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PIPE HEAD STORY + MOD (Free Shopping, Ammo) v0.782

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Not everyone likes more straightforward, unapprehensive, and soothing games. Some people are horror enthusiasts. They want a game that works like a scary movie. 

If you are also one of those fright geeks, we have a piece of good news for you. The game we are going to discuss today is a fearsome one. It will make you jump from the couch, raise your hair, and who knows, you might have to turn on all the lights. 

Pipe Head Story is one of the most terrorizing games in the industry. It is such a mysterious game that you feel like you are browsing the dark web or something while playing.

Pipe Head Story Mod Apk

What Will You Do in Pipe Head Story?

The night is calm and soothing. Moon is shining, and crickets are chirping. The cool breeze is blowing. You are sitting on your porch, enjoying your favorite brand of anything. All of a sudden, the radio begins to give some distress signals. 

On responding to the call, you come to know there is a mysterious stranger on the other side. His distressed voice and miserable tone ring the bell. He is calling out for help. He told you he is stuck in a horrifying bunker with pitch darkness. Radiations and blood-thirsty beasts can cause his death anytime soon. Now you will have to rescue him. 

Locate the Help-Seeker 

You do not have much time. Those barbaric and bloody beasts can reach the help-seeker anytime. Furthermore, there is radioactivity that can cause a slow but painful death. Now your client’s life is in your hand. One falsified decision or wrong turn can turn him into ashes. Maybe you like this similar game Space Marshals 2 Mod APK.

Therefore, you first need to locate him without rushing out to grab your gun. It is the crucial first step that you do not want to mess up. Otherwise, along with the unfortunate caller’s life, you might put your own life in danger as well. 

A World of Darkness 

Once you locate the victim, you will have to begin the rescue mission. It is not an ordinary task to accomplish. You need to realize that you will be in a world of darkness. The world that no human in their right mind would dare to visit. 

Pipe Head Story Mod Apk

Bathed in a pitch-dark atmosphere, full of killer radiations, and surrounded by violent monsters. A mysterious mist can also lessen your vision, and any fiend can take advantage of it. You will have to keep your eyes wide open and conscious alert. Otherwise, death awaits you. 

Face the Monster with Courage 

The main monster of the Pipe Head Story is not a typical beast. You might have seen ghosts and goblins in a slasher movie. However, do not get deceived by the image imprinted on your mind. This monster is not ordinary. With a rotting pipe instead of a head, a mere look at it might be enough to give you a heart attack.

Therefore, you will have to put on a brave face instead of chickening out. He is a beast by appearance and a slasher by mentality. Thirsty for your blood, he can pull any trick on you to deceive you. Hence, there is no room for making a mistake. 

You Do Not Have Much Time

A mission like this needs plenty of time. However, you do not have the facility. You are already running out of time. Every second passed is a second less in your customer’s life. That is why you do not want to waste time by playing hide and seek with the monster. 

Take immediate action and murder anyone that comes in the way. Do not give the fiends an advantage of distracting you. Furthermore, you must keep your adrenaline release steady, as emotions can drive you crazy. 

Pipe Head Story Mod Apk

You Have All the Weaponry

One thing that might work your way is the game proffers all the necessary weapons. You will not be sent to the mortal world bare-handed. Developers are well aware of the fact that you will be needing lethal armaments. 

Hence, you will be well-armed and well-prepared before marching into the no-go area. The game will provide you with arsenals like a rocket-propelled gun and machine guns.


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Free Shopping, Ammo

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