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The Sims 3 + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.6.11

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NameThe Sims 3
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Suppose you are interested to make your imaginative world without doing anything. And you are trying to find a game that can create your stories according to your (character) own choice. You can generate anything you want, the story will start and end and the characters will suffer according to your choice. It depends on you; you want to make it comic or tragic. And I am going to tell you about a game which will give you all these facilities.

The Sims 3 Mod Apk

About the game

Sims 3 is a famous game for android users. It looks real, and you (the character) will feel everything happening in the game is real. This game will provide you each everything in the house whatever you want. The sim is the character in the game and all the authority of the story about what’s going on in the game in the hand of the sim (character). In this game, you (the character) will feel like you are living in your own home. It will create your own stories and relationship with others, providing you (the character) with different skills for the job. You can build and destroy your own house in the game.

Features of the game

The realistic game contains different features:

  • Create your own home

This game looks like you are living in the real world, as characters will see the plot, timetable other characters’ surroundings, and the character’s neighbors will show in the game. You can control everything in the game. Creating a home in the game is an easy thing for the character. Generating characters’ stories totally depends on you, you can create a whole family based on your real one. The map of your house can also be copied. You can create a virtual house based on the house you live in, and you can decorate it with different in-game products. Maybe you like this similar game Stickman Dismounting Mod APK.

  • Colorful graphics

This game is full of colorful graphics, you will feel playing the game the expression of the character in the game. Players can experience a beautiful and attractive environment with the help of realistic environment and colorful graphics. Painting the walls with different patterns and wallpapers which you can purchase inside the game library by spending the money that you earn from the job.

The Sims 3 Mod Apk

  • Control activities

This game is like your own home with different experiences when a character appears in the game it controls all activities which can be done on a regular day at home like eating and cooking food, watching TV, and communicating with friends and family. Basically, it is a real-life based game with a realistic environment. 

  • Earn Money

The character can earn money by doing different things, this game will provide you with different skills like playing, singing, etc. Earn money through these skills. You can also get your character a job and they’ll go to the office on time and come back after working hours and enjoy themselves with friends and family. they will get paid at the end of the month. The more quality job they join the more they earn money.

  • Stages of life

At the beginning of the game, you will appear like a child. In the game, the character will see all stages of life like childhood, and adulthood, and can also see the old age of the character. The more player live the more older it will get. The players also get sick and they have to visit a doctor for a better treatment. Unfortunately, they also dies at the end of thier life. It could happen by different scenarios like road accidents and in house accidents for example sometimes the house gets on fire and the characters can lose their life if the proper support couldn’t be delivered.

      Other key features of the game

  • Characters in the game can easily touch, pull and select anything in the game.
  • The game is full of motivation and positivity.
  • The character can use different skills to earn money. As like playing, painting, singing, etc.
  • The character can play and can do any job in the game.
  •  The character in the game reached the level of 10 and achieved a certificate.
  • Easy to play
  • Explore the world performing different activities
  • Make your house in high standard level
  • Your relationship with others
  • Online and offline availability
  • Soundtrack, music, etc

The Sims 3 Mod Apk

How to download the game

If you are interested that’s a type of game that could provide you with all facilities of the home the sims 3 is the best game. You can download it from our website mod apk to get its updated and unlimited features. And you can also download it directly from the google play store easily. Actually, this game is made for android users. Enable unknown sources to open it. After opening use, it for free and with 100% satisfaction.


Sims 3 is an original and looks like a real game, in which you can create your own stories easily by playing the game. The character in the game can build and destroy each and everything in the game. It provides you with different skills to earn money. You can play it for free. The character in the game can control all activities that are happening in the game. The character can touch, drag, and select anything. And the best thing about the game is, it is full of motivation and positivity.

MOD APK version of The Sims 3

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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