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New Box Skin + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v10.4

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NameNew Box Skin
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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

New Box Skin APK:

The use of tool apps is getting increased in this era because of great competition among different players to be the boss of the game. Some people can buy the tools or use cheat codes for obtaining their required game tools. But, the use of cheats for any game is illegal and will pose a risk to the official game account of the player. Therefore, the tool apps have been designed to avoid this risk. New Box Skin is a tool app, but the updated one. This app is the updated version of the Box Skin tool. 

New Box Skin apk is specifically developed for attaining all the skins for the characters of a well-known game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It does not matter how many tool apps have been released for this game, as the fan list of this game is unbeatable.

New Box Skin APK

This tool app is just for the skins, as the skins have a prominent role in the victories and achievements of the players. Every skin has specific properties and powers that are distinct from the others. The skins for each character or hero of the game are specified. With each skin, the power, capability, and strength of the hero get changed. So, New Box Skin is a godsend for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players. This app has no password requirement for running, but the players should be careful and not exploit the resources or items as it will affect their official account. 

New Box Skin APK Download:

To install this fantastical injector application on your android phone, you must follow the given steps. 

  • Tap the download link of the APK file to get it downloaded in the device files. 
  • Check the security of the android phone, as the APK file needs permission for its installation. This file is not verified by the Google Store and is not available there. 
  • The permission for installation of the file will be granted in the android settings. 
  • After that, open the File Manager of the phone and access the folder of downloaded files. 
  • Click the APK file to install it. 
  • Have fun with this impressive tool app. 



Seasonal Skins:

Some skins for different game seasons have been unlocked for the amusement of the players. These skins include: 

  • Season 1 – Nana
  • Season 2 – Alucard
  • Season 3 – Fstes
  • Season 4 – Fanny 
  • Season 5 – Montour 
  • Season 7 – Hilda 
  • Season 8 – Moskuv 
  • Season 9 – Franco
  • Season 17 – Cyclaps

Premium Skins:

In this, you can get all premium skins for the different classes of fighters to enhance their strength and expertise. 

You can get the premium skins for the following characters. 

  • Marksman
  • Mage
  • Tank
  • Support
  • Assassin 

New Skins:

The list is given below. 


















Cou kof

No Password:

The previous update has password protection, but this updated version has no password requirement for attaining the items or resources. You just start looting things without entering any password.

New Box Skin APK

Effect Recall:

Recalls are required when the main avatar or the teammates get injured in the mid of the match. With these recalls, you can recall your top fighters. Almost 39 recalls for different fighters are unlockable with this app. 

Effect Elimination:

At first, you will obtain almost ten or more ten eliminations at no cost. 

Effect Respawn:

You can use up to nine animations in the game. 

Effect Notification:

Six notification options are presented in the app, and three of these six are the following. 

  • Summer. 
  • Shinto
  • Crystal.

Battle Emote:

More than twelve emotes will be assisting the players in communication with other teammates or online friends. 

Drone Views:

The drone camera view is available in this app for the game, which allows the players to see the position of the rivals or the opponent team. You will get a zoomed view of the map and the view can be magnified up to 5X. You will have a backup here. 


The compatibility of any application must be matched with the device so that it can work smoothly and function properly. For this app, the device must have a system of 5.1 or above. Further, the non-rooted device can be used for the app. 

Newly Added!

Free app.

Customized background. 

Skin upgrades. 

For all devices. 

How to inject tools into the game?

  • Launch the app. 
  • Open the tool app. 
  • Select the cheats.
  • Inject it. 
  • Close the game and restart it. 
  • The cheats will be in the game. 


Besides benefits, this app has some restrictions that the players have to face. 

Cheat Codes:

No doubt, many cheats are available in this app, but only one can be injected or used at a time. If you try to inject many cheats, your may get banned. 

Auto Update:

This is an APK file and cannot be randomly updated. This is not certified by the Google Store and is not available on Google Store. 

Drone View:

The drone view is beneficial thing for the MLBB players as it gives the detailed location of the opponents. But, the drawback of this drone camera is that it will not hide the location of the player.

New Box Skin APK

Latest Update:

It is the new update of the Box Skin tool application. This update has new things in it. For instance: 

  • No Ads
  • New Skins
  • Seasonal Skins Unlocked. 

Latest Version:

The newest version of this app was v10.2, and this version was declared on Sep 23, 2022. 

App Owner:

RDM87 is the owner of this app, and all these tools are helping you because of his creativity. These freely available freemium features are making victory very easy. 


The file size is only 10MB and seems very light in weight. So, the app will not occupy much space in the device. 


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans are going to enjoy and get benefits from this amazing injector app. Many injector apps are being used for this game, such as Kaneki ML Injector, but still, this injector has no compatibility or matches with the New Box Skin tool application. This app is completely free and secure for all versions of android devices. The app has no bugs or crash problems. Moreover, disturbing advertisements are also restricted in this tool application. With this app, no one can stop your account from getting ranked. If you have just joined MLBB, you can become the best player with this amazing app. 

MOD APK version of New Box Skin

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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