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VIMAGE 3D live photo animation + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v3.3.3.1

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NameVIMAGE 3D live photo animation
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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Vimage Mod APK:


We capture our beautiful memories in the form of pictures and videos but as the world of photography is getting more versatile day by day, all of us want to edit our pictures and videos to give them the best look. It has become a sort of satisfaction for us that we want to edit our pictures by applying some amazing effects to them. Moreover, the animated addition in editing is nowadays up to the mark and everyone likes animated editing of their videos and photos. For this, we have an amazing application which is Vimage Mod APK.

Vimage Mod APK

Although we have a big variety of animated photo editing applications like Enlight Pixaloop, Move Pic, and Zoetropic on the internet, Vimage is the one that was voted in 2018 as the best application of that year by Google Play. This is a great honor that this application gets in almost no time. That’s why people mostly rely on it because they think this is going to match their hopes. This application also provides you with the facility of Cinemagraph. Now you might think, “What is Cinemagraph? For this, you should know about the difference between classic animation and Cinemagraph animation.

Now classic animation is actually a type of animation in which there is a continuous motion in the picture but when we add cinema-graph animation in any picture then there is no continuous motion in it, we can customize it according to us that what point of the picture you want to move and what point of the picture you want to be still. It means that in this animation you can customize the actual area which you want to get into the motion so this is an incredible thing that is getting popular among video editors day by day because it gives an amazing look to your pictures. Now we will look at some other amazing features of Vimage.

Features of Vimage Mod APK:


You will get so many amazing effects for picture and video editing in this amazing application. Sometimes it happens that some video editing applications do not contain all the effects on it so people have to edit their videos and pictures from 2 to 3 different applications to apply the effects but this application is providing you with all the amazing effects together and you don’t need to go anywhere to give your picture and video an amazing look.


Edit background:

Now you can also edit the backgrounds of your pictures and videos by using this application. It will help you to customize the background of your picture and video without casting any effect on other things in the picture. No one will realize that you have edited the background of your picture.

Vimage Mod APK

High quality:

When we use an application in which we do not pay anything for their services, the question arises in our mind that maybe the quality of that application would not be amazing! but it is not like that. You can also get amazing features without any payment for this application is giving you. So when you use this application you will realize that they do not compromise on the quality of their work and you will get amazing quality edited stuff by this application.

Adjustment tools:

You can adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast of your video and picture by using this application.


You can also rotate your picture and video in any direction, the upside, the downside, the right, and left, anywhere.

Apply movements:

As this application is offering you the feature of cinema-graph animation so you can apply any movement to your photo according to your choice, moreover if you want to freeze any part of the picture and video which is moving then this application will also help you in this regard. You can freeze the movement of any object there.

Adjust speed:

As you are applying different types of motions in your video and picture so you can also adjust the speed of that applied movement. With this feature, you can increase or decrease the speed of the movement you applied in your picture.

VIMAGE APK download:

Now if you want to download this application then you just have to follow some steps of the downloading process given below. Follow each step carefully to download this application without any hurdles.

  • If you want to download this application then make sure that you have an Android version of 6.0 and any latest Android version because this application will not run on the Android version lower than this.
  • The size of this application is 147 MB so you should have enough space on your device before downloading it
  • It is an APK application so you should have an APK file on your mobile phone and other devices.
  • If you do not have an APK file then download it first.
  • As now you have completed all the important requirements of this application so you can download it by clicking on the given link under this article
  • After that, you have to follow some installation guidelines given below

Installation guide:

  • For the installation of this application first, you have to go into the settings of your device
  • Here you have to permit access to all the unknown resources.
  • After that come back to the given link and click on it
  • This link will lead you to the install app key of this application.
  • When you click on that key the application will start installing.
  • After the application will be installed it will appear on the homepage of your device
  • Now the application is in your proper access and you can start using it by just clicking on the app icon.

Vimage APK no watermark:

Some applications apply their watermark on the content you edit from there it means that in your edited pictures and videos there is a watermark present so sometimes you don’t want to get a watermark on your content so Vimage APK is providing you the opportunity where you can also cut the watermark on your image. It does not always happen that a watermark is adjusted on your picture but if sometimes it happens then you can cut that watermark also and this is done without any payment. So in the Mod apk version of this application, you are getting this amazing feature in which you will have your pictures and videos edited without any watermark.

Vimage online:

Now some people don’t like to download different applications on their devices. For them, this video editing application is providing an opportunity where you can also use its online mode. In this mode, you don’t need to download the application on your device. You just have to go on to their official website and there you can use their online mode for the editing of your pictures and videos. You can also take this mode as a trial method because if your experience with the online mode remains remarkable then you will download that application. Moreover, the online mode also contains all the features so you are going to get all the facilities in its online mode also.

Vimage Mod APK

Vimage APK release date:

This application was released on 28 July 2018 and it was also nominated as the best application of 2018 by Google Play so you can say that its journey is commendable from the day it was published till now.

Vimage developer:

The developers of this application are VIMAGE. The efforts of the developers can be seen in the fantastic features of this application.

Vimage Mod APK latest version:

The latest version of this application is is application is updated on 2 September 2022. You can download the latest version of this application from the given link under this article. In the latest version, you will get different amazing features. These features are given below.

  • The latest version has come without a watermark.
  • There are no kinds of advertisements on it.
  • You can also export your images in HD quality
  • Can use an unlimited number of effects on your pictures and videos.

Vimage Mod APK releases old version:

If you are having any problem running the latest version of this application on your old device then you can also use its amazing old versions that are available in bulk. You can download its old version according to your choice from the given link under this article. All the old versions are very amazing and contain all the versatile features in them.

Vimage 3d:

The 3D animation version of this application is In this version, you can give a 3D look to your pictures which always look so amazing and adorable. As we already know that this application is giving us the feature of Cinemagraph animation so it is the best option for beginners as well as professional photographers or editors. You can download the 3D version of this application from the given link under this article.

Vimage pro:

We know that the pro version of any application contains some extra features which are not present in the basic one. So the same is the case in Vimage pro. In the pro version of this application, you are getting amazing packages. Download the Vimage pro from the given link under this article.

The remarkable features which you are going to get in the pro version are given below.

  • Ads are already removed in the pro version.
  • You don’t need to remove the watermark by yourself as it is already not present in the pro version of this application
  • There are some amazing pro effects present which are unlocked and you can use them anytime without any hurdle.

Vimage design:

With the increasing popularity of vimage now they have started giving official home decor and you can say the architectural designing facilities. It has worked for so many amazing hotels and upper-class houses that you might come across. The designs are of 3D look and they are doing a fantastic job with their experienced staff.

Vimage for PC:

Many people like to do the editing work on a big screen or you can say on their PC and laptop so you can download the version of this editing application on your Windows PC. Also make sure that you have the windows version 7, 10, 11, and the other latest ones if you want to get it on your PC. Download the PC version of this application from the given link under the article.

Vimage IOs:

If you are an iOS user and searching to get this application on your iOS device then download it right now from the given link of this application for iOS in the article.

Vimage Mod APK

Vimage pros and cons:


  • A free animated editor
  • Easy to handle
  • Optimized application
  • Contain amazing realistic effects


  • Its premium tools are paid.
  • The basic version sometimes contains advertisements.


Vimage APK Mod is the best editor of the time. There are millions of people who like to edit their stuff by using its features because it provides them with the basics of cinema-graph animated features all in one spot. Along with so many advanced options available, which include the customization of the 3d motion and many more. The interface of the application is very amazing and all the eye-catching features have made this application remarkable.

MOD APK version of VIMAGE 3D live photo animation

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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