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Instander + MOD (Full unlocked) v202.

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As we all know that we are unable to download media files such as videos or images by the Instagram application without a downloader but Instander users can download photos, videos IGTV, and reels in excellent quality. Descargar Instagram apk to enjoy no ads, copy bio, comments, and description. You can Hide seen tick, live stream, and many more. Instagram is the world’s well-known social network and a most excellent source of online entertainment. You can get posts directly from your beloved celebrities. It is the best alternative to Instagram.

Instander APK

It is a modified version of Instagram with many new features, such as a download option for media files.You can use instander without any threat of getting banned by an official Instagram account. Thedise provided a lot of information about instander, and we added many other facts and knowledge in the dise info about Instander. Instander provides a quick browsing experience with available features.


Instander provides you with unlocked features in addition to automatic updates. So download Instagram apk latest version and enjoy all mentioned new features. You can’t download the Instagram apk latest version via the play store because it is not permitted. Ans if you want to enjoy all new and modified features make sure to download Instander apk latest version 2021.

Instander cloned version and un-cloned version

Both versions have the same developers and properties.

  •  Clone version allows both Instagram actualized and instamod to download for android or smartphone simultaneously.
  • Un clone version doesn’t allow both apps to download for android or smartphone at the same time.


Instead, perform all functions as Instagram perform, and developer thedise (Dmitry Gavirov) added many extra features. Instagram updates its new features, so make sure to download the Instagram app update.

  • Download Media Files

As you all know, we can’t download images and videos from the Instagram app. If we use any other application for downloading purposes, it includes ads and occupies more space. So, we should prefer Instagram mod apk instead of Instagram.

Now download Instagram terbaru and enjoy downloading photos, videos, or any other media files.

  • Close Friends

When you use the descargar Instagram apk, it allows you to create a list of your close friends and share stories and posts wth your specific friends. And these posts will contain a unique tag to distinguish between these and regular posts.

You can add or remove people from your friend list whenever you want, and that will happen without getting them notified.

  • Privacy/ hide stories

For privacy terms, whenever you want to hide some stories from some people, you can tackle it through instander, not through the original Instagram app. Even you can hide live videos whenever you want.

  • Message Replies

Using Instander, we can select people to allow message replies to either everyone or people you know. And we can also disable all message replies altogether to avoid negative reactions to our posts.

  • Save story

For preventing space issues, you can use the archive option to save pictures, videos, and stories. You will get privacy because only you can access your account, and others will not be able to access your archived stories. You can also save live videos and self-destruct photos to your archives for 30 days.

  • Sharing

Some of your followers can add your posts and IGTV videos to their stories on Instagram. But through Instander. You can prevent these people from stealing your posts. You can turn the sharing feature on or off whenever you want.

  • No Ads

While browsing on Instagram indir, apk, you face many ads on your feeds that spoil your display and use extra data. Instead of Instagram, modded Instagram android (instander) is free from advertisements. Moreover, you can crawl posts without ads by disabling the advertisement option from privacy settings.

  • Wide Searched Content

On instander, IGTV helps us to discover trending and popular posts on this network. Of course, you have to follow your favorite personality and enjoy their posts. At the bottom, there is a search section where an extensive collection of content can be accessed.

You may discover something else there.

  • Analytics and Reports

If you turn on the analytics option in a privacy setting, you will get a user-based experience as it will allow them to analyze your activities. You can manually turn this option off. By doing so, you can improve your services and remove something for crash reports.

  • Ghost Mode

If you want to prevent people from knowing that you are typing any message, you have to disable typing status. And if you’re going to hide your activity as a viewer from other people’s stories, you can also use this option for that purpose.

You can also use the don’t mark directly as a reading option feature. If you want that, someone should never know that you have read their message.

  • Quality

If you feel that your stories, photos, reels, and IGTV have low quality, then you can improve quality by uploading up to 10MB files through this feature. You can upload your high-quality photos and videos on that app than the original app.

  • Gestures

Gestures in the instander app are essential because these gestures differ that app from the original one. Through Instagram apk all version update, we can move left and right to navigate between pages, zoom on the photo, and like any photo by double-tapping on it.And these features can also be disabled if you want to.

  • Misc

Many features as auto-playing videos and full-screen size can be disabled to save data. Many other features can also be enabled and disabled as you want.

If you give appreciation to the developer, you will be confirmed as an instander supporter. Then you will get a badge of supporter.

  • Discover people

You can discover individuals by following them who have active Instagram Nueva version account. By doing this, you will be able to know more about their lives by seeing their stories.

If you face any problems, you should update the instander apk old version to its latest version.


Just download Instagram terbaru and keep downloading Instagram mood apk app updates and enjoy more and more features. I hope you will enjoy it

MOD APK version of Instander

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