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Firstly, a warm welcome to our audience! Here I am back with another incredible application that will wow you. If you enjoy meeting new people and creating friendships over social media then this application will be extremely helpful for you. The application I am going to introduce today in this article is an online group chatting application named Yalla APK.

A fantastic application for both voice and text communication with many people worldwide is Yalla APK Free Voice Chat Rooms. With the help of this application, you may join a multitude of personal conversations to meet a diverse range of individuals and participate in interesting conversations. Yalla APK  Free Voice Chat Rooms offers several criteria to make it easy for you to select a suitable group chat. You may, for instance, look for group chat rooms via location or genre. Private chats with any group participant are also permitted after you joined any of these chat groups. If anyone would like to get to see anyone who impresses you, this would be a fantastic approach. Yalla APK Voice Chat Rooms is a wonderful application for enjoying text and audio communications with several users. All you will need to do is pick one of the numerous chatting groups offered, then enjoy communicating with others instantaneously.


The most widely used network for online group voice chatting and entertainment is Yalla APK. With people nearby or from all over the world, you may chat and have fun. Choose a group of chat rooms from among the multitudes of active chat rooms that are available every day. Newly protected are 50plus countries, and there is a massive range of subject matters that can be chosen from. Playing a variety of games safely in a group format, transmitting your favorite music tracks inside the room, and having voice chats with friends wherever they happen to be. Yalla APK is a chatting community application that lets you communicate verbally and vocally with random people. Additionally, you may share your buddy’s photographs, stickers, emojis, and memes.

By using the genre or region criteria, you may identify a chat group. Additionally, you might take pleasure in a personal or public talk with the participant of a chat group. Even if several functions in the original app require a paid subscription, in the modified APK version of Yalla you may still use them freely. For those who are welcoming and enjoy talking to new people, the application is a pleasant environment. For those who frequently have free time to spend on social media, the app is a lot of fun. It is also a great tool for those who are looking for friends because they don’t have enough around to search for them online.

Additionally, Yalla APK has built-in minigames that you may play with your friends. You may play these games in a chat room with all of the participants working together as a team. Separate from the group, you can also play a game with your close friend. The users are captivated by this aspect of the application since it facilitates greater understanding among friends while being a tonne of fun.

The Yalla APK application is the perfect choice for you if you’re trying to make new friends. You may also give Bigo Live a try if you like these kinds of apps. If you want to be more engaged with your friends across the world, you may also enjoy Bigo Live because it is also an online chatting application with a superb characteristic of live streaming.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of using Yalla APK. how to use the application. How would you employ them? What conditions must be met before installing and downloading Yalla APK? … and a lot more?


Features of Yalla APK:

Now let’s examine the efficiency and quality of Yalla APK. The Yalla APK features the following outstanding, remarkable, and interesting characteristics.

Free To Use:

Yalla APK, an application for using online chat rooms, is totally free to use. All you needed to utilize the application is an active internet connection, you didn’t have to spend a damn cent. Use 3G, 4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi to take advantage of free live voice & text chat.

Public Group Chatting:

View a multitude of online chat rooms from local or global participants that cover a diverse range of topics. Join a free live group voice and text chat to make new friends locally or globally. You may interact and have fun with your many friends at once in public chat groups. Additionally, it makes it simple for you to interact with all of your buddies on one site.

Private Chatting:

You may also have private talks with any participant after you enter one of the online conversations group. From anywhere in the globe, establish private text and voice chats with your friends. 

If you just want to talk privately with one individual, you may do so by accessing the private chatting tool. This would be very helpful for you if you want to interact with your special friend privately.

Share Photographs:

Yalla APK’s voice and text chat capabilities include the ability to exchange photos during conversations. Share your captured moments with your friends to have fun together. As compared to audio and text, photos and visuals are always more appealing, therefore you’ll feel happier as a result.

Built-In Mini Games:

Instant multiplayer gameplay within your chat room. These games may be played in a chat room with everyone participating as a team. You may also engage in a game with your companion apart from the group.

Eye-Catching User Interface:

Due to its well-established layout and very user-friendly design.

Its most praised aspect is how easy it is to use, which anybody can understand without instruction or assistance. The layout of the application is created in such a way that its eye-catching appearance and admirable aesthetic appeal attract users.

