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Root Board Game + MOD (All Unlocked) v1.29.5

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NameRoot Board Game
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MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked
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Root Board Game Mod APK

Who will be going to rule the forest? Help the one who has the right to become the head of the jungle. Root Board Game Mod is about the conflict among the creatures of the forest. In the start, all animals and birds were living happily together. Then, a wicked cat named Marquis de Cat takes hold of the jungle and grasps everything in the jungle for some time. All the animals and birds of the jungle are getting disturbed by this.

Root Board Game Mod APK

Marquis de Cat wants to get her riches back and rule the jungle.  You must protect the rest of the creatures in the forest by making your army. Some factions in the forest will distract you and oppose you on the way to fight or battle. These factions may include Eyrie Dynastic, Woodland Alliance, and Vagabond creatures. They will oppose you for different reasons but you have to fight and save your army from these creatures or factions along with the army of Marquis de Cat. During the fight, you have to make a strategy and play according to it. This game must be played with strategy and planning, otherwise, you will lose. The game is a bit difficult for beginners but thrilling for the audience.

Root Board Game Mod APK Download

To install the Root Board Game Mod APK on your smartphone, you have to do the same as written in the given steps.

  1. Download the APK file of the Root Board Game Mod by clicking the above-mentioned download button.
  2. Enable the security button of android to permit the installation from all resources.
  3. Now go to your files and then documents. 
  4. The downloaded APK file is ready for installation.
  5. Tap on the APK file and the installation will start.
  6. wait for 2-3 seconds.
  7. The game has been installed and is ready to be played. 


Visuals and Graphics:

The visuals and 3D graphics are realistic and pictorial. This reality-based graphics or theme is captivating for the users. The forest and the scenery look unique and eye-catching for players and soothe the eyes because the representation is very clear and pellucid. It makes the audience addicted and therefore, its community is growing day by day.   

Supported Devices:

This game supports devices with operating systems 5 and above. These devices and operating systems do not cause interruption and disturbance while playing the game or during a fight. Install the Root Board Game Mod APK without the hanging problems.


Three types of factions are creating problems and hurdles during your fighting journey.  Each of these factions has its purpose to stop you from fighting. But, you have to face all of them and help the right one. 

These three factions include:

Eyrie Dynastics:

One of the factions that consider themselves the protectors or defenders of the jungle or forest. As their ancestors had been living in the forest for a long time, they think that the forest is their property. They will ceaselessly assault you and restrain you from winning the battle.

Root Board Game Mod APK

Woodland Alliance:

they do not want you to exploit the resources during the fight. They protect or guard the resources. Therefore, you will face trouble if the replenishment of forces is not regular. So, you should conquer them and use the army, resources, and equipment for your battle. 


They are good for nothing. They will not stop you from anything but snatch or loot all of your resources needed for battle and leave your empire in a big problem. 

Game Modes:

The game is played in offline and online modes. If you play the game offline, there are levels of difficulty and you can customize it. For instance, 

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Difficult

If you have a stable internet network and you are playing the game online, you have a choice of fighting with the real and online players. 

Mod Features:

Root Board Game Mod APK is the updated version of the game and this updated version has many new features that are beneficial for its permanent players.

  1. Unlimited Money.
  2. Unlimited Gems.
  3. Unlimited Diamonds.
  4. All levels are unlocked. 

Root Board Game Mod APK Latest Version:

The newest version of the Root Board Game Mod APK is 1.29.5 which is updated on Jun 17, 2022. This last updated version has many amazing features and characteristics to make its users happy. Every version of the game was amazing since the game was released and the game was first introduced on Sept 24, 2020


The MB size of the Root Board Game Mod APK is not large and contains only 58MB. This small-sized app has a bug thrall and excitement in it. 


Very easy and simple gameplay that always keeps the players engaged and excited. You have to fight for the right group to make it the leader of the jungle. You have to support and choose the best group for the forest. Marquis de Cat should be defeated so that the forest creature can live without any trouble. But, if you want to win, play this simple gameplay with planning and strategy. Remember it.  

Root Board Game Online

The Root Board Game Mod can be played online and when you play online, you fight with the real online players. These online players maybe your friends or randomly matched users from around the world. You have to choose the side for which you fight. You may choose any one of them.

  1. Marquis de Cat
  2. Vagabonds
  3. Eyrie Dynastics
  4. Woodland Alliance.

Root Board Game Review

The game is very glorious and interesting as it involves the use of the brain. Whatever character or side you choose, you have to play it with planning. Like if you join Eyrie Dynastics, it is like an area commanding game and you are the protector of your area. And, if you join the Vagabonds it will give you a feel like you are playing many games in one game. As Vagabonds want to make the forest theirs. If you select any other faction that will give you the feel of the head or owner of the land.

Root Board Game Mod APK


The Root Board Game Mod is an interesting game with simple gameplay but with maneuver strategy in which players are the different creatures of a forest. These creatures are fighting with each other to take command or control of a wide outback or forest. You have to choose one side to fight and help them to win against others, you will face many problems but be consistent. The game has beautiful visual effects and graphics making it more fascinating. The game has no ads or bugs in the latest version. So, play without interruption. 

MOD APK version of Root Board Game

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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