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Romance Fate: Story & Chapters + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v2.8.0

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NameRomance Fate: Story & Chapters
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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Romance Fate mod apk:

Romance Fate mod apk as the name depicts is a romance-based game that allows you to make choices and write your love story by yourself. As the game starts, you have to choose whether you want to play this game as a guy or a girl. Once it’s done, you now have to choose your character by choosing your costume, hair, and everything else. This is a virtual novel in which you will be playing as the main character who will fall in love with a guy or a girl depending upon which gender you choose to play the game. As the game proceeds, you have to make choices that will affect the ending of your story.

Romance Fate Mod APK

Romance Fate is an amazing dating game where you choose who you want to date. There are a lot of handsome guys and beautiful girls in the game and you can choose who you want to know. Sometimes your choices can be right and sometimes they can be wrong. You can enter a fairytale, act as a mermaid, a schoolgirl, or any other character that you want. You can fall in love with a gangster, a business tycoon, a playboy, or even a vampire or a beast. Everything in this game will depend upon your creativity and wish. You can add a lot of twists and turns to the story to give it an interesting ending. You can go out with the person you like and form connections. But at certain intervals, you will be given choices on how to want to interact with the person, how close you want to get with him, or whether you want to continue your relationship or ditch him.

As the story depends totally on you then it is up to you whether you want to spend quality time with your connection and want to be loyal or you want to do multiple affairs. You can even start multiple affairs after joining a club in the game that is exclusive and is for VIPs. You can meet people other than the person you are dating and can form connections. So you don’t need to follow a typical story of the game where you have to act according to the theme like in other romance-based games. The story and ending will base on your choices. Games like Tabou Stories, Queen’s Number, Passion Create Series, and Chapters: Interactive Stories are also based on the same concept as that Romance Fate.

Romance Fate Mod APK

What is Romance Fate Mod APK?

Romance Fate Mod APK is the hacked version of this app that includes all the premium features of this game unlocked for free. You will get unlimited coins in this version to make the right choices at the right times as well. Moreover, the modded version of this app is also ads-free so there will be no interruption during your gameplay.

Romance Fate Mod APK Download:

The original version of this app is available on official stores but as the Mod of Romance Fate is developed by a third party so it will only be available on third-party websites. You can download the Mod APK version of this game from our website easily. Given below is the process by which you can easily download and install this app.

  • Download Romance Fate Mod APK from the given link.
  • As Romance Fate Mod APK is developed by a third party so you need to allow unknown sources on your phone.
  • Go to your settings to allow unknown sources.
  • Save the APK file-specific storage on your phone through your file manager.
  • Install and play the game.

Romance Fate Mod APK Features:

Some distinguishing features of this game that will surely make you like it is:

A lot of Stories:

Unlike other games, you will not have to get stuck to a single story. You can choose your character and then create a story of your own playing this game. You can choose your role and the person whom you want to fall in love with. You can make different choices at different times to give a different twist and turns to your story. So whenever you play the game it will have a different story.

Fall in love with Billionaires:

You can choose the person who you want to fall in love with and how you want to enjoy the luxuries in the game depending upon your partner’s wealth. You can choose a playboy to have fun, a vampire to experience a fairytale and dan also fall in love with a billionaire to live an exclusive and luxurious life.

Have Multiple Affairs:

You can even choose multiple characters to have affair with. Suppose you are dating a person that you like but you still want to explore and communicate with other people as well. You can join a club in which you get to meet new people and you can form relationships with them and go on dates with them.

Date your favorite Character:

It is completely up to you who you want to date. Everyone dreams of dating some famous personalities like sportsmen, anime characters or CEO of a company, a gangster, or a billionaire. So you can fulfill your dream in this game and date a character that is completely according to your desires. You can even choose the costume, hair color, eye color, and much more about the character you are dating.

Romance Fate Mod APK

Impressive Customizations:

Moreover, this game offers customizations regarding your outfit, features, and accessories. You can show your dressing and makeover skills here to look like the most beautiful girl in the game. In this way, you can impress others and can form communications with the one that you like. You can even use exclusive shampoos and hair dyes to make your hair look more attractive. A lot of costume options are available in this game and all these costumes and items are unlocked in the Mod APK of Romance Fate for free.

Enjoy Love Life:

By playing this game you get an opportunity to enjoy your love life by your own rules. You can mold your story however you like. So if you are feeling lonely or deprived of love you can play this game to get rid of your loneliness.

3D Graphics:

This game also offers 3D graphics and the scenes and characters look almost real. In every situation, you will feel as if you are standing anywhere in real life to make difficult decisions. The locations will also look real whether you are in a penthouse or a palace.

Romance Fate Latest Version:

Romance Fate was developed by Higgs Technology Ltd. under the category of simulation or visual novel. The latest version(v 2.7.9) of this app was released on 2 September 2022. This app requires Android 4.4 on your device and has a file size of 180MB.

Romance Fate Unlimited Diamonds

In this game, you have to play as the one who has the hold on the overall story of the game. You will not only make choices for yourself but you will also choose what others will do. Sometimes, the right choices are locked and if you want to keep your story on track you have to unlock those choices with diamonds. You also have to use coins to make in-app purchases of costumes or other items from the store of this game. So you need to collect and earn diamonds. But in the case of Romance Fate Mod APK, you will get unlimited diamonds for free.

Romance Fate iOS:

This game is not only available for Android but you can also download and play the game on iOS devices. The guide on how you can get the APK version of this app on iOS devices is given below:

  • First of all, download Romance Fate Mod APK from the given link.
  • Allow unknown sources 
  • An APK file will also get downloaded.
  • Save that APK file in your phone’s storage by going into the file manager.
  • Install the game and enjoy.

Romance Fate Ninja

Romance Fate is a romance-based simulation game where you just need to act like who you are. You can make decisions on what you think is right. Your right or wrong choices will lead your story toward a good or bad ending. You can date any character of your choice in this game and you can even date a ninja if you want to. Every person you date will always teach you something or give you some benefits. So try to make the right choices.

Romance Fate Mod APK

Romance Fate Redemption Code:

Redemption codes, tricks, and hacks are important to get extra rewards and powers if you are using the original version of some app. But if you are using the modded version of any app then you don’t need any tips, tricks, or shortcuts. Some redemption codes that you can use for the original version are:

RFweekend will help you to get free rewards.

RFSTORY can help you to get extra diamonds.

RFSUMMER will get you extra tickets and diamonds.

MOD APK version of Romance Fate: Story & Chapters

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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