Premium Features of Yalla APK:

Yalla APK Premium (Patrician)

Patrician for luxurious characteristics including month-to-month golds to offer as presents and buy anything you desire from the marketplace a deluxe emblem that indicates a little more about your participation, arrival elements whenever you join a group chat; unique mic special effects whenever you communicate; and much more. 

These features can only be accessed in the original application by paying for a subscription plan, but if you download the modified Yalla APK from our website, it is free. To access the premium Yalla Patrician, there wasn’t any cost.

Yalla APK Premium (Knight)

In Knight premium, you’ll gain additional gold each month, a more stunning premium emblem, beautiful entrance features, and additional perks like animated tags that appear on microphones, a greater friend level, and a greater following permit.

Yalla APK Premium (Boron)

Baron for a first-rate encounter. Along with month-to-month golds, a top-quality emblem, heartful entryways potential effect, ultimate animated tags, significantly larger friend and follow limits, and fast-tracked measuring up so that you level up faster than other participants, it also gives you a luxurious signature card that displays your honorable standards and unique improved features that makes reference just before you encounter a group chat.


Yalla APK Download:

Device Requirements:

  • The Yalla APK demands 71.52MB of storage space on your smartphone in order to function properly, hence a 75MB storage capacity is anticipated.
  • This app is supported by the majority of prior Android versions starting with version 4.0 and higher.
  • Knowing that this application is an APK, check to see whether the APK file is already set up on your devices.
  • Then, kindly join your device with a stable internet connection. 

Download Commands: 

It doesn’t take long to download the Yalla APK. You can obtain it if you take the actions outlined below.

  • Simply click the link supplied below to get started.
  • Now, enter “Yalla APK download” into the browser search field.
  • Press the download icon to download your application.
  • Wait for the application to download.
  • You may currently see the application on the homepage you downloaded.

Installation Commands:

Here is a description of how to install the Yalla APK file.

  • It’s crucial to remember that before installing the Yalla APK file, the user must first allow Unknown Sources in the Settings.
  • Just navigate to the file to begin the installation.
  • The installation process will start.
  • Operate it till it completes.
  • Launch the app, then have fun.

Advantages of Yalla APK:

  • Start playing games with loved ones or companions.
  • Through Facebook, invite your buddies.
  • Launch up to four tasks in one go.
  • You may easily, quickly, securely, and conveniently communicate with your loved ones from any spot at any moment.
  • Experience the spectacular effects and 3-dimensional visuals.
  • Share Images with your friends.
  • Decent and attractive layout.

Disadvantages of Yalla APK:

  • Due to the fact that third-party products are somehow unreachable through the Google Play Store, your app may not automatically update itself.
  • This app needs a continuous and stable internet connection to function properly. 

Latest Version of Yalla APK:

  • Using the Yalla APK, you may communicate with people all over the world in online voice and text chat rooms.
  • The most current prerelease of Yalla APK is version 2.16.0.
  • The most current Yalla APK version became available on July 21, 2022.
  • The file size of its newest version v2.16.0 varies from device to device but the standard size is 75 MB
  • This updated version is linked with Free Entertainment App genre. 

Oldest Version of Yalla APK:

  • Yalla APK version v2.10.2 is the earliest version.
  • Availability began on September 12, 2019.
  • Yalla APK’s first version, v2.10.2, had a 41.2MB file size.
  • Customers weren’t very enthusiastic about it because there were no unnecessary features.

Developer Name of Yalla APK:

Millions of customers often download the great and excellent Yalla APK from the renowned gaming application developer “Yalla Technology FZ-LLC.”

Release Date of Yalla APK:

On May 20, 2016, the excellent and reputable Yalla APK voice and text room chat application was officially published.

Ratings of Yalla APK:

Yalla’s voice and text chat room application APK  receives the highest rating of 4.7 out of 5. This is the fact because individuals ultimately adore and value both the application and the application’s layout.


What’s New in Yalla APK:

  • Latest presents
  • Update your posts
  • Bugs removed


One of the top products in the Entertainment category is free Voice Chat Rooms. Yalla  APK Free Voice Chat Rooms is extremely popular among Android users due to its user-friendly and intuitive Interface. It boasts more than 10 million installations and a remarkable user rating of 4.7 stars. So, what else are you looking for, then? Have you downloaded this application on your device? The following is the link to get Yalla APK for you. Go get it and enjoy it!

MOD APK version of Yalla - Group Voice Chat Rooms

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