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Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime + MOD (Money/VIP 10) v5.5.0q

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NameGangstar Vegas: World of Crime
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MOD FeaturesMoney/VIP 10
Size5.0 and up
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Here is another amazing game offered by Gameloft company. And that game is gangstar vegas apk. The Gameloft company offers many amazing games to android users, and the game we will discuss is one of those best games. After reading the article below, you will be able to play and download gangstar vegas apk and download gangstar vegas mod apk.

Gangstar vegas apk:

Gangstar vegas apk is an open-world action game. Everyone likes this type of game due to the fact you could do something you need inside the game. The game’s main focus is to complete missions, but you can do whatever you want. The game is most like the Grand theft auto game, but this game is modified with extra best features for gangstar lovers. This is an open-world game; therefore, join the game and start enjoying the all world feeling freedom. Feel free, fight with other gangs, complete missions, make a race and do whatever you want.

The features, gameplay, storyline, graphics, and quality are key points making the game more enjoyable. That’s why more people are downloading the game. So let us discuss these important points of the game briefly.

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The game is about a wrestler named Jason Malone. He was a good wrestler, but unfortunately, he lost a few matches. He got a financial problem, and there is no one to help him in this bad situation. And, he needed to earn money, and therefore he joined mafia gangs. He needs to grow more and more with these gangs. The mafia will is sending him to different, very important missions at different places. The missions are too difficult and tricky. He needs to complete missions to get money. He will have great support from his gang members on his way.


  1. Storyline:

The game story is about a wrestler who has to earn money to live a happy life. He will get into various troubles on his way to earn money. He will face various difficult problems that he has to face alone. The game is also full of tricks that are making the storyline better.

  1. Missions:

The boss of the gang is offering you different missions. You can do it on any of the missions. After completing the mission, you will get money, and through this money, you can buy whatever you want. You can also save your money to buy a house for you as no one will protect you outside. In some fights, your gang members will also be there to help you.

  1. Weapons:

The main interesting and action feature of the game is that your gang boss will also provide you with weapons. To complete his mission, you can use these weapons anytime and anywhere. You can also arrange new and other weapons that you need. Here is a tip for you that useless shooting to be safe from police.

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  1. Racing:

The game offers different ways of enjoyment for you, like action, fighting, racing and strategy. Racing is also available in this game. After joining a race, you need to play like a pro driver. You have to win from your competitors to earn money and repetition. You will have to pass through cities, villages, deserts, and streets like csr racing game. In short, you have three types of enjoyment in a single game.

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Tips for playing gangstar vegas:

  1. Make a strategy:

Before getting involved in a mission, you should make a good and solid strategic plan. You may need weapons and healing kits while working on a mission. Always keep some extra ammo with your weapons to help you in a difficult situation. Try to heal in a safe and secure place.

  1. Shoot at time:

Shoot your enemy before him. Don’t think your enemies are weak and don’t be overconfident. Your enemies will also be powerful. Sometimes you should keep shooting. Try to make a headshot for an easy kill and save your ammo.

  1. About weapons:

It would help if you chose more deadly and easy to use in missions. Use short-range guns when the enemy is near, and use long-range guns when far from you. Sniper guns and pistols are also available. Always use sniper when you are too far from your enemy. To use a sniper gun, you may also need a good position.

  1. Upgrade and reload:

Upgrading your cars and weapons after a specific time is a good habit because upgraded things will work more efficiently for you. Upgraded weapons are more deadly. It would be best if you also reloaded your guns and pistols at a time. Make a practice to reload more easily and in a short interval.

Gangstar vegas mod apk:

We also offer you to download gangstar vegas mod apk free from this website. The mod apk is offering customized and modified features of gangstar vegas game apk.

  1. Unlimited money
  2. VIP activated
  3. Unlimited diamonds
  4. Gangstar vegas redeem codes
  5. Unlimited key and point
  6. Gangstar Vegas cheats
  7. Many more mod features.

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Final Words:

That was all about gangstar vegas apk and gangstar vegas mod apk. Now it’s up to you to download gangstar vegas mod apk or the original apk. Always download gangstar vegas mod apk latest version to get all newly updated features.

MOD APK version of Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

MOD feature

Money/VIP 10

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