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MX Player + MOD (Unlocked) v1.51.8

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NameMX Player
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PublisherMX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
Size50 MB

Are you looking for a good video player to play High-Quality Videos on your Android devices? If yes, then download Mx Player for videos playing. Because it has been the most downloaded application on Google Play Store, it has One Plus Billion people downloading on Android devices & IOS. Received an average positive 4.6+ on the play store, so 12.1+ Million People commented on the Mx player application. Developed & Published by Mx media.

Download MX Player on your Android

The MX Player is a famous video player for Android because it includes the newest features, which don’t compare to Other multimedia players ( VLC Media player). It keeps a difference in Folders, automatically Your Facebook videos, Tiktok Videos, Whatsapp Videos, And Instagram downloading videos. You play a video on Mx player. After watching half the video by chance, go to work and turn off the video, and you can play on stopping palace. Refrain from showing your watching before the part.

MX Player Mod Apk

Install This Player & Used it In Free

Play videos, audio & subtitles; this application needs access to all files on your android devices. Before installing, show two options: the open setting and the Not Now button. But you won’t give access; press the first button to allow access to manage all files on the right side. Enable this access. Then show Music, Privacy, Mxshare, and video playlist. Maybe you like this similar app YTV Player Mod Apk.

  • Music: In Music, the feature shows all your audio in internal & external storage songs if you press this music button.
  • Privacy: MX Player offers a Private Folder for secret-type videos, Images, Clips, Movies, or anything private. This feature is used easily; first, click a plus button to import all importing things in which private folders. Along with you, this is the only person who opened this folder with password management. 
  • MX Share: It is essential for sending files or Receiving any file fast and safely. With the help of these features, you share Jio, IOS, PC, and Tablets to send to receive quickly in few proper use in free and offline. It saves all your transferring files history. 
  • Play HD Videos: This video player runs your High-Resolution videos efficiently. Even any part can zoom. Even Speak Position on the top display screen & Don’t need Mobile brightness low or high. While playing videos on Mx Player on the left side of the screen, if you drag the top, then increase your brightness & drag the bottom decreases your video brightness. The same Method is used for increasing Sounds in this player.
  • Zoom Videos: Dragged a Right Side on the mobile screen top to increase sound & left to decrease sound. If you want Zoom & Pan then dragged with two fingers mobile screen, it’s optional. Want a pause running video with Double tap, same tips for Resume videos on Mx Player.

Other Exciting Functions

  • Whatsapp Status Saver
  • Private Folder
  • Equalizer
  • Video Playlist
  • Network Stream
  • Local Network
  • Ads Free & No Need Internet
  • Change app language
  • App Unlimited Theme
  • Hardware acceleration, Decoding

MX Player Mod Apk

  • Change Text Size

In this player can zoom to text size with two fingers & Subtitle place can lead up to a down position with one finger dragged on the screen. Wants to move close, captions or subtitles swape to move right or left next prev subtitle. Supports styling and coloring easily change on this media player & Even changes Language English to German, Hungarian, Frech, Spanish, Indian, and Japanese subtitles in one tap.

  • Why Use MX Player

It helps the user to listen to any song, Watch Movies, and High-Quality Cartoon Videos in a stylish & smooth way. Elementary media player, you can use many functions in an application. Don’t repeat your videos; you can play background videos on this app & Sounds Control offers an equalizing sound option depending upon video size, adding Subtitles and Close Captions, and changing the video language on media files. It also gives a new function of sharing media files easily with other friends. 

  • Save Whatsapp Status

MX Player offers a save WhatsApp status function, which Is very beneficial for Friends status saving. A straightforward method of saving status is first open the app, show the status bar, and press the Blue option to open WhatsApp press this you will come to the WhatsApp application and watch the friend’s Whatsapp status. After seeing the status, automatically save in your MX player & Check this player. 

  • Equalizer

Vidoe Sounds & Audio Sounds can change from Normal to Coutome, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Heavy Material, Folk, Flate, Dance, Normal & Classical, and Even changeable in MX player audio Bass Boost & Virtualizer increase or decrease with percentage type. The reverb option is used for Small Room sound, Medium Room, Large room, Medium Hall, Large Hall, and Plate sounds can make in one second. 

Unlimited Subtitle Formats

Some are given below but offer unlimited multiplayer for free.

  1. Web VTT 
  2. Teletext font 
  3. Tm player Mpl2
  4.  Micro DVD subtitle
  5. Subrips, Substation

MX Player Mod Apk


In this article, we discuss entirely in-depth MX Player. If you read till the end, it is more beneficial for you to believe this MediaPlayer doesn’t disappoint you Because its best Android application offers HD Quality graphics and unlimited features. Its moded version download is free and available on our site even though this application does not collect your personal information. Mx player is a safe and secure trustworthy media player.

MOD APK version of MX Player

MOD feature


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