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Science is not easy but an interesting subject it contains a lot of formulas which creates great difficulty for students. These subjects are very difficult for students, but they cannot understand these subjects without any help. Students always need a master for these difficult subjects who can easily provide them (students of science) with proper data for their understanding, or for preparation for exams.

Formulia Mod Apk

About the app

If you are looking for an online formula-solving app then formulia is the best app for you. Basically, it is designed for science students like chemistry, physics, and math. Usually, students of science use this app for solving their science subjects’ problems. This app is designed for formula-solving methods and developed by Mario Chavarria.

Formulia will solve all mathematical questions easily without taking more time.

 Provide formulas within your comfort zone

It will solve formulas in your all subject including math, physics, and also chemistry. It will clear up all your subjects’ problems easily and in a simple way. You don’t need to download separate apps for science subjects. It is all in one app, and it will guide you to clear up the problems of math formulas, and physics numerical you also don’t need to worry about the tough subjects like chemistry, it will solve or end up all your worrying problems just in few moments. Maybe you like this similar app Voot Kids MOD APK.

All-in-one app (Extraordinary characteristics)

Three subjects (chemistry, physics, math) one solution. 

Physics formulas

Physics is an interesting subject, but most students face problems during solving formulas and they need help who can solve their (students) problems easily without taking time. It will solve all numerical of physics just in a few moments.

It will solve:

  1. Electromagnetism
  2. Coulomb’s law rules
  3. Electric field
  4. Electric potential energy
  5. Ohm’s law and electric power
  6. Gauss’s law
  7. Magnetic field
  8. Capacitors in series and in parallel
  9. Capacitance 
  10. Kirchhoff’s rules
  11. Energy
  12. Gravity
  13. Newton’s law of motion

Formulia Mod Apk

Chemistry formulas

Chemistry is a very tough subject, mostly it becomes very hard subject when we talk about formulas that exist in the subject. It will clear up chemistry equations. 

It will solve the chemistry formulas as like;

  • Chemical: ions formulas etc.
  • Compound: acids formulas etc
  • Structural:
  • Systematic 
  • Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Atomic bound
  • Common ions
  • Molecular bond
  • Charges chart
  • Nomenclature

Mathematic formulas

Math is an easy and very interesting subject. And if you are weak in this subject and this app is best for your mathematics formulas.

It will end up all problems as like;

  1. Addition
  2. Standard deviation
  3. Division
  4. Matrix
  5. Linear regression formula
  6. Area of an isosceles triangle formula
  7. Algebra
  8. Arthematics equations
  9. Geometry formulas
  10. Angles in math 

The students of engineering and statistics can also use this app to clear up all the formulas which they (students) want to solve. Get more benefits for free and in an easy way.

Formulia Mod Apk

How to download and use this app

Downloading and installing process of this game is very easy, if you want to download the latest and updated version of this app then download it from our website mod apk and get unlimited features of this app, of course for free. You can also download its original version from the google play store. After downloading and installing the process it will save automatically in your mobile folder, open it and use it to get unlimited features of this program.


Formulia is a very prominent app for formula decoding. It will help out you to find out any technique of all three science subjects, for instance, math, chemistry, and physics. Using this app will clear up all your problems just in a few moments. Just put your formulas and it will provide you with solutions to these techniques.

MOD APK version of Formulia

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