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Kendall and Kylie + MOD (Unlimited money, energy) v2.8.0

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NameKendall and Kylie
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, energy

Kendall and Kylie Mod APK

Kendall and Kylie Mod APK This app is a gaming application in which you will get a chance to live like a celebrity. You can choose a proper life to become famous as an American and media star. In this game, you can select your character and dressing style, and go for hangouts with Kendall and Kylie to become one of the Hollywood stars.

You will get multiple features in this game. You can get dresses from the most expensive and well-known boutiques in America. You can groom yourself in the famous salons of the World. In addition, it has a user-friendly interface. 

So you will not find any difficulty while playing this game.

Kendall and Kylie Mod APK

Kendall and Kylie Mod Apk download:

1: Go to your android setting and enable the option “unknown source” to download this app.

2: Click the download link of the app given above  this website. Don’t become impatient by clicking the download link multiple times.

3: Wait for 2 to 4 minutes.

4: Tap the installation.

5: After the installation is completed, open the app file.

Features of Kendall and Kylie Mod Apk:

  •     Add your friends:

If you want to become famous through this app, you can add your friends and get more likes, money, and energy coins. The more friends you add the more fame you’ll get.

  •    Unlock Pet:

You can unlock more bonus points and energy coins by getting a pet. 

Buy a cute puppy or cat. By feeding and playing with it, you can become the top trending celebrity. 

  •         Enhance your beauty:

 In the showbiz industry, the only thing needed to become a successful and famous celebrity is your attractive personality.

Through this app, you will enjoy the life of a famous person, fan following, and even make a scandal about your character.

  • Unlock the special beauty tools and features to make your character attractive.
  • You can buy expensive outfits and dresses from the most famous boutiques.
  • You can groom your characters by getting more coins and money. 
  • Spend this money on your character to enhance your charm.
  •        Easy to Play:

The game has interfaces that can easily be understood by the users. You just have to click and unlock the feature that you want to apply to your character.

  •  Animation and Highlights:

This game provides a wonderful and amazing animated environment.  It will amaze you. You will never forget playing it once you tried it

  •     Adventures:

 This app will also provide a beautiful and natural animated environment for memorial rips. You can go for a hangout with Kendall and Kylie for an unforgettable trip.

Kendall and Kylie Mod apk latest version:

This app was recently updated on 17-June-2022. The latest version of this app is (Kendall and Kylie Mod apk 2.8.0). This apk is free of cost and easy to play.

Size of Kendall and Kylie Mod apk:

This app occupies the space of 530.54 on your android or PC. It’s a heavy app so I suggest you play it on your Pc. 

Kendall and Kylie Mod apk download on Pc:

1: If you want to use this app on your Pc, you have to install the bluestacks app.        After that, you can download the app by the link given above.

2: Wait for 4 to 6 minutes after clicking on the download link.

3: Tap to install.

4: After installation, you can open this apk through the blue stack app.

Compatibility of Kendall and Kylie Mod apk:

This app is compatible with IOS as well as the android operating system. 

 Disadvantages of Kendall and Kylie Mod apk:

1: This apk file has a large size (530.54 MB). You may find difficulty while using this app on your android.

2: This app incorporates too many commercials. It may irritate you while playing.

Is Kendal and Kylie Mod apk safe?

Most APK files are 100% safe. But it should be downloaded from a trusted site. Because some websites contain viruses that can cause damage to your computer or android.

Kendall and Kylie Mod APK


This app is a gaming app through which you can live the life of a showbiz or media star. You can go for hangouts, shopping, and long drives with Kendall and Kylie. You can enhance your charm by getting cute tools and stuff. You can buy expensive outfits from famous boutiques around the world. You can go to the parlor to groom yourself.  By completing different tasks one by one, you can get money, like energy coins. You can play it with your buddies and relatives by adding them to your account.

MOD APK version of Kendall and Kylie

MOD feature

Unlimited money, energy

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