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Motionleap by Lightricks + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v1.3.14

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NameMotionleap by Lightricks
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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
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Motionleap mod APK:

Life has become so advanced that people want to experience new things in their life. Life is all about experiencing adventurous and thrilling moments of life and making it more vibrant. Do you want to have fun with your boring, old, and static images? Then there is a solution for you to convert your pictures into something exciting. 

Read the article to get more information about the application so that you can also ditch your boring life and make some epic memories.

Motionleap mod APK

About Motionleap mod APK:

In case you are someone who is into clicking a lot of pictures and you have a lot of pictures in your gallery which you want to turn into an adorable video, then Motionleap mod APK is all you need.

Moreover, the user can add animations and filters to their images to create a whole new creation. This application offers various attractive features to the users through which they can add life to their pictures, making a wholesome experience for the user.

In addition to these features, the application is also an excellent photo editor through which the user can adjust the filters, effects, and other features of the image. Then the user can convert these piles of images into a compiled video just like a slideshow of the images.

This photo editing application is unique in its features as the users cannot find such features in any other application of the same genre.

Motionleap mod APK Features:

Motionleap mod APK by its name represents the idea behind this application. Anyone can convert their static pictures into motion videos which will give the feeling of video from the images. This is a great application that the user can enjoy to the fullest and create unique and beautiful content, not only the personal ones but also for their social media platforms.

This application is a sigh of relief for people in the field of content creation as they can put their imagination into reality with the help of the amazing features of the application. Some of the features are discussed below:

Show your creative side to the world:

In this photo editing application, the user can create a unique project with amazing attributes of the application. Moreover, the user can add unique and distinctive animations and elements to the static pictures and create an exceptional outcome. Download the application and introduce a motion to the images and avail the process experience of editing with this application.

There are many applications such as Adobe Photoshop, PicsArt, Visco, and Inshot but this application offers unique features which will fulfill all your needs relating to editing the images.

If you are new to editing in this application, start your journey with a simple version of the editing in the application and then move to a high level of editing after gaining experience. You will surely enjoy editing the images and sharing the content on your social media platforms.

Make your images alive:

The user can get a chance to make their images alive by adding movements and motions to the still images, present in the gallery. Adjust the motions on the images by tapping on the touch control system on the screen. Also, try to maintain the alignment of the images by adjusting the direction images. The user can also customize the movements being added to the images, making the video more unique and eye-catching.

The main feature of attraction is that the user can also tap on the areas of the images which the user wants to keep static while making the other areas of the images moveable. All these functions can be done by using the frozen brush which puts the user in a situation to create an amazing and startling visual experience.

Edit your images to perfection:

In addition to the introduction of the movements to the images, the user can also edit their images with the options available in the application.

There are many options for editing the images that can make the image look more bright and more saturated. These editing options are crop, rotate, filter, effects, and rearranging the images according to the application, for which the content is being made.

Enjoy the Sky effects in the application:

Usually, we click pictures with the sky in the background, and sometimes, the sky gives a dull look to our pictures. In this case, this application is a rescue through which the user can change the background or can replace the sky with some interesting effects and filters. Such an amazing way to convert dull pictures into exciting and alluring ones.

Motionleap mod APK

Add overlays and other effects to your images:

The application also offers stunning overlays to give a new impression to the images. In this way, the user can change the whole vibe of the image.

Apply overlays and introduce movements to the images and create an extraordinary featured video and amaze your friends with your highly imaginative skills.

Enjoy professionalism to its peak:

In this application, the user can enjoy authenticity and realism with high levels of professional experience.

Choose your dull images from your gallery, arranged them in a specific way to maintain the rhythm of the video, then edit the images to perfection and apply animated effects and filters along with captivating overlays.

Choose the specific effects of direction and movements which will amaze the users to the maximum level.

Enjoy the features without spending any money:

The good news is that this application is free of any charges. Now you can make classic content and movable images without paying any charges for it.

Motionleap Mod APK – Download:

Motionleap mod APK is an online photo editing application whose features don’t match any photo editing application available on the internet.

Trying hard to make good content through your dull, boring, and static images then you need to download the application which is the solution to your every problem, related to editing the pictures.

To download the mod version of the application, follow the steps given:

  1. Click the link provided by us to attain the document and save this document on your android devices.
  2. After saving, open the settings and then the security settings of the device and click the button to activate the downloading from external sources other than the Google play store.
  3. Find the stored document of the mod APK application and press the file to download it in a few seconds 
  4. Enjoy the successful installation of the application on your device. Now you are in the right place to enjoy all the amazing features of the application.

Motionleap mod APK – Without watermark:

There are many photo and video editing applications available on the internet which do the required work in a good way but the issue comes when the final product is saved to the gallery, it has the logo of watermark on it.

This watermark usually annoys the user as it doesn’t look good on the images or videos, snatching the professional look from the final product.

But this issue has been resolved with Motionleap mod APK as the mod version has been upgraded with the premium features which includes the removal of the watermark from the final product.

Now download the application and enjoy genuine professionalism with this photo editor application.

Motionleap mod APK

Motionleap mod APK – Old version:

Usually after the release of any application, with time, the developer tries to upgrade the version by adding some features and making some improvements that are considered to be the need of the hour.

There are almost 16 versions of Motionleap mod APK.

These versions are

  • V1.3.4 was published on 1 February 2021.
  • V1.3.5 was published on 15 February 2021.
  • V1.3.6 was published on 29 March 2021.
  • V1.3.6 was published on 29 March 2021 which includes XPAK and APK
  • V1.3.7 was published on 16 July 2021.
  • V1.3.7 was published on 16 July 2021 which includes XPAK and APK.

Motionleap mod APK – 2022:

The latest version of Motionleap mod APK is 1.3.14 which is released on 7 September 2022.

This version is available in both XPAK and APK versions and is the most updated version of this photo editing application.

Motionleap mod APK – Unlocked:

If you have downloaded the mod version of Motionleap from the link given here, you will be able to enjoy all the premium features unlocked and that would be free.

Motionleap mod APK – PC:

This unique photo editing application is also available on a PC but to download the application, you must have to install the emulator from the browser which will make a modded version of the application as android, and then you can download the application through the Microsoft store.

The most used emulator is Bluestacks.

Motionleap mod APK – Cost:

Although this is a unique and professional application, it is free of cost. You can download the application without paying a single penny.

Motionleap mod APK – Cracked version / Hacked version:

The mod version of any application is usually the cracked and hacked version as the developer has cracked the software of the application and made some changes in the software according to their wish, thus making the locked and premium features of the application, available for the user.

The cracked or hacked version of the application offers the premium features which are as follows:

  • No ads
  • No watermark
  • Unlocked overlays
  • Unlocked effects
  • Unlocked filters 
  • Unlocked animated feature
  • All bugs are removed
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-ban 

Motionleap mod APK – Editing:

Along with the creation of a masterpiece from your images, you can also edit the images through this photo editor.

A lot of various editing tools are available in the application through which users can change the look of the image or can make the colors more bright.

Motionleap mod APK

Motionleap mod APK – Online:

This photo editing application is an online application that needs an internet connection to perform all the activities.

You must have good quality internet to download the application and then enjoy the premium features to the fullest.

Motionleap mod APK – Conclusion:

Motionleap mod APK is a unique application making the experience of the user great and fun. This application is a major source of adding motions and animated video clips to your final product.

Download Motionleap mod APK and enjoy the pro and premium features of this application to the fullest, without worrying about the charges and safety as it is free to download and secure for your Android device.

MOD APK version of Motionleap by Lightricks

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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