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Telegram + MOD (Lite/Optimized) v8.8.6

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MOD FeaturesLite/Optimized

Telegram Mod APK

Telegram history 

In 2013, Telegram is by the Durov brothers. Before developing the telegram, they developed the Russian VK(Vkontakte) social network. They left this network in 2014 which is taken over by Russian President Putin’s Allies. Telegram is the fastest messaging application and 400 million people used this app globally. Telegram is the best free messaging app for Android devices.  It has a vast network of users. Since its development, it has had more than 400million active users.  Geographic distance is not a big issue because people can easily communicate with their friends, family, etc with the use of Telegram.

Telegram Mod APK Latest version

Telegram Mod APK Download 

Today, Telegram Mod APK is the latest version of this popular texting app which is available on the internet. The interface of the Telegram mod APK is clean and safe, available both on desktop and android devices. The most important feature of the Telegram Mod APK is to send videos, messages, pictures, and files. The users of Telegram Mod APK send their files without any limits and charges. The powerful, attractive, simple features of this app allow the users to make calls with their friends every day and everywhere. It also encourages group chats and almost 200 people can chat in the group, which means that it makes it easier for its users to stay connected with their beloved ones.

 Another important aspect of this application is that it has a large number of stickers that can easily be downloaded. Telegram mod APK shows advertisement ads on the messaging site, which is the most useful point of this application. It can be downloaded on all android devices. We can download it from Google Play Store. After the download, we can use all features of this app.

 Telegram Mod APK (Features)

Ad-free:  This app has no ads in the messaging area. This is a free feature of this app. But if we want some advanced features, then you have to charge some payment.

  • No limitation: users of this app can send files, photos, and videos without any limits. 
  • Self-destruction:  This feature of this application is unique. It removed your messages after a specific period.
  • High-speed:  it utilizes the high-speed net services to connect with the people all over the world 
  • Data synchronization: This app can be synced on all devices, we can use it on multiple platforms. It ensures that our date will be secure and safe 
  • Group chats: Group chats are also a major feature of Telegram Mod APK,  almost 200 people can communicate with each other. It also provides a feature to keep our chats private by using a private messaging system
  • Reliable: we can send our messages to our friends with little internet data. It is the most reliable application which can work on the weakest data connection
  • Fun: It has the most powerful photo and video editing tools, emoji and stickers, and customized themes to change the appearance of the application. It will never use mobile data to show the ads.
  • Dark mode:  Dark mode is also a feature of the telegram Mod APK. If we want to chat with our friends in a night environment, then we can use the dark mode of the Telegram Mod APK to protect our eyes. 

Telegram Mod APK (Unlock channel)

Telegram Mod APK(unlock Channel) is the latest and updated version of Telegram Mod APK which has more unlimited features than the official application. It has modified, unlimited and extra qualities which make it the best version of telegram.  It is a pure instant, simple, secure, and fast application that can be synced on all devices. It is one of the top 10 applications all over the world and it has 500million active users. With the help of Telegram Mod APK ( unlock Channel) users can send unlimited files, videos, and photos to others. It is a 100% free downloaded application. It offers more than 100+  mode premium channels to its customers. 

 Telegram modded channel gives us the freedom to use all application features according to the developer’s rules and conditions. It can be streaming, earning, games,s and many more. This app allows us to use all advanced features without any restrictions and monthly subscriptions. 

Telegram Mod APK Channel

Some Telegram Mod APK channels are APK Chunk, Only Android Lovers, Modded Central, All Premium Mod APK, and so on. These channels are not available on the Google Play store, these can be downloaded from different websites. Telegram Mod APK channels share the direct links to download any version of telegram Mod APK. Some of the important features of the Telegram Mod APK ( unlock Channel) are:

  • Analytics removed
  • Ads-free 
  • Signature changed
  • Garbaged lessons removed 
  • Unlimited 
  • Optimized all graphics 
  • Anti-delete 

How to download Telegram Mod APK( Unlock Channel)

  1. Download the app free of charge 
  2. Go to Google Play Store and download the app for android
  3. Also, download from third-party sources. For this purpose follows these steps: Go to menu>>> setting>>> security>>> Unknown sources 
  4. Install the app on the Android 
  5. Open the files and enjoy the features 

Telegram Mod APK( anti-delete)

Telegram Mod APK (Anti-delete) is a permanent and reliable application without any unwanted malware services. It secures personal data from viruses and malware. It is a compatible version of the Telegram Mod APK with all the platforms such as Pc, Android, and iOS. Through this latest version, people can communicate with anyone and anywhere by connecting on all devices. It is a safe version because it is scanned by an anti-malware application where no viruses are deducted. Anti-malware platform filters the apps and classifies them according to the parameters. We can use all premium locked and unlocked channels by using Telegram Mod APK( Anti-delete) which has unlimited features.  It also provides an opportunity to download the app for iOS.  

