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ZOOM Cloud Meetings + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v5.11.1.6880

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Zoom Apk

About this app:

Zoom Apk Download For Pc is the most popular socializing free app for making video calls worldwide. You can create high-quality professional video calls for work at any time or anywhere. Not just that but also, you may schedule your meetings using the calendar feature and set reminders for your daily meetings so they won’t be interrupted.

You can make remote meetings for other users you want to connect with by sending out invitations to those individuals with a particular link, and also you can control who can attend your meetings. You can conduct meetings with as many as 100 persons at a time.

The user interface of Zoom apk is one of its best features because it is very simple and clear. You have the choice of using your front or back camera while conducting a video call. You can also record your sessions and make basic adjustments like muting or activating conversations. You can read the names of your meeting participants and can rename their names too.

Zoom apk has a special “on the road” feature so that members who are driving can take sessions or attend meetings safely. Members in the zoom apk chatroom can text each other easily. Their participants can use emojis in the chatbot. During the CoronaVirus pandemic, every school, college, and the university uses this App to deliver their courses. Socializing is so much easier with this app. By sharing your desktop screen, you may run sessions, tutorials, and webinars.

Zoom Apk Download For Pc

Key Features:

  • Secure and high-quality video calls
  • Meetings with up to 100 members
  • Instant screen sharing
  • Instant messaging (Images, Files, and more) and video call app
  • Make and receive calls (Video or audio)
  • Calendar for scheduling meetings and adding reminders
  • Make a co-host
  • Manage basic adjustments (Activate or mute voice)
  • “On the road” (Safe driving mode while driving)
  • Record Sessions
  • Join Webinars for free
  • Usage of Emoticons in chat discussions.

How to Download Zoom Apk:

There are no extra charges for anyone that already uses Zoom Meetings because it is freely available to everyone.

So, Click the link given below:

Zoom apk download for PC:

On your PC, you can quickly download Zoom to start hosting video conferences with your friends and colleagues all across the world.

Here is how to install Zoom on your desktop:

Zoom apk old version:

Because of system issues, newer versions of apps may sometimes not function properly on your device. Try using an earlier version of the app until the developer solves the issue.

You can click here:

Zoom apk latest version:

Install the most recent version of the zoom app to take advantage of its new features, which include an immersive view, a blurred backdrop, relatively minimal background noise, live transcription, and better Zoom chat.

For the latest version, Click this site:

Zoom apk premium:

Zoom has a premium version which includes features of meeting without signing in, admin controls, voice changing, skin color changing, and many more. In zoom premium, you can conduct long sessions because it has no time limit as well. 

You can access all of the zoom’s premium features there:

Zoom login:

You’ll see the “Join a Meeting” and “Sign In” buttons after installing the Zoom app.

Log in to the app.

You’re now ready to zoom in!

Zoom meeting:

It’s more important than ever for businesses to use services like Zoom, which can provide online meetings and video conferences.

Zoom background:

A Personalization app for free is called Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom. Downloading and installing it on your device is simple. This can enhance your presentation very easily.

You can install it here easily:

Zoom breakout rooms:

You can divide your Zoom meeting over up to 50 different sessions with breakout rooms. The meeting host or co-host may select to divide members into these separate sessions either automatically or manually, or they may decide to let attendees choose and enter breakout sessions of their choice.

Zoom cloud meeting:

With the help of Zoom Cloud Meetings, you can manage your daily meetings productively without ever feeling worried about their video quality.

Alternate Apps

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Zoom icon:

  • Zoom has different Icons that indicate an individual’s presence status.
  • ‘Offline’ Icon shows that this person isn’t logged in to Zoom.
  • The ‘Online (desktop)’ icon shows that this person is signed in to the Zoom desktop.
  • The ‘Online (Phone)’ icon indicates that this person is signed in from the phone.
  • The ‘chat error’ icon shows that the chat message was not sent.
  • The ‘Do not Disturb’ icon shows that this person set his status to Do not disturb, which prevents them from getting pop-up notifications for chat or Zoom Phone calls.
  • ‘On a Call’ icon shows that this Contact is now using the Zoom Phone to make a call.
  • ‘Presenting’ icon indicates that this person is sharing his computer or mobile screen.
  • ‘In a calendar event’ icon means that this member is on a calendar event.
  • ‘In a zoom meeting’ icon indicates that this participant has started or joined the zoom meeting.
  • ‘Away’ icon means this member is away from his phone or computer after signing in the zoom.

Whether you want to invite people to a live Zoom session or a future meeting, you can do both here by just sharing a link to the session. You can invite them with different methods.

  • Through Email
  • By sharing the URL with the invitation text
  • Through contact number

Zoom live:

Zoom is not just for meetings or sessions but also zoom is a multipurpose app that is perfect for live streaming in addition to video and phone calls. You can use Zoom to show your content on streaming platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Zoom sign-up:

Visit Zoom’s sign-up page. There your date of birth may be the first thing that is asked. This is due to the fact that you cannot create a Zoom account if you are under the age of 16 unless it is for educational purposes.

Zoom vs. Google Meet:

Popular video conferencing apps Zoom and Google Meet have many features in common. Teamwork and virtual meetings are also possible with both platforms. However, a critical analysis of Google Meet vs. Zoom reveals there are notable differences.

  • Google Meet participants capacity is up to 250 members but, Zoom participants capacity is up to 1000
  • Google Meet sessions time limit is lesser than Zoom
  • Both apps are free basic versions but If you need more features than those available in the free version, Zoom’s premium plans can become somewhat more complicated in terms of pricing than Google Meet.

Zoom Apk Download For Pc

Zoom yearly subscription:

Zoom is freely available, however, there are paid subscriptions that come with enhanced features like voice changing, skin color changing, admin controls, and much more. With this zoom yearly subscription, the host can conduct long meetings without even signing in.

Zoom has six pricing options. To select which version is best for you, look at the various pricing options below:

MOD APK version of ZOOM Cloud Meetings

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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