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Peace, Death! + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.0.9

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NamePeace, Death!
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Peace death is an arcade mountebank. In the peace and death game, you have to complete a challenge about the trial of 7 weeks to get a job. In these seven weeks, the user will decide which dead body should go to Heaven and which should go to hell. But the user has to be pinpoint accurate in the decision. The definite end will be based on the decisions taken. Gamers have to focus on their foresight and appearance. You may also like Mugen Anime APK  as this game is not available on play store so you have to download from website and I have provided the direct download link of the game. Many other games not available on play

Probably it is difficult to some extent but not impossible. You will surely get success in managing the decisions. Game for peace apk will take you to the balance of life and death.

The gameplay of Peace death apk:

In peace and death, android users can enjoy their roles as reapers working for a boss, death himself. Hell is represented as a company, and you will be a trainee here. You have to complete your job every day by deciding accurately to send the right people to hell for their punishments. You will need interesting catastrophes to deal with peace death as an internee of hell.

Features of peace death:

  1. Different Catastrophes:

You will enjoy playing peace death apk with different catastrophes. Allocate your clients to complete catastrophe and unlock other clients by doing so. And, you have to grow the authority of death. A few disasters are the bear influenza epidemic in Siberia, fighting for the soup and unlucky pirates, etc. Inquisitor, deserted island, crazy youtubers, and pestilence festival are some new modified catastrophes.

  1. Interesting Clients:

How do your clients look like? Are your clients carrying weapons? Have your clients tattoos on their bodies? These are the interesting factors, based on which you have to decide to send a soul to hell. You have to understand the stories of all characters.

  1. Theme Days:

In the peace death game, unique theme days will be conducted. These theme days will discover new challenges for android users. The theme’s music will make your day interesting and enjoyable as a reaper in peace island game download.

  1. Weakly events:

You will enjoy different events every week while playing the peace, death. These interesting events will include smuggled goods, strange phone calls, unique in-game events, kidnappers and undercover agents, etc. With this brilliant mobile title, you will enjoy more interesting stories.

  1. Unique characters:

You people will have fun by discovering some unknown characters in peace, death. The fans of peace, death apk will also have fun by learning the brilliant world of peace, deth.  You will interact with famous characters of peace, death.

  1. Endless Gameplay:

Players of peace, death! Will enjoy unique, interesting, and endless gameplay. You can collect bonuses, penalties, and easter eggs in the way. You will have interaction with amazing clients and their ideal phrases.

  1. Enjoy your job:

If you want to enjoy the game more and more, you have to enjoy your job of the intern reaper in peace, death. You will have your brilliant apartment. You will explore many working places and interesting foods.

  1. Graphics, sound, and music:

Brilliant pixel graphics will make your game more enjoyable. This game has amazing gameplay and graphics that no other game has. With the game graphics, android players will enjoy amazing audio, and you will experience amazing audio tracks.

Some other modified Features:

  1. Everlasting game
  2. Theme days
  3. Many fate cards
  4. Updated catastrophes
  5. Updated characters
  6. Your apartment
  7. Improved food quests
  8. Types of working place

Final Verdict:

Peacedeath apk will keep you players involved in its content. You will get a great experience and will also enjoy the game. You will discover life under hell, and players will be grateful for the unlocked features of the game. I have downloaded and enjoyed the peace, death game, and I also suggest you enjoy that game.

MOD APK version of Peace, Death!

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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