Telegram Mod APK Latest version

Telegram Mod APK 8.8.3(2022)  is the latest version to download for android. With the use of this version, we can experience fast and free messaging opportunities on all types of devices.  Some important features of this version are:

  • The modification will not ask to enable  Google  services if it is not available on the device
  • Anti-delete  
  • Removal of analytics 
  • Added themes from the telegraph 
  • Signature changed 
  • Removed the garbage classes 
  • Secure messenger services 
  • Use minimum amount of data 
  • Unlimited emojis and stickers 
  • A maximum of 200,000 people can communicate through group chats 

Telegram bots

These are special accounts that do not require an additional mobile number to set up. Bots are small programs that run inside the Telegram. Telegram Bot API is used by the third-party to make bots.   There are two ways to connect with Telegram bots:

  1. Sending commands to others 
  2. Sending inline requests 

HTTPS requests control the telegram bots. Telegram bots act as a newspaper to send the relevant content as soon as possible. It can also enrich the telegram content from the external services. It can also offer paid services for telegram users. It can create custom tools that provide us alerts, translations,  formatting weather forecasting, and many other services. We can easily find the boot on Telegram by searching the specific name of the bot. Some of the best Telegram bots are:

  • GIF bot
  • Spotify bot 
  • Bots to make live more fun
  • Zoom bot
  • Work-related bot
  • eddy -travel bot
  • Metrics bot

Telegram code

Telegram codes are required for the verification. Telegram sends the code in the app if it detects the telegram account is active on another device. We can receive cede through text or voice calls. The text or a cell contains a verification code that can be applied automatically. When we verify the code, we log in to the Telegram account. Telegram code is necessary to set up the account. We can use the telegram account on Android, and iOS.Telegarm is an open-source app that supports reproducible builds. Telegram accounts can be verified independently on every device. 

Telegram Chat Group\ Groups  

Telegram also has the feature of a chat group to communicate with others.  More than 200,000 people can communicate through Telegram chat groups. A telegram chat group is the biggest tool for connecting with subscribers. Through the group chat, people can share unlimited videos, messages, and photos.  telegram m chat group has a resemblance with the GB WhatsApp chat group. In the group chat, people can chat simultaneously and connect the people globally. Chat groups have a benefit for the people like they can generate content and users’ feedback about the products or anything else. These groups are ideal for exchanging materials, pictures, files, and videos globally.   A telegram chat group is the best option for the users to share their views about something and they are also able to form their small social network community. 

Telegram for  Desktop

Telegram for desktop is the best desktop application for Windows that enables us the communicate and chat with other people and friends on the instant messaging service in an accessible and simple way. Telegram is a safe file for the desktop and it is the most progressive and trustworthy application than GB WhatsApp. We can open the telegram app on the desktop by using a QR code. After the installation of the telegram application for the desktop, we have to wait for the QR  code. When the desktop scans the QR code, then we easily access the telegram and start charting with friends.

Alternate Apps


Download Azar Premium APK

Ibis paint x mod apk

How can I download a telegram for a desktop? 

  • Select the telegram latest model for the  PC 
  • After selection, download the app for PC 
  • Then install the downloaded  app
  •  When the installation is completed, then open the file 
  • Open the Telegram app and enjoy the latest version features for the desktop 

Telegram extensions 

  Telegram extensions is a web browser to download the Telegram applications for any PC or desktop.  It is a web-based version of the telegram application. It means that Telegram from chrome extensions permits us to access the official version of the telegram in a Single Window. Telegram extensions allow the users to open the application on the desktop. Users can receive and send the text through this application. It helps to manage telegram accounts from the web browser. Telegram web browser is a client-free application that is not only a simple but also a secure application for messages. 

 Telegram emoji

Telegram also has a large number of emojis for the reactions. It also has iMessage reactions with the new update. When we tap on the message, we get a different type of emoji for the reaction. We get the default thumbs-up reaction by double-tapping on the message. We have emojis and stickers under the chat settings. We also use animated stickers on the telegram. We can send rage faces, face with hearts, thinking faces, and exploding head animated emojis to others. 

Telegram movies 

Telegram movie application shares the link to movies and we can easily watch the movie from the link.  We just need to select the movie and then download the movie from the given link. It is the best application to download old and new is a free application for all users and requires no extra charges for the advanced features. If someone wants to download the movie, then he has to connect with the telegram movie groups for the information. Various Telegram group channels are best for the movies. These channels are: 

  • Download Movies
  • World Movies
  • New Release 
  • Movie Club
  • Ricky Channel 
  • Cinema Hub
  • FibersGate

The telegram logo reflects the telegram message sending and receiving symbol. It also represents the purpose of the app. It is a white and blue palette symbol that represents the Telegram visual identity. Telegram logo also shows that Telegram company is a reliable, safe application that offers all safety and security measures. The bright and attractive color combination of the logo makes the Telegram application fresh and light. 

Telegram video downloader

Telegram video Downloader is a 100% free application to download videos. We can download the videos by simply pasting the URL of the videos.  We can download fast videos through Telegram by using the Advanced Download manager. 

Telegram online 

We can also use Telegram online by opening the app on the web browser. It is an instant messaging application with end-to-end encryption for a private chat. Telegram web features allow us to send and receive a message on Pc, desktops, and tablets. It is a web-based Telegram version that can be used easily for messages to others.

Telegram Mod APK Latest version

MOD APK version of Telegram

MOD feature


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