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Geometry Dash + MOD (All Unlocked) v2.2.11

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NameGeometry Dash
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Geometry dash APK


Dear users! if you like playing games in which you will get different obstacles in your way and you have to pass those obstacles to win the game. If yes, then a big congratulations to you, because you are in the right place. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce a special game that is designed in this way that there are so many obstacles in the way of the runner and the players have to pass all of those hurdles by jumping over them and the other options like a flight over them are also present.

So, the name of this fabulous game application is Geometry dash APK”. This game is providing you the fun, entertainment, and adventure at the same place, and the animation which got used in this game is just up to the mark. So you are going to like all the features of this game like types of obstacles and all the other introduced things of this game are amazing.

Geometry dash APK

this game will help you to refresh your mind and there are many features that you may not get from another game so this game is giving you the chance to have fun with no mental stress as some games involve you so much in the mission that it affects your mental health but this game is all about fun and entertainment and you will definitely like to play this game again and again as there is a long list of levels available for the players. Every level has its different and amazing features but the complexity with each level increases. This game became popular in 2013 and till now it is considered the number one game in its niche. First, in the beta version, the name of this game was geometry jump but after some time this name was changed to geometry dash.

Features of Geometry Dash APK:

Dear users here in this article we will tell you all the features available in this game so if you want to get a complete guide about this game then read this article thoroughly.

Practice mode:

This game has a brilliant feature which is known as a practice mode. It means that before playing any level of this game you can practice it. The benefit of this practice mode is that you get familiar with the next level and by playing the practice mode you can perform better at the real level. It will help you to warm up your fingers and make you mentally prepared for the next level. These types of features are not available in a large number of games.

Custom level:

The game is providing you with an option in the custom level where you can customize your levels according to you. It means that you are not bound to play only the levels which are present in the game but you can customize the level of the game according to you. This is one of the epic features of this game application and till now I don’t think that you have come across this type of feature from any game so is it not outstanding? then what are you waiting for just make up your mind and try this game right now.

Many levels:

There is a long list of levels available for the player in this game so if you are not getting entertained via playing a certain level then you can jump to another level also because there is no restriction for the player that he has to complete the level to go for the next level. So this is also an amazing feature of this game that you can play any level at any time irrespective of whether you have completed the previous level or not.

Fly rockets:

Here you will get an option to flip the gravity and to fly the rocket so this game is providing you much more than a simple running game and passing of shackles so with the passage of time this game is becoming more and more interesting as there are great features available in this game.

Geometry dash APK


The soundtracks of this game are so amazing that you will not get annoyed while listening to them. You will definitely enjoy the background music as it is exactly designed according to the requirements of the game and the amazing feature is that every level contains different soundtracks so there is a variety of soundtracks that you will get in this game.


The version of this incredible game is 2.111

A number of downloads:

There are more than 5 million people who have downloaded this wonderful game and are enjoying playing this game.

Download Geometry dash APK:

After knowing its features, if you want to download this game and want to play a wonderful game then you may follow the following guidelines to download this gaming application on your mobile phones and other devices. so follow these guidelines step by step and then you will get this game on your devices.

  • To download this app you should first know what android version this game would require
  • So this game requires Android 7.0 and any latest version
  • Keep in mind that you should have this Android version on your device
  • This game will require 87.73 MB of free space so make enough space on your mobile phones and other devices to download this gaming application
  • As this is an APK game so you should have an APK file on your device
  • If you do not have an APK file then you may download it from the Google Play store of your device after 
  • Confirming all these essentials now you can download this gaming application from the given link under this article.

Installation commands:

  • Before installing this gaming application make sure that you have permitted all the unknown resources in the settings of your device
  • Now you can download this application by tapping on the given link
  • It will lead you to the install app key.
  • Tap on the install app key and the game will be installed 
  • Within a few seconds after the installation, you will see the app on the homepage of your mobile phones and other devices
  • Now you can play this game without any hurdles with just one click.

Geometry dash APK PC:

You can also play this game on your PC. Geometry Dash for PC is a multi-level and addictive type of game in which a constantly moving screen is in front of you and you have to jump over the hurdles and other spikes coming in your way. The game is full of challenges. You can download this application on your PC with Windows 7 and all the latest ones.

Geometry dash APK

Geometry dash APK Android:

Geometry dash APK is available for Android users and it is one of the best platforms to play this game. You can unlock your achievements and you can customize your own levels where you can challenge your friends. You can also get the free version of the geometry dash APK for Android.

Geometry dash APK latest version:

The latest version of this game has come with some different updates and much more entertaining things.

There are different things like

  • Weekly demon Challenge.
  • New effects.
  • New Icons.
  • New demon chests.
  • New community shop 
  • Level leaderboards.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
  • Level sorting.

And many more. Because of bugs, some rewards were duplicated in the updated version, those duplicate rewards got removed and you can now enjoy this game without any technical problems.

Geometry dash icons:

There is a huge variety of icons in geometry dash APK because of this big variety those icons are named icon kits. Because of these icons the player can change its appearance in the game. You can select the icon of your choice. You can customize your icons when you complete some of the achievements but if you want to customize your icons at the very start of the game then you may buy them from these shops. Except for this option, there are many chests where you can get these icons as rewards.

Geometry dash free:

If you want to get this game for free then you have to follow some steps.

