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Taonga Island Adventure: Farm + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.22.10+4525

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NameTaonga Island Adventure: Farm
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Size204 MB
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Taonga Island Adventure Mod is an action game with a different kind of beach and island style. The gameplay is straightforward, but the shooting and fighting are enjoyable. You can use other weapons to fight enemies and kill them. The story is about a young boy who goes to an island for adventure and tries to find his father.

He will meet many beautiful women there, but he has to choose one of them as his girlfriend. In Taonga Island Adventure Mod Apk, there are many different places where you can go. You can travel from one island to another by boat or car. When you visit an island, many other animals will be waiting for you to catch them. 

Taonga Island Adventure Mod Apk

The game’s main objective is to survive on an island filled with dangers and challenges. You will have to fight against other players and animals if you want to stay long enough on this island. In this game, you can collect resources from the beaches and use them to build houses on your island. You also have to ensure that there are no rocks or trees near the beach so that people can enjoy it too. Maybe you like this similar game Hair Salon Fun Games Mod Apk.

Servers of Taonga Island Adventure

You play on different servers where other players are playing the same server as you are playing it too. You can also create your server where only you will be allowed to join it, and no one else can enter it unless invited by you or another person who has already created their server so that they can invite others via their website or other social media platforms.

The servers are free to play, and you can easily find a server with your desired settings. You can also change the grounds of the game according to your needs and enjoy playing it with maximum fun. The Server List is divided into categories such as Normal Game Mode, Zombie Game Mode, Hero Battle Game Mode, and so on. You can choose any type according to your choice and enjoy playing the game in that Mode.

Taonga Island Adventure Mod Apk

Explore The Island Environment with a Boat or Kayak

The world of Taonga Island Adventure is a rich and beautiful place to explore. Explore the island environment with a boat or kayak, discovering new locations. From beaches to caves, from coral reefs to old wrecks, you’ll be amazed at how much of this island has been left untouched by man. Reach all the islands and find new places, but remember to be careful.

The island is not a place for everyone, and some things could be dangerous to your health, which are used to explore and get around the island. You can use these boats to go from place to place or even take them out into the ocean and explore underwater. The game gives you a variety of ships, ranging from small rowboats to large sailboats.

Expert Mode

In this Mode, you will be able to unlock all the features of the game for free. However, you need to complete specific tasks to open them. This is the best option if you want to refrain from using your money to buy things from Taonga Island Adventure Mod Apk. Expert Mode is an unlocked mode after you get the Gold Key. In this Mode, you will be able to collect more items and find more secrets to unlock new items. You can also upgrade your weapons and armour in this Mode.

Taonga Island Adventure Mod Apk

Normal Mode

You will find everything to do in Taonga Island Adventure in the Normal Mode. In this Mode, there are five islands that you can go to and enjoy your time there. You can also explore the island to learn more about its culture and history. In this Mode, you will find no upgrade system for your character. This means that you cannot upgrade your character’s stats or skills. However, there are some items that you can use to help you out in combat. These items include potions, rings, and even weapons.

MOD APK version of Taonga Island Adventure: Farm

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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