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Vanced MicroG + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v0.2.24.220220

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NameVanced MicroG
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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Vanced MicroG APK:

Many apps need tool apps or plugins for their proper running and functioning. People cannot access all features in some necessary applications. Sometimes, the applications need other apps for starting them. Also, some apps cannot be directly signed in with Google Account, but they should be mandatorily signed in with Google Account. All vanced apps and some other apps are included in this. Vanced MicroG apk is a utility application that is being used by people for running the Vanced apps. The vanced apps need Google to sign in, but cannot be supported directly. The Vanced MicroG app will allow the YouTube vanced app or music app to get signed in with Google Account. Without signing in with the Google Account, these vanced apps will not be running or you may use them as a guest user. 

The guest users cannot save any video, or audio, like a song, dislike a podcast, save videos in the app, etc. The guest mode will not even allow the user to give his review or comment on any video. So, everyone wants to connect the app with Google Account to get easy access to all features. Vanced MicroG provides an easy-peasy user interface to let the app intelligible for the users. Everything is elaborated in the app. After connecting the Youtube vanced app or other vanced apps to the Google Account, all the content will be downloadable.

Vanced MicroG APK

Vanced MicroG APK Download

The downloading procedure of this plugin app is briefly explained below for the convenience of the users. 

  • The download link has been shared just above this article. Tap that link to get the APK file downloaded. 
  • Check the security option of your android device to confirm. The security option must be opened to allow the installation of all third-party sources. 
  • Open the documents or APK files in the Files of the android device. 
  • Click the downloaded APK file to install it on your device. 
  • Launch the app to sign in to the vanced apps.


Easy Interface:

The interface for users is simple in this application. There is no difficulty to do anything in the application. The user can find any feature very easily. The language is also understandable for every person, even if the person is uneducated. 

Google Sign-in:

This app is specifically designed for signing in to the apps by the Google Account. It is an indirect way of signing in. Most vanced apps, for example, vanced music app or YouTube vanced can be signed in with this app. It is a type of connector which is very helpful and helps the users to use many features that would not be accessible if the app has not been signed in with a Google Account.

Push Notification:

This app helps the users to get all the new notifications of the YouTube vanced app. The freshly uploaded video will be notified with the notification in this app. It will keep its user tuned with all the newly uploaded content. 


A third-party application can be run when you play it with this app as these third-party apps are not certified by Google. But, when the user uses this application, all such apps get registered with the Google Account. 

Hide the app icon:

If someone is not liking the app icon on the home screen of the device, the icon can get hidden, and this hiding feature is available within the app. 

No Cache Collection:

The best thing about this app is that it’s not able to collect the cache data of any application. This feature will not stress the app and make it slow. The size of the application remains the same

Vanced MicroG APK

Free Application:

The application does not need any subscription for providing the features. Also, the download doesn’t cost money. In short, the app is free in all aspects. 


This app requires the following for its proper functioning. 

  • Non-rooted android device. 
  • No need to clear the storage. 
  • Android phone with 4.0 OS (Operating System) or above. 


Fast speed.

Vanced MicroG Battery Optimization

This app does not drain the battery of the device as it doesn’t exploit the battery. So, the users should not be tense about that. In case, you are seeing a notification to run the app in the background, you can turn the battery optimization off. It will save your battery. 

Old Version:

The old versions become useless for those who have a compatible device for the new update. But, these old versions can still be used by users who don’t own a compatible device with the new version as the compatibility does not match in some cases. 

Latest Version:

The recent version of this application is v0.2.24.220220, and it was updated on Sep 25, 2022. 

App Size:

The application does not stress your device as it is very small in size. It contains only an 11MB file, ad the cache will be not collected by the app. So, the file size does not demand extra storage.

Vanced MicroG APK


If you have any difficulty connecting any application to the Google account or you want to log in to the Google Account on your phone, you may use this app. It will not affect safety in any way. You should not be worried about it. Start your journey with this app today without hesitation. The interface is understandable, and the user can access YouTube vanced app for downloading their favorite videos, dramas, video songs, and more. Vanced music app can also be verified through this amazing plugin app to get unlimited songs. It can be an alternative to Super VPN, and you can also use it as a replacement. 

MOD APK version of Vanced MicroG

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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