  • First, you have to download a free Android emulator. 
  • You may download blue stacks for this purpose. 
  • This will help you to open the game and play it easily
  • Then you may download the geometry dash for free 
  • Now you are able to play this game without any cost.

Geometry dash free full version:

You can download the geometry dash free full version where you can experience the most difficult tasks and obstacles as the levels increase. This is an addictive one-touch game that you may get on your mobile phones and PC also. This game is popular in the whole world because it is a platform game.

There was a time when only digital games were present. But with the return of the platform games, the fun again begins. geometry dash full version APK is the best example of the platform game as it is giving you so many features in which you may also customize your levels and as you move forward towards the latest levels you will get more and more fun.

Geometry dash background:

There are different types of geometry dash backgrounds in which you can see a wide variety of colors and symbols from the icon kit. Moreover, there are glittery appearances also present in this game. There is a never-ending variety of geometry dash backgrounds. Every background has different colors ranging from blue, black, purple, white, yellow, green, and many many more.

Geometry dash bloodbath:

Blood Bath was published by Riot on August 12, 2015. It is an extreme demon mega collaboration verified by Riot. After its verification was done it was considered number one on the list of the official extreme demon record which is now known as the geometry dash demon list. This level is still the number one among all because it is said that really any level can beat it and challenge it. The version of bloodbath is 1.9 / 2.0 / 2.1.

Geometry dash challenge list:

There is a long list of geometry dash challenges. and here we are presenting some of the challenges in front of you.

  • #1– The Third Variant.
  • #2– VSC.
  • #4– Parabola.
  • #6– Stercore
  • #7– 3SH in Hell.
  • #8– Murder Mitten 
  • #9– Delusion.
  • #10– Flutterwonder 
  • #11– Apotheosis 
  • #12– Viridescent
  • #13– cooks
  • #14– Deorum
  • #15– ingrown toenail 3
  • #16– Lost Sense
  • #17– el3ctr0b4llz
  • #18– Exquisite Difficulty
  • #19– Spike Depression
  • #20– Toxic Blades

Geometry dash codes:

There are some vault codes in geometry dash APK which you can use to unlock some rewards and chests in the game. Here we are presenting you with a list of some famous and important codes.

  • Spooky – thief! thief!

This is the code to unlock the Shy Guy icon.

  • Lenny – Oh no

This is the code to unlock the Lenny icon.

  • Blockbite – Decrypter

This is the code to unlock UFO

  • Mule – Revealing

This is the code to unlock the ship.

  • Neverending – Third eye open

This is the code to unlock a UFO

  • Sparky – Thief!

For this, the reward is a Secret coin.

  • Robotop – The unknown

This is a code to unlock a robot.

Geometry dash editor:

There is a level available in this game which is known as geometry dash level editor. The version of this game is V2.1. There are many videos available on the Internet which you may watch to get information about the editing skills in geometry dash. As it is the newly evolved level of geometry dash.

Geometry dash online:

Geometry dash online is a platform that is played in musical rhythms. If you have to pass the obstacles to keep the momentum of musical rhythm alive and if you get to sleep and do not pass the obstacle then the game will start from the beginning of the level.

How to play geometry dash:

As we already said in the article, this game is a type of run and jump game in which the player has to pass obstacles and hurdles in his way and has to jump and run throughout the game. The whole square keeps moving by itself in the game. When you want to jump you just have to click and use the up and down key to steer vehicles.

As you move towards the upper levels you will get more and more exciting adventures on your way.

Geometry dash jumper:

The geometry dash jumper helps to increase the frequency of anti-gravity segments.

The jumper was introduced and composed by Waterflame in 2005 and it was released in 2008 there are about 5 million YouTube views on this.

Geometry dash texture pack:

The rating of the texture pack for geometry dash is 3 +. This app is present in the entertainment category when you will explore the Google app store. You can install and download geometry dash texture packs from any of the trusted websites. For this, you may need an Android emulator also. There are many types of texture packs for this game available now it depends upon you what type of texture pack you want and prefers more.

Geometry dash unblocked:

There is an unblocked version of the geometry dash available which you can play with a lot of levels in it there are about 21 levels present in the unblocked version of the geometry dash you have to control the scare block to fly and jump over the obstacles the main objective of this game is to first complete the level to reach the next level there is a practice mode also available in the unblock version but when our you will collide with any of the obstacles the game will start from the beginning.

Release date:

This game was released on August 12, 2013, and was updated on November 15, 2017.

Developers of geometry dash APK:

This wonderful game was offered by RobTop Games. The developers of the game have worked a lot on the quality of the game and they updated the variant of this game in which they have fixed all the technical issues and now the players are enjoying it without any hurdles.

Advantages of geometry dash APK:

  • The game’s action is highly addictive. 
  • This game allows customization. 
  • There is a replay option available.
  • Graphics are up to the mark.
  • The soundtrack is impressive. 
  • Wonderful and engrossing application for people of all ages.
  • You can control it simply. 
  • If you download this app from our site’s link, then you can enjoy this stunning application totally free of any cost.
  • There are more than 25 achievement options available.

Geometry dash APK


Geometry dash APK is one of the top platform games which provide you fun, entertainment, and adventure at the same place. here you will get addicted to the mind-blowing features of the game as it is providing you an option to customize your own game level. There are many icons and characters available. You can play this game anywhere as it is highly accessible and it is noticed that there is no bad review about this game. So you can play this game without any further delay.

MOD APK version of Geometry Dash

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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