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Monster High™ Beauty Salon + MOD (Unlocked Paid) v4.1.34

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NameMonster High™ Beauty Salon
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CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Paid
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The game industry is dominated mainly by enthralling, action-packed, and adrenaline booster games. It feels like there is very little room for games other than those mentioned above. People who do not like intense plays want more calming and creative games. 

In order to fulfill the void, CrazyLabs LTD has come up with a more artistic, inventive, and calming game called Monster High Beauty Shop. The game proffers an opportunity to fashion enthusiasts to augment and represent their talent. 

The game is top-rated among adults and kids of all genders and ages. That is why it has been installed more than fifty million times with over 50K reviews. Still, it has managed to retain a reasonable rating of 4.3 stars, thanks to its enchanting nature. 

Monster High Beauty Shop Mod Apk

The gameplay of Monster High Beauty Shop

The gameplay of the game is 180 degrees from all the hair-raising, hormone-stimulating, and blood-pressure-enhancing games. You will not have to ride the monsters or sprint the vehicles against them. Maybe you like this similar game Ryuko MOD APK.

Instead, it provides you with an opportunity to beautify monsters. These brutes are calmly sitting there, waiting for you to experiment with your makeup skills and dressing sense on them. However, be vigilant and observant because you are not going to humanize them. You will have to keep their monstrous integrity intact. 

Fabulous Tools

How would you put makeup on these monsters without tools? You need a whole kit to embellish them. Otherwise, you will not be able to fulfill their dreams of looking attractive and alluring. 

That is why the game will provide you with all kinds of makeup tools. The kit will include everything, including a makeup mirror, powder brush, tweezers, makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, and makeup sponges. 

Variety of Outfits 

Fiends want to look glamorous and gorgeous. Would makeup tools be enough to give them a stunning look? Of course not. Else how would your monster look with a lot of makeup but the same outdated, monstrous dresses? In order to give them a charismatic look, you will need a broader collection of outfits.

Monster High Beauty Shop Mod Apk

Hence, Monster Beauty Shop consists of innumerable beautiful and classy dresses. Your wardrobe will be enriched and royal with numerous glamorous and captivating dresses so you can choose anyone well-suited for your monster’s look. 

Diversity of Shoes 

What is another fashion element apart from a makeup kit and high-quality outfits? Is there something missing from the list? Yes, of course, a nice pair of shoes is absent from the list. Worry not, pal! 

Our adored game will not let you miss any crucial element of the fashion industry. Along with a rich wardrobe, you will also get a fashionable scandal of shoes. The footwear will be more diversified and assorted. So, you can choose a pair that matches the personality and look of your behemoth. 

Laughable and Lovely Filters

Did you assume you only have to beautify the monsters? What if you want to mess up with them a little? What if you’re going to give them a sort of laughable but cute look? Could you do that?

We are not sure if you can or not. However, we can ensure that Monster High Beauty Shop has no boundaries, which means that you can give your fiend any look you desire. Do you intend to impart them a giggly gaze? Worry not; the game proffers you multiple funny filters that would help you do so. 


So, what about the hair of your monster? You have got a makeup kit, enriched wardrobe, fashionable scandal of shoes, and filters. The only thing left out is hair. Of course, the struggle would not be appreciated if your fiend had the same old-fashioned and dull haircut.

Monster High Beauty Shop Mod Apk

Once again, we would recommend not worrying at all. After all, we have chosen the perfect fashion and dressing game for you. How can it leave the vital element behind? With Monster High Beauty Shop, you can mess with behemoth’s hair any way you want. 

Express Your Creativity 

Are you an inventive person in terms of fashion, makeup, and dressing? Do you feel you can bring out the latest artistic and aesthetic ideas? Then what are you waiting for? 

Download the game, and show us your hidden talent. You have everything an innovative person needs. All you have to do is to be expressive. 

MOD APK version of Monster High™ Beauty Salon

MOD feature

Unlocked Paid

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