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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour + MOD (OBB) v1.2.3e

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NameModern Combat 4: Zero Hour
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I am back with a new FPS game and that is named modern combat 4 apk. Same as other FPS games like critical ops and NOVA 3 apk this game will also be one of the amazing games you have ever played. The download link for modern combat 4 mod apk and information about modern combat 4 android requirements will also be provided. You just need to keep connected to read the content.

Modern combat 4 apk:

MC4 is the one of most played games of FPS. This is also one of most favorite games of the people because it is covering action, shooter, offline, single-player, competitive player, and many other categories. The game is also listed in best of mc games. Just download the MC4 apk full game once and get a bundle of entertainment with this game.

Modern combat 4 gameplay:

Your main and the first goal in this game is to stop a great nuclear war and protect the peaceful life of humankind. Your enemies will do their best to kill you but you will have weapons through which you can defeat them. You will have 13 basic missions in this game.

But before killing these enemies, you will have a need to get a blue credit. You will also need money to buy different types of weapons, plug-ins, different upgrades, and other special equipment. You will also have a need to get Gold Credit.

Download mc4 mod apk android latest version free

Alternative to COC:

Moreover, it is also the best alternative to the call of duty game. The one who did not like the call of duty game should try this game once. There were many issues that gamers were facing in COC are reduced in modern kombat 4 android.

The one who was not able to play the COC game due to a bad internet connection did not need to worry anymore. Download modern combat offline games and play the game for unlimited time without an internet connection. In other words, you can enjoy this game both online and offline.

Its features, graphics, sound quality, gameplay, storyline, user interface, and structure are really comparable to the call of duty game. The one who is bored from the call of duty game should try this game at least once.

Modern combat 4 apk hack:

A little problem in this game that people were facing was that they have to pay about $6.99 to download this game. Due to this many of us were not able to access this amazing game because of a lack of money. But that problem is resolved. We are providing you the apk file of modern combat 4 download android. You can directly download and install modern combat 4 hacked from the direct download link. Through this mod version, you will also get many other amazing features that will make the game easier for you. This will allow you to enjoy this game like a pro player.


  1. Best storyline:

The storyline of this game is engaging a lot of gamers because it is most interesting. You will feel deeply while playing the game. Moreover, the strategies you need to win the game are also amazing. Good strategy and focus on the game will make you the winner of the game.

  1. Quality of game:

The quality of this game is improved and much better than other games. The graphics, animations, sounds, music are really good.

  1. Multiplayer mode:

This game will also allow you to enjoy the multiplayer mode by creating your profile. Through this, you can save your old performance, your equipment, load-outs, and weapons you gained before. The multiplayer mode will also help in the ranking system.

  1. Shooting everywhere:

The bullets and shooting all around you will make you feel amazing. The battlefield of the game is really amazing. Choose your weapons and start killing your enemies. Making a headshot will always be a good strategy. Sometimes keep shooting is also good to kill your enemy.

  1. Different weapons:

This game will provide various types of weapons and allow you to choose any weapon. For example, shotguns, long-range guns, sniper guns, pistols, grenades, and knives. The sering 9 is the one of best weapons available in this game.

Mod Features:

  1. Free download:

While downloading this game from the play store then you will have to pay about $6.99. But we are providing you with a modern combat 4 zero hour apk free download. You will need nothing to pay for this game.

  1. Unlimited money:

The other main issue that most of us want to be resolved is about money. We need too much money to unlock upgrades and weapons. But through using modern combat 4 multiplayer hack or modern combat 4 mod apk, you will have no more need of money. Unlimited money will be redeemed and all the things will be unlocked.

  1. Highly compressed:

We are offering a highly compressed file of modern combat 4 apk file. Due to this, the problem of larger size is resolved.  The compressed file of modern combat zero hour 4 apk can be easily downloaded and installed in you android mobile phone.


The table of requirements of this game is given below.

Android version 2.3 and up
RAM 512 MB
Available Storage 1.9 GB

Final Words:

The one who is getting bored or needs an interesting game to make his time pass. He should try modern combat 4 apk or modern combat 4 mod apk. The need for a modern combat apk torrent is also resolved. Download MC4 apk latest version and enjoy.

MOD APK version of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

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