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Stumble Guys + MOD (Weak Opponents) v0.39

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NameStumble Guys
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MOD FeaturesWeak Opponents

Stumble Guys APK Download

Stumble Guys APK Fall Guys is one of the most popular games now-a-days but there is a limitation regarding this game as this is only playable on PC and people who don’t have PCs cannot  play it. People are anxiously waiting for its Android version to be released but there is no certain information about it. But we have an alternative game which you can play on PC and have the same experience as Fall Guys as well. Stumble guys is almost similar to Fall Guys as it starts with 32 players who are there to compete with one another. They have to pass all the hurdles coming in their way by passing through different areas such as football grounds where the hurdles will be footballs or through icelands where snow balls will be thrown at you constantly and you have to save yourself from them. The real task is to save yourself from getting struck by the hammer and to run on the right blocks. You can use running, jumping or sliding actions to pass all these hurdles.

Battle Royale games are becoming popular among people and that is why the developers are making a lot of games of such kind. You will compete with 31 players and if you are capable enough to make it through all the hurdles and reach the finish line, then you will be the winner. The game has different levels where the obstacles will also be different. Along with having a fun and exciting experience, you get a chance to socialize and meet people through this platform as, in real life, people are too busy to communicate. Stumble guys Mod APK is the version of this game which has all the exciting features of the official app and some additional features like unlimited gems and all the premium features unlocked as well. You can easily download Mod APK by following steps like:

  • First of all, download an APK file on your phone.
  • Now Download the Stumble Guys APK version
  • Go to your phone’s settings and allow unknown sources
  • Now install the game and enjoy playing it.

Stumble Guys APK

Some Amazing features of Stumble Guys

This game gives you a platform to judge your skills regarding your timing, determination and capability to handle pressure, compete with others and to pass all the hurdles. Mod APK can be the best option for those who don’t like losing and they don’t want to wait for a long time to unlock all premium features. There are many amazing features which this game offers and few of them are:

Alternative of Fall Guys

This game can serve as an alternative to fall guys for those who don’t want to spend money or don’t own PCs but still wonder to play a game having the same features as fall guys.

Fun Game

This is a fun game to play as there are no critical and technical actions involved. You can have fun while crossing different places, interacting with other players while passing hurdles at the same time.


The best part of this game is that it is very easy to play and controls are very easy to operate.

Character Customization

You get the option to play as whichever character you want. You can completely customize your character and play as policeman, miner, cowboy, rockstar, wizard and much more.

Various levels

The game offers various levels and the difficulty, competition and hurdles will also be increased as per each level. There are 4 levels introduced till now.

2.3D Graphics

Stumble Guys looks very realistic due to its 3D and high quality graphics which make you feel as if you are playing the game in the real world.

Multiple Maps

This game has various in-built maps and you can choose the area where you want to play the game.

Safe to Play

This game is free of viruses or malwares and your data is also fully secured so you don’t want to worry about the security or safety of your phone.

Free to Download

You can download this game for free and there will be no subscription charges as well.

Single or Multiplayer options

You can play stumble guys alone in solo mode or can compete with your friends or others to show them your skills by playing in multiplayer mode.

Video Tutorial

Stumble Guys offers a video tutorial to its users which is the best thing to make users understand how to play the game visually in just one go.

Stumble Guys APK Unlimited Gems

Every game has its earning points in the form of different currencies such as gems, coins, gold, diamond and many more which can be used to buy premium items and extra tools.  In Stumble Guys the currency is in the form of gems which can be used for multiple purposes but you need to purchase them with real money and this can be unaffordable for many of us. So we need ways such as hacks, cheat codes or other tasks that can be used to get rewards in the form of gems. Some alternative ways to earn gems are:

  • You can earn gems by referring certain links such as TikTok download links to your friends and family.
  • You can also earn gems by completing survey forms on Google Rewards.
  • You can also read books to earn gems.
  • Answering different questions on certain apps can also help you in earning gems.

But there are people who do not find it convenient to waste their time on such tasks and they want to earn unlimited coins by doing nothing. Stumble Guys Mod APK is the right choice for such people as it has unlimited gems for free and you don’t need to spend money or time to get them.

Stumble Guys APK Download for PC

Stumble guys has no limitation of devices like Fall Guys which can only be played on PC. You can download and play Stumble guys on your Android or iOS devices and Pc as well. Some people love playing games only on PC due to enhanced graphic and sound quality and larger screen display. Stumble guys can easily be downloaded on your PC but an Android Emulator will be required which can support the application to get played.

Stumble Guys APK iOS

Stumble guys is available for iOS devices as well. The official app is available on Apple Store but if you want to get the benefit of Mod APK then you can simply download an APK file first, and then allow the third party on unknown sources. The only requirement which your iOS device should fulfill for this game is that it should be of version 13.1 or above.

Stumble Guys APK Latest Version

Stumble guys keeps on being updated by the developers in order to provide quality gaming experience to its users. The maps, characters and hurdles are also updated to give this game a realistic touch. The latest version of Stumble Guys was released on 18 July, 2002 with the version 0.39. This app requires 5.1 or above on Android and 13.1 or bove on iOS devices and occupies almost 104 MB of your phone’s storage.

Stumble Guys APK

MOD APK version of Stumble Guys

MOD feature

Weak Opponents

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