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Yandex Go — taxi and delivery + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v4.107.0

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NameYandex Go — taxi and delivery
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CategoryAuto & Vehicles
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Yandex Go Mod Apk:

Yandex Go Mod Apk is a taxi and delivery application that allows you to order food and groceries from your favourite stores. You can also use Yandex Go Mod Apk to get directions, find places of interest and book taxis. The popular service offers information on restaurants, cafes and other locations that deliver food right to your door.

This is a great way to get around if you live in a city with no taxis available at night or if you need something delivered to your house but don’t want to make a trip. Yandex Go Mod Apk is a modified version of the original app. It is an application that helps you to find a taxi or a delivery service in your area. You can even use this app to find a restaurant to eat at or book a hotel room for your trip.

If you are planning a trip somewhere, you might want to use this app because it will help you find everything you need from a taxi driver or hotel employee.

Yandex Go Mod Apk

How Does this Mod Apk Work?

Yandex Go Mod is an excellent application for Android users. It is a handy taxi and delivery app that allows you to order taxis as well as make deliveries in your local town.

You can use this app whenever you want, with no restrictions on when you can use it. This is incredibly convenient if you are travelling on business or have been invited to someone’s home for dinner. No matter what day it is, you will always be able to get a taxi or make delivery within minutes.

With this app, you can also find out the most convenient way to get from one place to another by looking at maps Yandex Maps showing various routes and their costs so that you do not have any trouble finding the best route for yourself.

You’ll be able to order food from nearly any restaurant or cafe worldwide, including popular chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks. If there are no local branches of these companies in your area, you’ll still be able to use their online ordering system. If there are no restaurants nearby that offer delivery services, you can use Yandex Go Apk to deliver restaurant orders, just like an Uber driver.

Easy to use:

The taxi and delivery app Yandex Go Apk is one of the most popular apps in Russia. It has a reputation for being safe and reliable. The Yandex Go Mod app allows you to order taxis or delivery services from your smartphone. It also lets you pay your fare directly with cash via NFC or QR code. The app’s interface is straightforward, although some users may find it too simplistic. 

How to use it?

The main advantage of this application is that it is easy to use and does not require special skills or knowledge. The user must enter his address and the amount of time needed for the trip. After that, he can start ordering taxis from Yandex Go Mod Apk.

The operator will receive an SMS with the address where you want to go. All you need to do is wait for your taxi to arrive at your address by sending another SMS with the address where you want to go. This system works very well because there are no queues at all!

Booking a cab:

This feature allows you to book a taxi from your mobile device. The best part about this feature is that it works offline, so you don’t need to worry about connection problems while using the app.

Ordering food or drinks:

If you want to order food or drinks from restaurants, this feature will come in handy as it lets you pay for your order in advance before it reaches the restaurant itself.

Paying through credit cards:

This feature allows you to pay for your order by swiping cards and paying through cash as well. The app also has an option for booking a cab through the phone number. You can also use this app to pay for your order before it reaches the driver.

Safe drive:

Yandex carefully screens all drivers before being allowed to become part of their taxi fleet. They are required to pass several tests, which means that none of them will be able to harm passengers in any way during their rides or after they have dropped them off at their destination.

Yandex Go Mod Apk

The app’s features include:

  • Quickly find a taxi or order home delivery within the app!
  • Choose between two payment methods: cash or credit card (VISA and MasterCard).
  • Track your driver to make sure he arrives at your destination on time.
  • The application has an excellent UI and user interface. The main screen is divided into several sections, so you can find everything you need in one place.
  • In addition to the regular taxi service, this application also provides a feature that allows you to order food delivery from any restaurant in the city (or even abroad).

How to Download it?

  1. Click on the download button.
  2. Wait a few seconds to complete the process, and then you will be redirected to your device’s homepage.
  3. Tap on the downloaded file.
  4. Finish all the installation steps of Yandex Go Mod.

MOD APK version of Yandex Go — taxi and delivery

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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