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Heroes of the Dark: Squad RPG + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.8.4

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NameHeroes of the Dark: Squad RPG
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CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Heroes of The Dark APK:

Combat or skirmish against Vampires, Humans, and Werewolves and construct a mansion – A Victorian mansion. So, the game is about the rip-roaring and exciting story of the moon. In the mid of the Victorian age, the moon is demolished and land gets covered with gloom shades but the core or center of the moon known as Tenebris remains intact which is used to control the tides of luck or destiny. The fight is for getting the command or charge of the core. For this, these different creatures are fighting against each other.

Heroes of The Dark APK

Heroes of the Dark is an exciting platform of entertainment for players where people can make their squad of characters from all three different creatures. You can fight or construct a mansion with all the facilities for your army. There are different characteristics of vampires, humans, and werewolves each having its skills or expertise. The best of Vampiric sovereigns of mystery knowledge, clans of Werewolves and Humans battle and defeat one another to take over the power of the Moon’s center or crystal which is controlling fate.

Humans of the Dark APK Download:

Want to download the game? 

  1. Click on the downloading link of the APK file of the game which is mentioned above.
  2. Spare 10s to finish the download.
  3. Open My Files and then My Documents.
  4. Install Humans of the Dark APK file. Unable to install?
  5. Enable the security option of unknown resources. Install the game now.
  6. Enjoy! 



The size of the game is just 41 MB. It means the game is lightweight. 


This game has a combined effect of 3D and 2D graphics that make it a very fascinating, crystalline game with transparent colors and backgrounds. These fabulous graphics give the players full-time entertainment.

Updated Version:

The latest version of Humans of the Dark is 1.8.3 which was updated on July 14, 2022, and the game was first released on Oct 27, 2021.

Supported Devices:

This game can be installed and played on devices with 5.0 API and above. These devices support the game without crashing. You can smoothly run the game and enjoy it.


Bugs are fixed and viruses are removed so it is safe to entertain yourself by playing the game.

Free Game:

This game is free to download. Just click on the link which is mentioned and you will download the game for free.

Build a mansion:

When you start the game, you have to construct a mansion with all facilities and provisions. As if you build a flourishing mansion, it will help you to gain resources and to upgrade the mansions and characters. At first, the mansion is automatically built in a random place and then it’s your wall where you want to place it and make connections. The fight will be started when you have an army from all three groups and if you want to start a battle. 

Regional Crystallix:

There are many regions on the map of Humans of the Dark and a Regional Crystallix is present in every region. Your team can capture this and if it does so, a bonus buff is given to every member of the group. You can protect your Crystallix from enemies by using your group or guild.

Enemy Camps:

Various enemy camps can give benefits to your guild if you destroy and obtain all their resources. The most important thing that can be looted from the enemy camp is tokens which are used to upgrade resources and to get gold, equipment, moondust etc.

Heroes of The Dark APK


The gameplay is quite simple and fine. There are many things in the game like perks, auras, mansions, dungeons, characters, tokens and upgradations. These help the users to build the castle and to assault the opponents.

 Humans of the Dark APK Tier List:

The game is having three different groups each having many characters.

There are three tier lists of Humans, Werewolves and Vampires:

  1. Humans:
  2. Alice (four star)
  3. Nicole Lambda (three star)
  4. Catherine (two star)
  5. Dorian (one star)
  6. Werewolves:
  7. Mantis (four-star)
  8. Fangrim (four-star)
  9. Dr. Wolfgang (three-star)
  10. Locust (three-star)
  11. Bishop (one star)
  12. Izara (one star)
  13. Vampires:
  14. Albus (four-star)
  15. Morwenna (four-star)
  16. Aurelien (three-star)
  17. Lucretia (two-star) 
  18. Countness Magra (two star)
  19. La Croix (one star)
  20. Grimr (one star)

These stars are given to each character on the basis of their ability. These are rated because of their expertise in a specific skill.

Humans of the Dark APK Mines:

There are many mines in the mysterious land where the players can gather resources and keys. The time in which you gather resources is different and you can choose it that suits you.

  • Short Collect (15 minutes)
  • Medium Collect (2 hours)
  • Long Collect (8 hours)

Humans of the Dark APK Characters:

Players can choose and unlock many characters in the game with special skills. Users have a free hand to select the characters from any of the three groups or factions. 

 Humans of the Dark Tokens:

This game is offering ways to get dungeon keys, crystals, moondust, equipment, and game necessities. People can collect tokens from the game by going into the enemy camps and looting their resources and keys. But you should be very careful before going into the enemy camp as you need the stamina to fight against the enemies. Six points are needed for each enemy so check your energy and stamina if you want to enter the enemy camp and get the tokens.

Heroes of The Dark APK


Humans of the Dark is a game with a mystery land where three different creatures are fighting with each other to get the Moon crystal and to take the control of fate. Players have to choose the troops from three groups and then train them to fight to get the crystal. You can play as a team with your friends and also with others from the globe. This game is full-time entertainment for the audience who loves mysteries and fights.

MOD APK version of Heroes of the Dark: Squad RPG

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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