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Retro Bowl + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.5.18

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NameRetro Bowl
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Retro Bowl Mod APK:

Rugby is an immensely popular sport in the USA and Canada and most people prefer to play Rugby instead of Football, or Cricket in these countries. Rugby is not an easy sport as it involves speed, thinking skills, and rigorous physical activity. It is a team-based game in which you have to make your team of 11 players. The Super Bowl is the largest rugby tournament that takes place every year. If you love to play or watch Rugby matches and tournaments with your friends, then you will surely love Retro Bowl Mod APK. The Retro Bowl game is based on the traditional Rugby tournaments that are a part of American culture and history.

Retro Bowl Mod APK

“Retro” means Classic gameplay as this game involves old-style simple graphics and the “Bowl” relates to the most famous Rugby Tournament in America: Super Bowl. This video game includes all rules and regulations of the original Rugby sport. You have to select your team of 11 players and play against another team. If you score higher points as compared to the opponent team, it means you won the game. However, each match has a specific time duration and you have to score maximum points in the allotted time in order to win the match. 

The gameplay of Retro Bowl Mod APK:

In this game, you have to drop the Rugby ball into the court of the opponent team. You have to make sure that the ball touches the ground after reaching the opponent’s court. Just like football, this game involves teamwork but you have to move the ball to the opponent’s court by keeping it in your hands instead of hitting it with your feet.

Every team has four chances to move the ball within 10 meters of the area and after crossing the 10m area you can start moving again. Even after four chances, you can’t cover the 10m distance, the opposing team players will take the ball in their hands.

Retro Bowl Mod APK Download:

If you want to download the Retro Bowl Mod APK on your device, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, click on the “Download” button given at the start of this web page and download the game file.
  2. Then, install the game on your device by opening the downloaded game file.
  3. If your device shows any warning, tap on the “Allow” button to continue the installation.

After installing the game, enjoy the super classic Rugby matches on your smartphone.

Salient features of Retro Bowl Mod APK:

Team sections:

Each team consists of 11 players and these players are divided into three categories:

  1. Attacking group: the players who take the ball and pass it to the teammates.
  2. Defensive group: the players who prevent the opponents from taking the ball to the court.
  3. Taskforce group: these players are responsible for throwing and kicking the ball in the middle of the field. These players are usually heavy in size but with fast running speed.

Easy controls:

The controls of Retro Bowl Mod APK are very convenient. You can easily understand the usage of on-screen touch buttons and control your characters without any problem. You just have to touch the player and press the desired buttons to perform any action. Moreover, there is an indicating line that displays the flight of the ball when it’s thrown or passed by the player. Even if you are a beginner, you can play this game smoothly without any confusion.

Retro Bowl Mod APK

Strategy based gameplay:

To play this game you have to make a perfect strategy to place your players in the most suitable positions. The tactics are extremely important because the tournaments cannot be won only by understanding the game controls. You have to put in extra effort to implement the right strategy according to the situation of the match.

Classic gameplay:

Retro Bowl Mod APK contains classic gameplay and does not include fancy or 3D visuals. If you are interested in playing a traditional rugby game on your mobile phone then this game is highly recommended.

Graphics and sounds:

Just like the classic gameplay, Retro Bowl Mod APK includes very simple and retro-style graphics. All visuals, colors, and overall environment of this game will remind you of classic console games and that’s the specialty of Retro Bowl Mod APK.

As far as sounds are concerned, they give you a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm during matches. You can hear the sound of players running on the field, whistles by the referee, announcements of the goal, and cheering of the crowd just like the real Rugby tournaments.

Professional coaching:

Besides controlling a Rugby team, you have to train your team and resolve their internal issues to avoid any conflict between your team players. Just like a professional coach, you have to guide them properly before the match and make a perfect strategy for each game. Moreover, you have to recruit new players and manage the financial issues of your players in a professional manner.

Retro Bowl Mod APK

Retro Bowl unlimited version:

Retro Bowl Mod APK is the modified version of this game in which you don’t have to worry about in-game purchases. In the official version, players have to earn the game money by winning the tournaments, and then they can use this money to unlock new tournaments, purchase items for the players and provide them salaries. As it is impossible to unlock all these things with the help of limited game money, players have to make in-app purchases through their credit cards.

However, in this version, you will get unlimited game money and all premium features of this game without any cost. Through this unlimited version, you will be able to enjoy this game with complete features, items, and resources. In the presence of this version, you don’t have to wait for winning the tournaments as you can buy all the desired equipment and items for your team whenever you want by using the unlimited money.

Retro Bowl tips:

  • Focus on understanding the gameplay and winning the matches.
  • Use the credits wisely, and don’t spend game money on useless items.
  • Arrange training sessions and purchase stadiums for your players.
  • Optimize the roster efficiently.
  • Encourage your players and place them in the team perfectly.
  • Make quick strategies during the game to tackle the current situation of the match.

Retro Bowl online:

The Retro Bowl game can also be played online through the web browser without any hassle of downloading it. If you want to try this game before downloading it on your device, just open the browser of your mobile phone/computer and search for “Retro Bowl online”. After that, you will find plenty of websites in the search results that provide the online gameplay of the Retro Bowl game. You can select any of them and start playing this game without downloading it on your device.

Retro Bowl PC:

You can play the Retro Bowl game on your PC by using the simple method given below:

  1. First of all, install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC from its official website.
  2. When it’s installed, launch the Bluestacks and sign in to your Google account.
  3. Now, open the Google Play Store from the home page of Bluestacks and search for “Retro Bowl”.
  4. Install the Retro Bowl game from the search results.
  5. After that, find the game icon on your home screen to start playing it.

Retro Bowl hacks/cheats:

Hacks and cheats are used to get some extra features and resources in any game. Through these hacks and cheats, we can play the game in a better way without making any effort. However, this version of the Retro Bowl game already includes all hacks and cheats such as all unlocked items, unlimited money, premium features, etc. So, while playing this Mod APK version of this game you don’t need to apply any hack or cheat manually in the gameplay.

Retro Bowl Mod APK

Final words:

Retro Bowl Mod APK is a retro-style video game based on a famous rugby sports tournament. In this game, you can play rugby matches by choosing your team of 11 players with all authentic match rules and situations. In this game, you have to make an excellent playing strategy and place your players in an efficient manner to ensure the victory of your team. You can arrange training sessions for your players and purchase stadiums for their practice.

Moreover, in this Mod APK version, you will get unlimited money and resources that can be used to access all premium features and game store items so that you can enjoy the gameplay without any limitation of in-game resources. You don’t have to make in-app purchases to unlock the tournaments, stadium, equipment, features, and other items of this game because this version contains all paid items and features of the Retro Bowl game completely free of cost.

MOD APK version of Retro Bowl

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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