants and earn money . The game is easy to play. All you need to do is click on the screen and move it around.

In Forest Island APK, players can select different animals, including birds, monkeys, reptiles, and even dinosaurs. There are many types of plants in this game too. Players can also choose from different trees, such as palm trees, maple trees, and others.

Collect coins:

Forest Island is a game developed by the indie developer, Tumbleweed. The game is a platformer that takes place in a forest and has you controlling the main character, who was found on the island.

The game will have you playing as an unnamed boy who has lost his memory and must find his way home while collecting coins along the way. You’ll see various enemies crossing the island and can use your cash to buy new weapons or outfits for your character. There are also many other things to collect, like power-ups, fruit, and more!

Build your village:

Forest Island Mod is a game where you must build your island. The game has a lot of levels that you can play in the game. To make your island, you will have to collect resources and use them to build new things on your island.

Forest Island Mod APK is a fantastic game where you can enjoy building your village, growing crops on it, and making friends with other players online. You will have to create an entire town by yourself in this game. You can also make friends with other players online, who will be there to help you out whenever they are online.

Bling2 MOD APK

Gather fruits:

You must gather as many fruits as possible through the forest islands. You can use your energy bar to jump over obstacles, collect blocks and fly over obstacles in the air. There are different types of obstacles in this game that you need to overcome before you reach other parts of the island.

Some features of Forest Island Mod APK make this game so entertaining, like story mode, where you can play through different levels with different characters while trying to collect as many fruits as possible and beat your previous score, hidden power-ups that help you out during difficult situations, and many more things!

MOD APK version of Forest Island : Relaxing Game

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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