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Resident Evil 3 APK:

If you are searching for an amazing game to enjoy with interesting features and characters, I will suggest the Resident Evil 3 APK. If you have no PC to play the game, then you need not worry. There are Resident Evil 3 downloads from android, iOS, tabs, and other devices. This game is available to enjoy on the go.

We can call Resident Evil 3 androids a biohazard 3 android game because Resident Evil is known as a biohazard. So, you will download the biohazard 3 game free and can also download Resident Evil 4 android and Resident Evil 7 androids from my site by searching on the home page search bar.


Resident Evil 3 MOBILE:

Biohazard 3 mobile edition is a horror video game and was released by Capcom in 1999. Leading-edge technologies reviewed this game. This game also included one vs. four multi-player games and was set in a Resident Evil world, presenting four survivors with an evil mind.

Two protagonists in this game try to escape from zombie outbursts. These two protagonists are Jim Valentine and Carlos Oliveira. Unfortunately, these protagonists are being hunted by intelligent biowarfare named Nemesis.

The players follow the interesting story of the protagonists and bad Nemesis in Resident Evil APK 3. You will enjoy the story while playing the game because you will sense the thrill of that story as this game is available in two modes; single and multiplayer mode. So, this game is also enjoyable and frightening in single-player mode.


GAMEPLAY OF Resident Evil 3 APK:

Resident Evil 3 for android is a video game in which you will play the character of Jill and Carlos in a third-person view. An updated version of Resident Evil 3 is provided on android. This game has amazing features and interesting stories, such as high speed and many zombies. Players have a directory room to choose things to keep and leave in their safe box. Players will get various optional areas in this game to receive updates. This game has environmental challenges; also, through these challenges, players may conquer zombies.


Features of Resident Evil 3 APK

Action storylines:

The theme of that game is to fight against the zombies, not to escape from these zombies. As the whole city is taken over by the zombies and the people are being transformed into zombies. In addition, the monster is planning to kill all S.T.A.R.S members with the help of bio-organic weapons. Monster will be very difficult to kill as it is more powerful. This game will be proved as the worst nightmare for players.

Realistic Graphics:

The graphics of that game is gorgeous. However, you will sense the horror while playing that game as that game is too horrible. You can look at the sheen of smashed glass, crashed cars, rubbish, blood, and other horrible things. The graphics are made in such a realistic manner that while playing this game you will feel as if you are watching a Hollywood Horror movie on your device.


Resident Evil 3 weapons:

In this game, you can find and equip various kinds of deadly weapons. You have to strive for searching new weapons in the game so that you can fight and destroy the zombies. You can find all these weapons at specific locations without any problem. Some of these weapons are:

  • G18 Handgun
  • G19 Handgun
  • G18 Handgun (Burst Model)
  • Hot Dogger
  • Samurai Edge
  • MGL Grenade Launcher
  • Infinite Rocket Launcher

In-game store:

Resident Evil 3 APK involves a well-designed game store through which you can unlock numerous game items to play this game in a better way. This game includes extremely challenging situations so you have to be prepared for every scenario with the latest weapons and items.

Resident Evil 3 modes:

When you start playing this game, you have to choose your playing mode so that you can enjoy a certain type of gameplay experience. There are three modes available to play this game: 

  • Assisted mode: this is for beginners as it is pretty easy to play and win the game in assisted mode. You will face weaker enemies and access a large variety of weapons with high attacking power in this mode.
  • Standard mode: this is the normal playing mode which does not include facilities like the assisted mode.
  • Hardcore mode: This mode is pretty hard to play as it involves extremely strong enemies and fewer weapons. This gaming mode is specially designed for pro players of Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 3 wallpaper

The pictures and scenes of the Resident Evil game are pretty famous among players from all over the world and many game lovers use these pictures as their PC and mobile phone wallpapers. Besides the insane popularity of Resident Evil, its top-notch graphics are the main reason why people love to keep its photos as their wallpaper.



Resident Evil 3 is an advanced version of the Resident Evil 3 reboot. It is the strongest horror video game. If you have played any other game of this squad, you will surely be well aware of the Resident Evil3 APK remake update for android phones; otherwise, you will get complete information about that game in this article. The cell phone version of Xbox and PlayStation title is 1:1. To play this game, you have to get trained in a wide area on more advanced devices.

Resident Evil 3 APK without verification

This version of Resident Evil 3 can be played without any verification or registration process. Now, you don’t have to go through any complicated process to play your favorite game on your device. You just have to install this game and start playing it without any hassle.

Resident Evil 3 Trainer

Through this APK version, you can enjoy the game with trainers and unlockers. These trainers allow you to access various additional functions in the game such as infinite health and infinite weapons. Hence you will find all cheats and useful options in the game to enjoy the gameplay according to your wish.


HOW TO DOWNLOAD Resident Evil APK 3?

Resident Evil APK 3 is available on PS4, Xbox, and PCs. And you can easily download Resident Evil APK 3 from the given download button. 

You have to select the above options to get that game downloaded. After that installed APK file, you will be able to play the game by using server access.

How to install Resident Evil for android?

RESIDENT EVIL 3 for android:

  1. Open the Resident Evil game for android after completing the download
  2. Go to the settings of your device
  3. Allow unknown sources on your device
  4. Your launcher will show Resident Evil 3 APK
  5. launch the Resident Evil android game.
  6. Complete the verification process
  7. Now enjoy Resident Evil APK 3

Points for downloading Resident Evil 3 APK:

  1. You can get official access to the applications before these applications are available on the Play Store.
  2. APK files can be downloaded from other sources if not available in the Google Play Store app.
  3. You can ignore updates of google through APK files.
  4. APK files can be easily installed, but these files may not always be useful or safe for you.
  5. You should not install the copied APK files from other websites as it is illegal.
  6. Users can unknowingly disclose personal information from their devices to hackers.

Resident Evil 3 train puzzle

If you want to solve the train puzzle in the Resident Evil 3 game, you have to use the following codes written below:

  1. First of all use RE-01.
  2. Then use, FA-02, RA-03, SA-02, and FO-01.
  3. After applying these codes you will be able to solve the Train Puzzle in the Resident Evil game without any issue.

Resident Evil 3 safe code/locker code

The safe and lockers codes for the Resident Evil 3 game to unlock various in-game safes and lockers are listed below:

  • Downtown Safe: 9 left, 3 right, and 7 left.
  • Police station Safe: 9 left, 15 right, and 7 left.
  • Hospital Safe: 9 left and 3 right.
  • Police station Locker 1: DCM
  • Police station Locker 2: CAP

Resident Evil 3 vaccine puzzle

In the third puzzle of Resident Evil 3, you have to make a vaccine by combining and mixing the samples. You can easily make the vaccine in that puzzle by mixing the samples of adjuvant and antigen. You just have to collect these samples and combine them together carefully to solve that puzzle.

Resident Evil 3 cheats

All cheats and hacks are included in this game version so that you can enjoy this game without searching for cheats and applying them manually in the gameplay. This APK version saves you time and energy so that you can focus on the gameplay and enjoy it to the full extent.

Resident Evil 3 main character

The main character of the Resident Evil 3 game is a girl named Jill Valentine.


Resident Evil 3 release date

The Resident Evil 3 game was initially released on 3 April 2020 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. After one year, it was released for mobile phone users as well.


I believe that I have provided you with all the information needed for downloading, installing, and playing Resident Evil APK 3 mobiles. You can enjoy this application for android and PCs. Tell your family and friends about that amazing gaming application.

MOD APK version of Resident Evil Companion

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